Last updated: August 23, 2021

Traditionally, only women wore an engagement ring. Nowadays, however, more and more couples are deciding to provide the man with an engagement ring as well. For them, it is an expression of love and commitment to their partner.

Compared to the ring variant for the lady, there are great differences in design. Nevertheless, there is a very large selection of variants and precious metals that one should be aware of before buying a man's engagement ring.


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Engagement rings for men: The most important questions answered

Next to the wedding ring, the engagement ring is probably one of the pieces of jewellery that will have the most meaning for you in your life. Therefore, you should do a lot of research before buying to find the perfect men's engagement ring for you. In the following section, we have summarised the most important questions about engagement rings for men and want to answer them as briefly as possible to make your purchase decision easier.

What distinguishes a men's engagement ring?

In principle, engagement rings for men are very simple. Unlike women's rings, they do not contain any precious stones or diamonds. Men's engagement rings have clear lines and timeless designs and are therefore still trendy even after decades.

Furthermore, men's engagement rings are characterised by their width. While the ladies' version is around 2.0 to 2.5 millimetres, engagement rings for men are usually available from a width of 4 millimetres. This width flatters large and strong men's hands.

What precious metals are engagement rings for men made of?

When choosing your men's engagement ring or the ring of your partner, you have to decide between a few different precious metals. Below you will find a small overview to help you make your purchase decision:

  • Engagement rings made of silver: Many people choose silver for engagement rings, as this precious metal ensures a simple, but at the same time radiant appearance. In addition, its rather light weight guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort.
  • Gold engagement rings: Gold rings are a favourite among engagement rings. Here you also have the choice between white and rose gold. The latter in particular is becoming increasingly popular among young couples.
  • Engagement rings made of platinum: Platinum rings are very popular among men because of their robustness. Unlike other precious metals, they are not susceptible to scratches and can withstand a lot in everyday life. At the same time, they also look elegant and exclusive.

Which precious metal you ultimately choose depends on your personal preference. All precious metals have their own individual advantages.

How do I determine the right size for my men's engagement ring?

An important aspect of buying your men's engagement ring is to choose the correct size. To do this, you should proceed as follows:

  • First, cut an eight to ten centimetre long, maximum one centimetre wide strip from a sheet of paper.
  • Then wrap the strip lengthwise around your ring finger. The strip should not fit too loosely.
  • At the end of the overlap, draw a line with a pencil.
  • Finally, you only have to measure the marked section with a ruler. The result in millimetres corresponds to your ring size.

If you follow these simple tips for measuring your ring size, then you are guaranteed to impress with the perfect silver ring look soon.

Which hand should I wear my men's engagement ring on?

People often ask themselves which hand the men's engagement ring should be worn on. In fact, there are different views and opinions on this subject depending on the country and culture. In Germany, however, it is customary to wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand. This finger symbolises the direct path to the heart.

Styling tips for men's engagement rings: How to achieve the perfect look with an engagement ring

Men's engagement rings are usually simple, classic and timeless. That's why they actually go with every outfit. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a few quick tips along the way:

  • Whether office or casual look: Your engagement ring will always complement your outfit positively and add an individual touch.
  • Take care of your hands and nails.
  • You can also make a style-conscious appearance with your men's engagement ring in combination with a beautiful watch or bracelet.
  • You can wear other rings on the same hand as your engagement ring. They should only harmonise visually with each other.

As you can see, you can wear your engagement ring for men to any occasion and with any outfit. Your partner will also be very happy about wearing it regularly.


A men's engagement ring is just as special for a man as it is for a woman. It serves mainly as a symbol of love and union between you and your partner.

However, engagement rings for men have the great advantage that they can be worn with really any look and occasion because of their simple and timeless design. They add your individual touch to your outfit.

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