Last updated: August 11, 2021


No matter whether you are just a hobby cyclist or an ambitious athlete: Men's cycling shoes should definitely be part of your equipment. There are suitable shoes for every type of cycling, from mountain biking to racing and trekking.

Cycling shoes for men ensure the perfect connection between your foot and the pedal. You can make better use of your power and are also safer on the road, as many shoes are padded and reinforced in particularly vulnerable areas. In addition to special shoes for the different cycling disciplines, all-rounders are also produced that you can use anytime and anywhere. So there really is a suitable men's cycling shoe for everyone!

The Best Mens Cycling Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying cycling shoes for men

Nowadays, you can find a wide range of cycling shoes for men from different manufacturers in sports shops and on the internet. To make your purchase decision easier, we explain important aspects here that you should definitely pay attention to.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Click system or flat pedal
  • Material
  • Closure
  • Sole

In the following, we describe in detail what exactly matters in terms of these criteria.

Click system or flat pedal

First of all, you should make a basic decision regarding your new cycling shoes for men: Should the shoes be connected to the pedals with a click system or would you rather not have a fixed connection to your bike?

With the so-called click systems, your men's cycling shoes are connected to each other via special devices on the pedal and the sole. Through this hooking, you not only transfer power to your pedals when pedalling downwards, but also when pulling your foot upwards. This means that the pedalling movement is used to the best possible effect and you have to exert less effort than with normal men's shoes.

The only disadvantage of this design is that your shoes are linked to the pedals and you may not be able to loosen the connection quickly enough if necessary. This can contribute to accidents. In addition, not all click systems from different manufacturers fit with all men's cycling shoes. However, the most widely used system is the two-hole SPD system from the Shimano company.

With flat pedal cycling shoes for men, the sole is not directly connected to the pedals. Thanks to their profile, they provide excellent grip on your bike, but you remain flexible. This is particularly practical if you often have to dismount, for example when mountain biking or on a longer tour. This type of shoe is also more comfortable for walking.


Men's cycling shoes are generally made of resistant materials, as they are often exposed to high stress. Nubuck leather, nylon, synthetic or textile are often used.

The choice of suitable material depends very much on what you primarily want to use your men's cycling shoes for. In any case, you should keep an eye on your shoes being breathable, as your feet are very likely to get warm and sweat while cycling.

Lightweight shoes are particularly suitable for racing cyclists, as the emphasis here is on speed. The low weight is usually achieved through a thin but stable material such as nylon, mesh or carbon.

On the other hand, if you ride your mountain bike a lot off-road, a mud- and water-resistant surface is recommended. In many models, the toe and heel areas are also reinforced with lightweight fibreglass, which provides additional protection for your foot.

For winter, there are specially designed men's cycling shoes that are warmly lined. High-quality products also have a Gore-Tex membrane, which is water-repellent but breathable at the same time.


When it comes to closure types, you can choose from a variety of different systems.

Shoelaces are the classic among closures. They are popular because your men's cycling shoes can be individually adapted to the shape of your foot by means of lacing. However, make sure that you can tighten the laces so that they do not get in the way while riding.

Velcro fasteners are practical because they can be closed quickly. They also hold very well and ensure particularly good power transfer from the foot to the pedal.

Fasteners with ratchets are very easy to use. You simply insert the ratchet into the buckle provided and pull until your shoes are tight enough. If necessary, this closure can also be quickly readjusted while riding.

Finally, there is the Boa or twist closure. Here you only have to turn a small wheel to adjust your cycling shoes for men to the desired tightness or to open them again.

Which fastener you choose depends solely on your personal preference. The combination of two of the presented variants is particularly suitable, as you can be sure that your shoe will not come off unintentionally while you are sitting on the bike.


The sole of your cycling shoes for men should be as slip-resistant as possible, no matter what kind of cycling you want to use them for. A good tread is also very important. This will ensure that your feet have a good grip on the pedals. This makes handling easier and also prevents accidents.

Cycling shoes for men: The most important questions answered

Not all cycling shoes are the same, and with so much to choose from, it's easy to lose track of what you're looking for. Therefore, we answer important questions below that you should deal with before choosing the perfect model.

What types of cycling shoes are there for men?

Cycling shoes for men are divided into different types depending on which cycling discipline they are best suited for.

  • For mountain bikes: Mountain bike shoes for men are characterised above all by their durability. They have a durable surface that is insensitive to damage. They also offer a robust sole that keeps you safe on the trail. Reinforced shoe toes and heel areas protect your feet in the event of an impact. The material is water and mud resistant. Thanks to its sole and make, this type of shoe is also well suited for walking on roads.
  • For road bikes: The most important feature of road bike shoes for men is their lightweight manufacturing. Since this type of cycling is all about speed, a low court is of particular advantage. The very stiff sole and the clicks that connect the shoes directly to the bike pedals ensure optimal power transmission.
  • For trekking bikes: Men's cycling shoes for trekking tours have a more flexible sole than other models. With these shoes, you can also cover longer distances comfortably while walking. They are usually cut less tightly than other cycling shoes, which provides extra comfort.
  • For indoor cycling/ spinning: If you are looking for cycling shoes for men that you can use for fixed wheels in a gym or at home, it is best to choose all-round or mountain bike models. With these you have a good grip on the pedals and they are usually comfortable to wear.

So when choosing your cycling shoes for men, just like with your bike, you should consider whether speed, comfort or the widest possible range of use is most important to you.

How do I find the right size for men's cycling shoes?

Choosing the right shoe size for men's cycling shoes is an art in itself. In general, men's cycling shoes should fit as tightly as possible. However, they must not pinch anywhere. Most sports shoes for cyclists run a little smaller than you are used to in casual shoes for men. Therefore, always pay close attention to the measurements and try on your favourites.

If you want to measure your feet, it is best to do so at the end of a training session. This is because your feet are pressed slightly flat by the load and are therefore wider than normal. Exactly the same happens in your men's cycling shoes. This small but subtle difference should therefore be taken into account when choosing the right size.

What accessories are useful for men's cycling shoes?

If you want to use your men's cycling shoes all year round, it is best to invest directly in a suitable rain cover when buying them. These covers are made of water-repellent materials and are slipped over your shoes. This protects your feet from the cold and wet. So you are equipped for any weather. In addition, you do not necessarily have to buy several pairs of men's cycling shoes to wear at different times of the year.

How do I clean my men's cycling shoes?

You can easily remove light dirt from your men's cycling shoes with a brush. The hardness of the brush should depend on the robustness of the material: For mesh, for example, a softer brush is recommended than for durable mountain bike shoes.

Coarser dirt such as mud is best removed with a sponge and warm water. If the dirt is very stubborn, you can also use a gentle all-purpose cleaner or neutral soap. However, make sure that the cleaner is compatible with the material of your shoe.

After cleaning, allow your men's cycling shoes to air dry. Do not place the shoes on a heater or similar, as the hot air may warp the material and your shoes will no longer fit well.


Cycling shoes for men are practical everyday helpers not only for professional athletes. They ensure a good grip on the pedals and optimal power transmission, which means less effort for you. You have the choice between shoes that connect directly to the pedals and those that offer you good grip thanks to their tread.

Nowadays, cycling shoes for men come in many different designs. For each cycling discipline, specific models have been developed to meet the respective requirements. From particularly sporty products to inconspicuous men's cycling shoes that you can also wear well in everyday life, there is a suitable model for everyone.

Photo source: Markus Spiske / unsplash