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The word alone can be quite off-putting, but those who wear armour chains also show a lot of self-confidence. Some men hardly dare to wear men's jewellery and if they must, then something discreet. Those who still reach for the accessory usually put on a bangle. After all, they can easily be hidden under the sleeve.

A necklace would definitely be visible and may attract a little too much attention for some. However, if you dare to take this first step, you will see that a tank chain can add much more to your outfit than you think. Besides, the jewellery alone makes you look much more fashion-conscious.

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Panzerkette for men: The most important questions answered

It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a suitable tank chain. People often ask themselves whether the men's tank chain is too wide or long. To give you an overview, we have compiled and answered the most important questions on the topic of tank chains for men.

What are tank chains for men?

In men's curb chains, the individual chain parts are twisted 90 degrees and thus lie flat on the neck. High-quality men's curb chains are made of stainless steel and are available in silver or gold. In particular, men's curb chains are known for their high wearing comfort.

Armour chains for men serve excellently as a basis for pendants, medallions or dog tags, as long as a chain that is not too thick is chosen.

What widths can men's curb chains have?

The width of a men's curb chain comes in every possible design. Starting at 0.5 mm all the way up to over 10 mm, it's all there. The most common width is 3 - 6 mm.

If you like it discreet, you should go for a 0.5 - 2 mm wide men's curb chain. For the very brave, there are even 18 mm wide tank chains. But beware, these should only be worn with caution, as they can quickly become too bulky and cause unpleasant looks. With the right outfit, however, even 8 - 11 mm wide men's tank chains are an eye-catcher.

How long should my men's curb chain be?

We refer here to the length of the tank chain when it is measured open from start to finish. As if you were measuring it with a ruler, straight as a die.

  • 45 cm: goes to the base of the neck, ideal for thin, small men
  • 50 cm: reaches to the collarbone and is worn by most men
  • 60 cm plus: falls loosely over the sternum; perfect for an oversized look

The length also plays an important factor in the men's tank chain. It can quickly accentuate a figure or have the opposite effect. Therefore, pay special attention to what type of person you are and what suits you best.

What alternatives do I have to the men's tank chain?

If you are unsure whether a men's tank necklace is right for you, then take a look at these alternatives. Here we have put together a small list of alternatives for you:

  • King necklace: The king necklace is particularly flexible and adapts perfectly to the skin. It is composed of circular or oval chain links and creates a multidimensional arrangement.
  • Anchor chain: Characteristic are the oval links, which are alternately connected vertically and horizontally. In most cases, these variants are closed with a snap hook. The name originated, as can already be deduced, from shipping. The structure is similar to the chain used to pull up the anchor.
  • Braidchain: The braid chain is similar in structure to a hair braid, in which the twisted chain parts are twisted as closely as possible into each other. This variant is one of the robust armour chains for men.
  • Venetian chain: Here the chain is made of small angular links and has a rather high side wall. As you can tell from the name, this variation comes from its origin in Italy.

In fact, on the whole, most chains for men differ relatively little from each other. The differences lie in the detailed workmanship of the chain links.

Styling tips for men's tank chains: How to achieve the perfect tank chain look

Men's tank necklaces can complete your look, or they can quickly draw uncomfortable stares. Here is a list of tips to help you create the perfect look.

  • If you are relatively short, do not wear long tank chains for men. This will not flatter your physique and will make you look even shorter.
  • Combine tank chains for men of different thicknesses with each other to get a wilder look.
  • Do not mix colours! So: gold to gold and silver to silver. Do not wear a gold and a silver chain at the same time.

If you are unsure about styling, it is best to follow these rules. However, rules are made to be broken, so if you're brave and get a feel for it, dare to apply a little more.


Men's tank necklaces are a total head turner and with so much to choose from, there is a perfect one for you. Men's tank chains are a great style upgrade. Thanks to the many variations in width and length, there is a suitable tank chain for every occasion.

However, if you don't want to stand out unpleasantly, then you should make sure that the chosen tank chain suits your figure and type. Otherwise, you can't go far wrong with a men's tank chain.

Image source: aixklusiv / Pixabay

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