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They are among the most popular boots of all time and can be worn with almost any outfit. Desert boots for men are not only flexible to combine, but also very durable and robust. Nowadays, the formerly British military boots are not only available in classic suede style or as a lined boot variant, but are also increasingly becoming a design object that adds that certain something to every outfit.

No matter what style of dress, men's desert boots are a must in every wardrobe and due to their mostly high-quality workmanship, they delight their owners with their durability and robustness on all their adventures. The following article on the subject of desert boots for men is intended to answer the most important questions and give a good overview of the variety of desert boots.

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Men's desert boots: The most important questions answered

Here we answer all the important questions about desert boots for men and go into detail about the individual aspects, so that in the end you have a sound knowledge about them and no question remains unanswered.

What exactly are men's desert boots and who are they suitable for?

Desert boots for men are British military boots made of suede that originally came from India. They were particularly popular in Europe in the 60s and 70s and still enjoy great popularity today. The low shoe is very robust and can be worn very well, as the shoe only reaches just above the ankle and thus provides a lot of foot freedom.

Nowadays, men's desert boots are suitable for every occasion, as they are available in both chic suede and elaborately designed faux leather versions. They are especially perfect to wear in spring and autumn, as they have a grippy sole, but are also very light.

What styles of desert boots are available for men?

Basically, desert boots for men are usually found as lace-up boots, which have a boot shaft up to the ankle. However, there are also special features of individual models that need to be mentioned:

  • Suede: They are modelled on the original and embody a wild, elegant and robust style, which can be combined particularly well with jeans. Here, however, you should bear in mind the complex care of suede, as this is a very soft leather.
  • Smooth leather: The most elegant form of men's desert boots goes particularly well with a stylish suit and is usually available in black or brown smooth leather.
  • Winter boots: Men's desert boots should also be wearable in winter and so there are desert boots lined with lambskin or faux fur, which keep the foot warm and are comfortable to wear.
  • Robust: A strong tread is very helpful in colder seasons to have a secure footing in your desert boots. There are different types of shoe soles that combine comfort and slip resistance.
  • Eye-catching design: There are collections here that do not shy away from flashy and exciting colours. Renowned designers have long since discovered desert boots for themselves and have created individual creations and interpretations.

Despite the great variety of desert boots for men, you now have a good overview of the different models and can find the right men's desert boot for you based on the individual features. Now we would like to take a closer look at the differences in workmanship that are important to consider when buying.

What materials can men's desert boots be made of?

Whether they are made of smooth leather, suede or different types of fabric, the care of your men's desert boots depends on the material used. When buying, make sure that there are no cracks in the leather or broken seams between the leather and the sole of the shoe, as these are susceptible to moisture.

Winter-proof desert boots for men usually have a lambskin lining, which should always be aired out well after use, otherwise it can develop an unpleasant odour. Smooth leather and suede require the most care and should be cleaned and treated regularly with shoe creams and leather care products. This ensures a long-lasting use and maintains the robustness of the men's desert boots.

What size should I choose for my men's desert boots?

Men's Desert Boots should have a snug fit around your ankle for a comfortable feel when walking. For winter-proof desert boots with a lining, a size larger may be appropriate. Always take a few steps when trying on and pay attention to the performance of the boots. Men's desert boots made of leather adapt to the movement of the foot when worn, which can improve comfort in the long term.

Styling tips for men's desert boots: How to achieve the perfect desert boots look

1.Suede men's desert boots: Combined with blue jeans or chino trousers and a white shirt or polo shirt, they make a fresh, sporty outfit for all leisure activities.
2.Smooth leather men's desert boots: They go perfectly with a classic, dark blue suit or the business casual version with a shirt and jacket.
3.Lined men's desert boots: The wintry version combines well with dark blue jeans and a knitted jumper and radiates a cosy feeling of warmth and security.
4.Designer men's desert boots: A lot of imagination is needed here, because the flashy colour combinations don't go with every outfit. It is advisable to choose plain, monochrome trousers and outerwear so that the main focus remains on the desert boots.

These are just a few suggestions on how to present your desert boots for men in a chic and appropriate way. Let your creativity run free and try out a few variations to get a feel for your outfit.


Men's desert boots are versatile and still very much in demand today thanks to their timeless and elegant design. They can even be worn with a lining in winter and offer a pleasant wearing comfort due to their lightness. They can be combined with pretty much any outfit and can either be worn on elegant occasions with a suit or in your free time with chino trousers and a polo shirt.

Before buying, you should pay attention to the workmanship of the seams and the quality of the leather and, if necessary, seek advice on how to care for the desert boots, especially with regard to the leather. To ensure that you enjoy your men's desert boots for a long time, you should regularly care for and waterproof the leather. When choosing a size, it is advisable to choose a close fit, as the leather adapts to the foot over time.

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