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In winter, down jackets for men are not a rare sight. They are very popular with many people because of their strong thermal performance. Due to the small ramifications of the down, the warmth is optimally stored. Some types of down are more expensive than others because of their rarity and warmth.

With our large down jacket for men test 2021 we want to help you find the best down jacket for men. We have compared different jackets with each other and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision as easy as possible.

The most important facts

  • Down jackets for men are jackets that are popular for everyday wear as well as for outdoor athletes because they keep you extra warm.
  • There are three different types of down used in the production of down jackets for men. The most expensive is eider down followed by goose down. The cheapest down is duck down.
  • Down is plucked. Some companies pluck the down from duck birds while they are still alive. Other companies are known for not live plucking. Within the EU, live plucking is banned.

The Best Mens Down Jacket: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a down jacket for men

What is a down jacket for men?

A down jacket for men is a jacket that is filled with down. Down keeps you very warm and is therefore especially popular for winter jackets.

There are down jackets for women, men and children. The down is usually surrounded by material through which the down cannot escape.

Down jackets for men are usually breathable. Due to their light weight, they are especially popular with outdoor athletes. However, it is not only popular for sports, but also for everyday wear.

Down is usually surrounded by a water-repellent fabric. High-quality jackets also protect against wind.

Who is a down jacket for men suitable for?

Down jackets for men are very popular in all areas. They are worn especially in winter and in cold regions because they keep you very warm.

Down jackets for men are very popular in many areas.

In winter, down jackets for men are often used in everyday life. However, they are also very popular for sports.

Down jackets are used especially in mountain sports, as they store and retain heat best. In addition, they weigh very little, which is optimal for longer, but also short tours.

What types of down jackets are there for men?

Down jackets for men differ primarily in that the down comes from different animals. Down is obtained from three different animals.

  • Eider down
  • Duck down
  • Goose down

Eider down

Eider down comes from the eider ducks that live exclusively in Iceland. They have the largest diameter of all down types. Because they are so rare, they are also the most expensive. The animals are protected species, so you can be sure that they have not suffered.

Goose down

Goose down keeps you warmer than duck down, but not as warm as eider down. Down obtained from geese is often plucked from the animals while they are still alive. So when buying a jacket lined with goose down, make sure that the down has not been plucked alive.

Duck down

Duck down is the cheapest down. This is because duck down does not keep you as warm as goose or eider down. They are the smallest of all three types of down.

Daunenjacke Herren-2

There are three different types of down. Eider down is the largest down followed by goose down. The smallest down comes from ducks.
(Image source: / andreadonetti)

How much does a down jacket for men cost?

The prices of down jackets for men depend on the type of down. Down jackets for men that are made of eider down are the most expensive. Goose down is in the middle followed by duck down.

Down type price range
Eider down 300€ - 700€
Goose down 100€ - 300€
Duck down 100€ - 200€

What are the alternatives to the down jacket for men?

An alternative to the down jacket for men is a jacket made of polyester. Polyester is water-repellent and therefore particularly suitable for sports.

The jacket stores heat slightly differently. Heat causes microfibres to bond. The heat is stored and retained in the air holes. The structure is similar to that of a down and comes very close to it in terms of warming.

We have compared the two jackets and listed the advantages and disadvantages.

Down jacket

  • Lightweight
  • Is smaller than a polyester jacket when rolled up
  • Soft to the touch
  • Not as water repellent as plastic jacket
  • Wet down clumps and no longer retains heat
  • Dries slower than plastic jacket
  • Some down is plucked from animals alive and the animals suffer
  • Expensive

Plastic jacket

  • Animals do not have to suffer
  • Keeps moisture and humidity out better than down
  • Not as soft as down
  • Heavier than down

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate different down jackets for men


The quality of a down jacket for men depends on the type of down on the one hand and the amount of down on the other.

Eider down keeps you warmest and is therefore of the best quality. Down from geese is also very warm, but not as warm as eider down. The smallest down comes from ducks.

The down count is measured in "cuin".

The number of down tells you how warm the down jacket for men is. The more down, the warmer the jacket will keep you.

A minimum of 500 cuin is recommended for outdoor athletes. People who spend time in icy areas should choose a minimum of 700 cuin for their jackets.


Down jackets for men are available in all sizes. Jackets are available from very small to plus sizes.

When buying a down jacket for men, you should make sure that your everyday clothes fit well underneath. Often thick jumpers are worn in winter, so the jacket will need to be slightly larger to fit easily underneath.


Weight plays a particularly important role when choosing a jacket. The lighter a jacket is, the more comfortable it is to wear.

Outdoor athletes, especially mountaineers, pay particular attention to weight. For some sports, every gram that has to be carried matters.


Down jackets for men come in countless colours. Red, blue and green jackets are particularly popular. Colours such as purple are also available, but are less common on the market.

There are also multi-coloured jackets or jackets with patterns or characters.

The choice of colour is up to you. You can simply choose which colour you like best.


The design varies depending on the manufacturer. Often, down jackets for men are equipped with jacket pockets, both on the outside and inside.

Almost every down jacket has a hood, as this provides additional protection from the cold.

The other design depends on the manufacturer, as mentioned above. For example, there are jackets with a logo or several zips or cords.

Down jackets for men are also available in different patterns. You can simply choose the design you like best.

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