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If you are looking for a coat that will keep you warm throughout the winter and you don't want to sacrifice stylish elements, then a men's duffle coat is exactly what you need. The beautiful toggle buttons protect you well from wind and cold while looking super elegant, but on the other hand also super casual.

Originally, the coat comes from the British Royal Navy Marine. They were made as a uniform for their sailors. Since then, the duffle coat has become more and more famous and popular and is still one of the most worn coats for men today. So if the duffle coat kept the earlier sailors warm enough, you should have no doubt that it won't leave you cold in winter.

The Best Mens Duffle Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's duffle coats

Duffle coats for men are the classic among coats and also have a certain recognition value. Duffle coats differ little from each other, but there are still some points you should pay attention to before buying in order to find the perfect men's coat for your needs.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Fit
  • Hood
  • Closure
  • Lining

In the following sections, we will take you through each of the criteria in a little more detail.


It is the material that makes the men's duffle coat special. Like many other coats, the duffle coat is made of wool. However, much heavier wool is used here, which gives the men's duffle coat its density and warmth. The material helps to ensure that you can wear the coat in winter without any problems.

Many manufacturers use a fabric that is 80% virgin wool and 20% polyester. This mixture makes the coat much softer than the old-fashioned men's duffle coats of yesteryear. This makes the men's coat really comfortable to wear without the collar or hood scratching the neck.

The virgin wool is especially densely woven and roughened so that moisture cannot harm you. Raindrops or snowflakes remain on the surface and the fabric does not get wet even in humid weather.

The buttons are usually made of horn, sometimes also of wood. The loops for closing the coat should be made of leather. These toggles are also one of the trademarks of the duffle coat.


The original, earlier duffle coats for men were much more voluminous. To date, the duffle coat has undergone a major transformation. The shape of the coat is more boxy, this shape has remained so over time. How the men's coat should look on one's own body is, of course, something everyone has to decide for themselves. Nevertheless, there are criteria that should be met, especially for a winter coat.

According to the fact that a men's duffle coat is worn during the cold season, it should be cut wide enough to allow jumpers or other knitwear and jackets to be worn underneath. That said, you probably don't want to look too bulky when wearing the coat. Trying it on while wearing slightly thicker garments underneath will certainly help you find the perfect width.

Men especially struggle with their shoulders more often when it comes to coats. It is important that the duffle coat is cut wide enough at the shoulders to allow the best freedom of movement. After all, the arms should ideally be able to move in all directions without feeling as if the duffle coat is tearing under the arms.

The length of the sleeves is also an important criterion for keeping the wrists warm in winter. So is the overall length of the coat. A duffle coat for men is usually 3/4 length. However, this specification does not fit every body size, of course. You would have to decide for yourself what length suits your needs, with the ideal length being about mid-thigh.


A duffle coat usually comes with a hood. It is one of its trademarks, just like the buttons. However, the modern fashion world allows for variations here as well. There are men's duffle coats where you can decide whether you want a hood or not, depending on your taste.

Most men's duffle coats have a fixed hood sewn on. It is made of the same material as the rest of the coat. In fact, there are often options where the hood is also warmly lined. They are especially practical for those who are not a fan of caps in winter. In addition, a hood provides much better protection against moisture than a cap, as the neck is also protected.

If you find a coat without a hood more appealing, there is also the option of removing the hood. However, this function is not integrated in every men's duffle coat, so you have to pay attention to that. If you don't want a loose zip at the hood point, you also have the option of buying a men's duffle coat without a hood at all. These are rather rare, but can still be found.


As already mentioned, the toggles are one of the trademarks of the duffle coat. These are found on every men's duffle coat and are single row, so there is also only one row to fasten on the other side. Since there is no flexibility to close the coat more tightly, there is usually a second, rather less visible closure.

Especially for winter, it is important that you can close the men's duffle coat completely and that the warmth stays inside or that no gaps remain open. Therefore, there is usually a zip under the toggles. This closure is typical for duffle coats and is hardly visible from the outside.

However, it is also possible to have only the buttons. This version may not be as windproof at the front as the conventional duffle coat with a zip, but it is still very warm due to the thickness of the fabric. The buttons do not necessarily have to be made of horn; there are also toggle buttons made of wood or plastic, which are a cheaper option. These toggles can also be bought separately and sewn onto a coat.


The lining is an important criterion when you buy a men's duffle coat for winter. Linings keep you very warm and are found on the entire inside of the coat, including the hood. Mostly this lining consists of teddy lining. This is the material that is found on the surface of soft toys.

If you need a men's duffle coat for other seasons, for example autumn, lining may not be ideal. The duffle coat itself is made of a very heavy and rather thicker material and is quite warm on its own. The lining is a great addition for winter, but for some people it is too warm for temperatures above 0°.

Duffle coat for men: The most important questions answered

Finding the perfect men's duffle coat is certainly not easy. Although there is not a huge selection of different models, they do differ from each other in some respects. To make your decision as easy as possible, we have answered the most important questions about men's duffle coats in the following paragraphs.

What is a men's duffle coat?

A duffle coat translated into German is a duffle coat. It is a coat made of heavy wool fabric, three-quarter length and a single-breasted button placket. The buttons are toggle buttons, traditionally made of buffalo horn and leather straps. Usually, the traditional duffle coat also includes a hood.

Duffle here is the name of the fabric from which the duffle coat is made. Duffle coats have a shoulder yoke and two large pockets. The shoulder yoke is a piece of fabric that is sewn into the back of the shoulder and connects the back and front pieces. The large pockets keep especially large men's hands nice and warm through the winter.

What styles of men's duffle coats are available?

Men's duffle coats usually have a very uniform style. They are known for their individual trademarks, especially the toggle buttons. It is hard to find a difference between men's duffle coats. Nevertheless, you can distinguish them by individual, few criteria.

  • Hood: The hood, just like the toggles, is actually one of the trademarks of the men's duffle coat. However, there are models that do not have a hood. This variant makes the men's coat look a little more elegant.
  • Length: Men's duffle coats are fairly mid-length coats. They go down to at least about mid-thigh. But there are also longer models, about knee-length. No men's duffle coats are available longer than knee length.
  • Chequered lining: Traditionally, men's duffle coats have a chequered pattern on the inside. In modern times, however, this is no longer a criterion for a men's coat. Nevertheless, very many men's duffle coats are still available in this old-fashioned style.

You should consider each of the styles once. Try on all the models and decide for yourself which style suits you best. Of course, the harmony differs depending on the occasion of wearing.

How do I know if my men's duffle coat fits properly?

A men's duffle coat is not only super warm, but also super stylish. So of course the look has to fit. To find the perfect fit, there are a few points to consider.

  • Width: It is important that the coat is cut wide enough so that it fits nicely despite thicker knitted jumpers or jackets. Of course, it should not be too wide either. The men's duffle coat should not be too voluminous, otherwise the head will always look smaller. The best way to determine the right width for your own body is to try it on. As long as the toggle buttons close loosely, the coat fits well. A tip on the side: It is better not to try on the duffle coat for men in summer when they are wearing a T-shirt. It might be too tight in winter.
  • Shoulders: The width at the shoulders is particularly important for men. The shoulder seam should ideally end where your shoulder ends. When trying it on, you can move your arms sideways up and forward to see if it is wide enough at the shoulders. If you feel that the coat pulls a lot under your arms, you should go for a larger size.
  • Sleeve length: Especially in winter, it is important that a men's coat keeps you warm. You know how it is when you wear gloves and the snow still gets to your wrist. Therefore, the ideal sleeve length is definitely above the ankles. You can also test the length by looking at the length of the garment underneath. The sleeve of the men's duffle coat should definitely be longer so that the clothing underneath is not visible.
  • Overall length: Men's duffle coats are three-quarter length coats. Of course, this length is not the same for every man. A longer coat offers more protection. The longer the men's duffle coat is, it will also make your legs look shorter, depending on your height. Shorter coats are therefore recommended for shorter men. To make your legs or body size look proportionate in general, a duffle coat up to mid-thigh is perfect. This length will still keep you very warm and is not too short.

It is always best to try on the men's duffle coat yourself. That way nothing can go wrong. In the end, you decide for yourself which fit you like best.

How do I care for and clean my men's duffle coat?

A men's duffle coat should not only be washed carefully, it should also be treated with care when not in use. To keep it in its best position, it is recommended that you always hang it on a wider hanger shaped to the shoulders. Ideally one made of wood. You can brush out the coat regularly to remove lint and dandruff.

Under no circumstances should it be cleaned in the washing machine. It is best to steam clean the duffle coat. If you do not have this cleaning equipment, it is advisable to have the men's coat professionally cleaned. It is best to clean the coat at the end of the season before storing it in the wardrobe for a longer period of time.

To give the men's duffle coat care while it is in the wardrobe, it is best to store it in a wardrobe that is long enough. Give it enough air and pack it only in breathable materials. This way, your beloved duffle coat will stay neat and clean all year round.

Can I sew a men's duffle coat myself?

Of course it is possible to sew a men's duffle coat yourself. Skilled hands are required here. There are numerous patterns for men's duffle coats on the internet that you can buy with money. For sewing beginners, a duffle coat is not necessarily recommended. The patterns are more for somewhat advanced sewers.

There are also numerous forums where users exchange information on sewing a duffle coat. Here you can get tips from sewers themselves and learn what to pay most attention to. Free patterns are rather difficult to find and may not be very accurate. You can buy the material for a men's duffle coat in any fabric shop.

Styling tips for men's duffle coats: How to achieve the perfect men's duffle coat look

Men's duffle coats can be worn with just about anything. The coat goes great with suits and doesn't take away the elegance of the look. The colour should of course be coordinated with the suit, especially the suit trousers. Simple leather shoes are the perfect combination.

But a casual look can also be combined with a duffle coat for men. Here, too, it is always advisable to match the trouser colour well with the coat, as this is the most visible. The lining of the duffle coat is often checked, so you can create the perfect caro look with checked trousers.

Boots go great with any look in a men's duffle coat. But sports shoes are all the rage right now. They give the outfit a great contrast and make them the eye-catcher. Another styling tip is the scarf. Combine it in a matching colour with your top or the lining of the duffle coat. Checkered scarves make your outfit look all the more sophisticated.


A men's duffle coat is the classic among coats. It can be worn for any occasion, it can look elegant, basic but also sporty. This gives you the greatest possible freedom when combining an outfit. With its very dense and thick material, it keeps you nice and warm throughout the winter and also looks super good.

The large pockets and hood are a great addition and substitute for gloves and hats, especially if you want to create an elegant style. Caring for this high-quality coat doesn't require a lot of effort either. If you just pay attention to how you store your men's duffle coat, it will last for enough seasons in the very best condition.

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