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Good shoes are important. The modern man no longer has just one pair, but at least one suitable pair for different occasions. In the warmer months and of course also on holiday, sandals don't always have to do the job. Light and comfortable summer shoes are also available in the traditional Spanish style: they are called espadrilles.

The light summer shoes with a sole made of knotted plant fibres and a fastenerless upper made of cotton or linen are definitely an eye-catcher on a man's foot. The shoes are not only light, but also comfortable. You can slip in quickly and slip out just as quickly. No lacing or Velcro fastening is necessary. In the following guide to espadrilles for men, we explain what you should look out for when buying.

The Best Mens Espadrilles: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying espadrilles for men

Buying the right shoe is often more difficult than you think. Whether the shoe fits can often only be clarified if you can try it on. But beyond that, there are a few points that can be clarified even without trying them on.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Weight
  • Colour combination
  • Sole texture
  • Features
  • Durability

With these criteria we try to make your buying decision easier. Espadrilles are simple shoes that are not too complicated to make. Therefore, it is also important to find a good offer for the price. These buying criteria will help you.

Weight of espadrilles for men

You can quickly find this out for yourself in a good article description and thus decide whether the shoe is heavy or light enough. Since no heavy materials are used in the manufacture of espadrilles for men, the weight here should not be very high. Men's espadrilles are lightweight shoes and their low weight is an advantage over other models. If the espadrilles have a higher than average weight, you might want to consider another offer.

The colour combination of espadrilles for men

When buying shoes on the internet, take a closer look at the pictures of the desired shoe. The colour combination of the upper material is immediately recognisable here, and immediately afterwards, of course, the desire to buy in the case of an attractive colour combination. If the colour combination is not what you want, you should keep looking, because the range of espadrilles for men is very extensive.

The sole of the espadrilles for men

Of course, you now know that espadrilles are made with soles made of plant fibres. On the one hand, this leads to a very comfortable wearing sensation, but on the other hand, concerns arise about the weather resistance of these soles. Therefore, many manufacturers of espadrilles for men have used a combination of plant fibres and rubber or leather types in the sole to further improve durability.

The features of espadrilles for men

There are many features for this basically very simple shoe model. From Velcro fastenings and embroidery to Gucci leather uppers costing several hundred euros, espadrilles for men are also equipped with almost every feature that can be sold. Some suppliers even have vegan espadrilles on offer, these are shoes where no animal materials are allowed to be used in the production. It is best to narrow down your wishes regarding features early on so as not to make your purchase decision too difficult.

The durability of espadrilles for men

This is an essential purchase criterion, especially for men, that you should check early on by studying the reviews, e.g. on If there are enough good reviews, you can buy without hesitation. If the desired model receives a few negative reviews regarding its durability, then you should refrain from buying it in order not to be disappointed yourself.

In general, the following applies: Due to the workmanship of this shoe model, you should not assume a long period of use. Men's espadrilles are rather seasonal products that are worn over a summer and then disappear in the wardrobe. If you also wear this model in the colder seasons, you will quickly notice significant wear.

Espadrilles for men: The most important questions answered

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about espadrilles for men. We will also go into styling issues.

What styles of espadrilles are available for men?

Espadrilles are a dime a dozen, available in a wide variety of colours and shapes and with a wide variety of features. We have listed the main categories here, according to which you can subdivide the range.

  • Elegant Men's Espadrilles: Elegant men's espadrilles are branded shoes made from more expensive materials. Leather is often used both as the upper material and in the sole. Models with a lacing are often found in this category. The quality of workmanship is higher, as is the price.
  • Sporty men's espadrilles: In this category we summarise all models that come with bright colours and thin fabrics. There is no brand fixation here, as the low price often determines the listing. Uppers and soles are inexpensively made so the shoe can be seen as a bargain for the holiday season at a good price.

How can I tell if my men's espadrilles fit well?

In the following, we will clarify the most important points that will make it easier for you to know when the men's espadrilles fit best on your foot.

  • There should be no space between the top of the foot and the toe of the shoe.
  • The seam of the upper should rest exactly on the sole.
  • The sole should be well stitched so that the anatomical shape of the foot can be maintained
  • The materials should be impregnated or be impregnated so that they are better protected against moisture
  • The upper should enclose the foot tightly to ensure a secure fit
  • The tongue should be reinforced so that the shoe can be put on and taken off safely
  • For models with laces, the laces should provide better support for the foot
  • Espadrilles should be worn without socks

Now we come to the clarification of the most important questions related to the daily use of men's espadrilles.

How do I care for and clean my men's espadrilles?

The simple construction of men's espadrilles allow for quick and easy cleaning with a sponge and some warm water. For better care, the espadrilles can also be treated with a waterproofing spray to better protect the shoes from moisture penetration.

What are the dress codes for men's espadrilles?

Men's espadrilles should be worn with a casual style of dress. They are ideal for a holiday outfit with Bermudas and a shirt. You can combine men's espadrilles just as stylishly with casual fabric trousers and a T-shirt. A formal look goes less well with men's espadrilles as these shoes look a little "underdressed".

When should you wear men's espadrilles?

Men's espadrilles are seasonal. This means that due to the way they are made and the materials used, they are more suitable for the warm season. Their style is more common in southern Europe, which is why modern Central Europeans should probably combine these shoes with a casual holiday outfit. Using these shoes for too long also has a negative effect on their durability. In short, Central European men and fashionable lovers of men's espadrilles should plan to wear the shoes on the days and weeks with the highest temperatures in summer, preferably on holiday in Spain.

Styling tips for men's espadrilles: How to achieve the perfect espadrille look

  1. Wide-leg trousers and a colourful shirt go perfectly with espadrilles
  2. Trousers that do not cover the ankle are ideal to show off the shoes
  3. With an expensive outfit, espadrilles can be a real eye-catcher
  4. A belt should not be missing. It is more for visual effect than for support and should match the colour of the shoes.
  5. A special highlight can be a beautiful embroidered pattern on the espadrilles.


Men's espadrilles are by no means everyday summer shoes for men. With the right choice of matching clothes, they give the outfit "a very special" style. So if you have studied our guide in detail, you should succeed in combining a trendy outfit for these shoes. With a clever combination of clothes, you can create a fashionable eye-catcher with men's espadrilles on your feet for little money and thus attract positive attention among your friends.

Men's espadrilles are an alternative product for fashionable men who do not want to wear the typical sandals or leather loafers in summer. If the casual style of men's espadrilles appeals to you, you can go for it without hesitation, because people often only wear such shoes for one season. However, if you are a more classic type and rather conservative in your summer fashion style, then it is better to stick to the old familiar.

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