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If you like to go on very long bike rides, race your bike or spend a lot of time in the mountains or forest on your mountain bike, it may make sense to get special clothing for this. In contrast to a normal T-shirt or other jerseys, a cycling jersey for men offers some special features, which we will explain to you in this article.

Cycling jerseys for men are not only suitable for professional cyclists. Even if you only spend a lot of time on your bike as a hobby, you will notice that it is more fun with suitable clothing. In addition, you can also benefit from the advantages that professionals enjoy in their free time. These include less resistance in windy conditions or plenty of storage space thanks to small pockets on the jersey.

The Best Mens Cycling Jersey: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying cycling jerseys for men

Since there are many cycling jerseys for men on the market, it can be difficult to keep an overview and make a purchase decision. For this reason, we have put together a few criteria for you to use as a guide when making your choice.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Zips and storage space
  • Reflectors

In the following, you will find out what is important about the individual features for men's cycling jerseys.


The material of a men's cycling jersey must always be breathable. Natural fibres such as cotton do not make sense for this type of sportswear, as cotton absorbs water and can cause the wearer to suffer from hypothermia. For this reason, synthetic fibres such as polyester, polyamide and Lycra have become popular. These fabrics offer the advantage that moisture is wicked away to the outside, so the material is dry again immediately.

Other advantages of synthetic fibres are that they are windproof and the fabric feels pleasantly light on the skin. In addition, a men's cycling jersey made of polyester, for example, is particularly easy to care for, as it can simply be washed in the washing machine after use and dries quickly.

Wearing comfort

Men's cycling jerseys should never feel rough on the skin, as this can be very uncomfortable after prolonged wear and can even lead to skin irritation. However, this should not be the case with synthetic fibres. When buying a cycling jersey, you should also make sure that it fits tightly. This way, you have less resistance in the wind and can ideally be a little faster.

In addition, the men's cycling jersey should cover your back. It is best to make sure that the jersey is slightly longer at the back than at the front when you try it on. Since you will probably be in a bent position most of the time when cycling, otherwise your shirt may ride up your back and this area will be unprotected and therefore quickly hypothermic.


As with other sportswear, it is important for men's cycling jerseys that the fabric is breathable and wicks wet sweat away from the body. As already mentioned, synthetic fibres offer the advantage that these fabrics do not absorb liquids but wick them away to the outside. This means you always stay dry and don't cool down.

A wet top when cycling not only reduces the wearing comfort, but can even hinder you when riding, as it stretches out due to the wetness. In addition, you can quickly catch a cold when riding windy.

Zips and storage space

When buying a men's cycling jersey, you should also pay attention to the zip. A cycling jersey usually has a full-length zip at the front, which should make it easier to put on and take off and help regulate heat. This allows you to open the zip a little in very high temperatures so that the heat can get out.

It is important that the zip has been sewn in neatly and appears robust, so that even longer bike tours can be mastered safely with it. Features such as a zipper garage can indicate good quality. This small pocket on the zip prevents the zip from interfering with riding or making annoying noises.

In addition, a cycling jersey usually has small sewn-in pockets with zips to safely store valuables such as money, mobile phone or keys. In some cycling jerseys, slightly larger pockets even offer storage space for e.g. a water bottle, rain jacket or small air pump.


To make sure you are seen by passing cars in the dark, you should definitely choose a men's cycling jersey with reflectors. These contribute to your own safety at night. Since it gets dark quickly, especially in winter, you should make sure that you are easily visible on your bike.

Reflectors can be in the form of logos, zips or seams, for example. The shape is less important than that enough are attached. This way, other road users can recognise you at an early stage even in unfavourable visibility and weather conditions.

Men's cycling jersey: The most important questions answered

Since choosing the right men's cycling jersey is not always easy, we have answered the most important questions about cycling jerseys for men for you below.

What distinguishes a cycling jersey from other jerseys?

There are three basic differences between a men's cycling jersey and other conventional men's jerseys that explain why it can make sense to buy a special piece of clothing for cycling and not just grab another men's jersey that is already in your wardrobe.

A cycling jersey for men has the following special features:

  • Cut: very tight
  • Length: longer at the back than at the front
  • Storage space: many pockets with zips

Firstly, a men's cycling jersey is characterised by the fact that it fits particularly closely to the body in order to create as little resistance as possible to the wind. This is not necessary for many sports. To make it easier to put on and take off the tight-fitting cycling jersey, it usually has a full-length zip at the front. In addition, an elastic waistband usually ensures that the jersey does not flap in the wind when riding.

Secondly, unlike other men's jerseys, a men's cycling jersey has an extended back so that it is still covered when the body is bent over. In a top where this is not the case, the back is not protected and quickly becomes hypothermic.

Finally, a cycling jersey usually has much more storage space than other jerseys due to small sewn-on pockets. These are particularly useful for longer rides to carry valuables.

What are the different types of cycling jerseys for men?

Below we present four different types of cycling jersey for men. Choosing the right type for you depends on both the use and the outside temperature.

  • Sleeveless jerseys: This variant is especially suitable for very hot days, but you should be careful because sleeveless men's cycling jerseys do not offer UV protection. For this reason, you should definitely use sunscreen.
  • Short-sleeved jerseys: In this type of men's cycling jersey, the sleeves end above the elbow but are usually longer than in a normal T-shirt. Short-sleeved jerseys are also suitable for warm days.
  • Long-sleeved jerseys: A cycling jersey for men with long sleeves can also be worn on cold days and offers sufficient UV protection. However, if it is not cold outside, heat can quickly build up in the jersey.
  • Mountain bike jerseys: A mountain bike jersey comes with both short and long sleeves. This type of cycling jersey fits a little looser and does not always have pockets.

If the temperature is high, you should rather go for a sleeveless or short-sleeved men's cycling jersey. However, if it is cold outside, one with long sleeves is recommended. With short sleeves, make sure that your arms are adequately protected from UV rays with sunscreen. When mountain biking, a very tight-fitting jersey is not necessary. Therefore, these variants are usually a little looser, but are not suitable for road cycling.

How should a cycling jersey fit?

As you already know, a cycling jersey differs from a normal jersey in that it fits very closely to the body. So when trying it on, make sure that the men's cycling jersey is sufficiently tight without being uncomfortable or making you feel constricted in any way. If the jersey flutters too much while riding, there is a risk that the sweat will not be transported to the outside but will flow along the body.

In addition, when trying it on, you should check whether the back length is long enough even in a bent-forward position and whether the fabric is comfortable against the skin. The material should not be rough or scratchy under any circumstances. While cycling jerseys for women are often adapted to the female silhouette, cycling jerseys for men tend to be straight cut.

How do I clean and care for my cycling jersey?

As with any garment, cleaning depends on the fabric. Since cycling jerseys for men are usually made of synthetic fibres such as polyester, they are particularly easy to clean. It is best to turn the jersey inside out before washing so that the material and print are protected during the washing process.

We recommend using a special detergent for functional clothing. This will ensure that your cycling jersey lasts a long time. You should definitely avoid using fabric softener, as this can cause the jersey to lose its breathability. Otherwise, the top can be washed at 30 to 40°. It is best to pay attention to the care symbol. Since the material usually dries very quickly, it is not necessary to use a dryer.


A cycling jersey for men is made of easy-care synthetic fibres such as polyester. With synthetic fibres, liquid is not absorbed but wicked away to the outside. This means you don't have to ride around wet. In addition, the fabric is pleasant on the skin.

Men's cycling jerseys often have several pockets that offer a lot of storage space. The tight cut serves to ensure that you create as little resistance as possible when the wind blows. Since this is less important when riding a mountain bike, the jerseys are usually a little looser for this.

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