Last updated: August 22, 2021

Men's stud earrings have been around since the 70s. More and more often, men have one or two ear holes pierced in order to have a matching accessory to their outfit with a stud earring. A matching stud earring is an eye-catcher not only in everyday life, but also at work.

Nowadays, men's stud earrings are worn by pop stars, footballers or even rappers. Celebrities in particular continue the trend and inspire their male colleagues to wear ear jewellery. We not only tell you on which side you should wear the stud earrings for men, but also what to look out for when buying them.

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Stud earrings for men: the most important questions answered

You want to buy a stud earring for men and don't know what to look out for. To help you, we have picked out the most important questions for you in advance and answered them below:

What material should the stud earrings for men be made of?

If you wear your men's stud earrings regularly, you should choose a robust and durable material. Men's stud earrings made of silver, gold, wood, high-quality plastic or surgical steel are best suited. These are a little more expensive, but you get very good quality. It is also important that you tolerate the chosen material. It is often the case that you are allergic to certain materials. You should therefore test this beforehand.

On which side should I wear my stud earrings for men?

For a long time it was said that men who wear their earring on the right side are considered homosexual (studs and plugs are probably excluded from this rule, as they are often worn on both sides). However, this is not officially confirmed. Many gentlemen do not even know what it means. Therefore, it is ultimately up to each man to decide on which side he wants to wear his stud earrings. To avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended to wear the stud earring on the left side.

What kind of fasteners are there for stud earrings for men?

Since the clasp of the men's stud earrings disappears behind the earlobe and cannot be seen, it does not necessarily have to look beautiful. What is much more important is which type of clasp you find best. We have summarised the different types of ear stud closures for you:

  • Wing clasp: Here, the wing-shaped eyelet on the back of the earlobe is simply placed on the ear stud. The size of the ear stud determines the size of the clasp. A disadvantage is that the wing clasp can sometimes come loose from the ear stud and get lost.
  • Silicone clasp: This men's stud earring clasp is usually made entirely of silicone or forms a combination with a silver ear nut and is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. These closures are very suitable because they lie close to the earlobe.
  • Stopper: The stopper is another fastener for men's stud earrings and is made of plastic or synthetic material, depending on the model. It is available in many different designs.
  • Screw closure: The screw closure type was derived from piercings. The metal or plastic ball is screwed onto the men's stud earrings with the help of a screw thread.

The advantage is that if you should ever lose your clasp or it doesn't suit you, you can buy a stud ear clasp that suits you. These are available individually.

What is the advantage of a stud earring for men over a pendant?

There is no general answer to this question, as everyone has individual tastes. Many men like to wear a stud earring, while others prefer to wear a pendant. Then there are those who alternate between stud earrings and pendants. You can therefore decide for yourself what you prefer to wear.

Styling tips for stud earrings for men How to achieve the perfect stud earring look

  1. The right choice of stud earrings will add coolness and casualness to your look
  2. A noble metal ear stud is recommended for suits
  3. Match the stud earrings to your skin tone and face shape
  4. Wear small stud earrings that are proportional to your body shape
  5. The stud earring should always complement the outfit


If you want to wear a men's stud earring, you should do so. Decide on a suitable material before buying and choose the stud earring that suits you best. Just make sure that the stud earring also suits your type.

To get a certain variety, you can buy different men's stud earrings for everyday wear. It is up to you whether you want to wear one stud earring on one side only or on both sides. Both are possible. However, choose your men's stud earrings carefully so that they match your outfit before you leave the house.

(Image source: / Timothy Barlin)