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Corduroy is a timeless trend. Always ridiculed as an outfit for maths teachers shortly before retirement, the good old corduroy fabric can't be beaten. Corduroy jackets for men are robust and super combinable.

Meanwhile, the selection of corduroy jackets for men is huge. There are corduroy jackets lined for winter, unlined for the transitional season or cool summer evenings. There are corduroy jackets in the classic cut of a jeans jacket, as a jacket or parka. There is something for every jacket taste. To give you a first impression of the wide range of corduroy jackets and what you should look out for when buying, we have put together a few things for you here. So you're sure to find the perfect corduroy jacket for you. And with it, a chic companion for everyday life.

The Best Mens Corduroy Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's corduroy jackets

There is a large selection of corduroy jackets for men. There are corduroy jackets for every season and every occasion. However, you can quickly decide which is the right jacket for you on the basis of various criteria.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • lined or unlined
  • Collar shape
  • Zip or buttons
  • Colour
  • Cut

Below is a more detailed description of exactly what each aspect entails.

Lined or unlined?

Corduroy jackets for men can be worn at any time of the year. After all, there is a large selection of lined and unlined versions available today.

  • linedcorduroy jacket: Corduroy jackets with so-called teddy fur are particularly popular in winter or the already somewhat cooler transitional period. This synthetic teddy lining not only feels cosy, but also keeps you reliably warm in the cold season.
    Many models of lined corduroy jackets have the cut of a classic denim jacket. Especially here, the aforementioned lining made of teddy fur is often used, which often also lines the collar. However, there are also more and more other models with corduroy as the outer material. For example, down jackets or classic parkas are available as men's corduroy jackets with quilted padding for winter.
  • unlined corduroy jackets: You can cut a fine figure in a corduroy jacket in any season. Unlined corduroy jackets for men can simply be worn over a T-shirt on cooler summer days or evenings. They are also a good solution for the transitional season. The firm corduroy fabric has a warming effect even without a lining.
    The classic denim jacket cut is also very popular for unlined corduroy jackets. But here, too, there is now a very wide selection. You are sure to find the right model for you.

Corduroy jackets for men are timelessly chic. With the right corduroy jacket, you can always cut a fine figure.

Collar shape

Particularly popular among corduroy jackets for men are the models that are modelled on the cut of a classic denim jacket. These corduroy jackets have a classic turn-down collar.
Jackets lined with teddy fur often also have the turn-down collar with the lining.

In addition to this classic design, there are a variety of other styles of corduroy jackets today. The type of collars also varies accordingly. There is the stand-up collar in the style of a bomber jacket, a collar that closes up to the chin and variants with a hood. So there really is something for every taste in the corduroy jacket segment.

Zip or buttons

For a long time, buttons were the most popular way to fasten a men's corduroy jacket. Since there are more and more variations of a corduroy jacket over time, there are now almost as many models available with zips.

Buttons belong on a classic model of a corduroy jacket. This is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a corduroy jacket. In terms of functionality, however, the zip is simply a little ahead of the buttons. Especially with models for winter, the choice should rather fall on a zip. At least if you are out and about a lot. They simply let less cold through.


At first glance, many people probably associate corduroy jackets for men with brown or beige colours. In any case, it goes in the direction of earthy colours. However, especially in the early 1970s, striking colours were also popular for corduroy jackets.

The choice of colours is currently dominated by dark tones. A dark corduroy jacket can exude both retro charm and seriousness. However, since there is a large selection of corduroy jacket models, everything is available in terms of colour. A corduroy jacket in a radiant colour is definitely a fashion statement.


Today, corduroy jackets for men come in countless varieties. From parkas, bomber jackets or blousons to the style of a down jacket. And of course in the classic cut of a denim jacket.

The models are either quite loose-fitting or have a slim-fit cut. The comfortably cut versions are comfortable to wear and offer freedom of movement. In the fitted version, you make a casually elegant impression.

Corduroy jackets for men: The most important questions answered

With so many corduroy jackets for men to choose from, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. We have compiled the most important questions customers ask before buying a corduroy jacket and provide answers.

What styles of corduroy jackets are available for men?

Many people think of a typical men's corduroy jacket as a denim jacket. Admittedly: This style is popular, very common and can be combined casually or elegantly. Even in this cut there are stylistic differences. You can get a corduroy jacket in a denim jacket cut in a wide fit and in a slim fit. While the wide jacket scores with freedom of movement and cosiness, the tighter cut looks more elegant.

The choice of styles for men's corduroy jackets is now huge. There is, of course, the classically elegant corduroy jacket. But corduroy is now also popular as an outer material for:

  • Parkas
  • Blousons
  • Bomber jackets
  • Coats
  • Down jackets

You can actually get a corduroy jacket in any jacket style or cut. Just in the style that you would like.

How thick is a corduroy jacket for men?

A corduroy jacket for men is as thick as you want it. There is a wide range of both lined and unlined corduroy jackets. Lined versions in the cut of a jeans jacket often have synthetic teddy lining and will get you through the cold season in good shape. There are also corduroy jackets with quilted padding that are also quite thick, warm and weather-resistant.

Corduroy jackets without lining are comparable in thickness to a classic denim jacket. Corduroy is a quite firm and heavy fabric. An unlined corduroy jacket is well suited as a jacket for the transition or cooler summer evenings.

How do I care for and clean my men's corduroy jacket?

Corduroy is very easy to care for. You can simply put your corduroy jacket in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees. However, a men's corduroy jacket should not be put in the dryer. It is best for the jacket to simply be hung wet on the line.

As with jeans, corduroy jackets should be washed very little and then in cold water. Corduroy jackets can be aired for a few hours if you feel the jacket needs a little freshening up.

How does a corduroy jacket for men fit properly?

The right fit of a men's corduroy jacket is, of course, primarily dependent on its cut. The same applies to a corduroy jacket as to a classic jacket: the shoulder seam should rest on the shoulders. The sleeves should be neither too long nor too short, the jacket must fit the body and go over the bottom.

For corduroy jackets in a denim jacket cut, it depends on your personal taste. If you want freedom of movement, choose a wide cut. With a close-fitting slim-fit version, the corduroy jacket looks a little more elegant.

Of course, you have a lot more choice of cuts and models for corduroy jackets. You can also get parkas, bomber jackets or blousons made of corduroy and choose the cut and fit according to your preferences.

Styling tips for men's corduroy jackets: How to achieve the perfect corduroy jacket look

The great advantage of corduroy jackets for men: they are very easy and versatile to combine. Corduroy jackets can mean a casual leisure look or be worn for more upmarket occasions. A corduroy jacket looks just as good with jeans and sneakers as with chinos and leather loafers.

A corduroy jacket in a denim jacket cut exudes retro flair, and combined with a tie or turtleneck it looks classically elegant at the same time. A corduroy jacket fits perfectly as part of your business outfit, provides variety and is also popular to wear to the theatre or concerts. With a corduroy jacket you are on the (style) safe side with almost any combination.


Men's corduroy jackets have the unjustified reputation of being old-fashioned. Corduroy jackets are timelessly chic and never out of fashion. Corduroy is easy to combine and can be a casual leisure companion, a retro statement or an elegant classic. So you can wear a corduroy jacket or find the right corduroy jacket for almost any occasion. In addition, corduroy is an easy-care and robust material. So you will enjoy your corduroy jacket for a long time.

In addition to the classic cut of a jeans jacket, you will find corduroy jackets in every conceivable style. Parkas, blousons, bomber jackets and even down jackets are available with corduroy outer material. So there is a corduroy jacket for every taste and jacket type.

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