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Like many other fashion accessories, the fanny pack is celebrating its comeback from the 90s. And since then, they have enjoyed popularity among men and women alike.
But the functionality of fanny packs is at least as important as their retro statement.

Thanks to their compactness, they offer space for the most important belongings, without the hassle of hassle. But unlike other small bags, fanny packs can be worn securely on the body. And while carrying them, we have our hands free, which makes them so popular among multitaskers.

In the next sections, we have summarised the most important questions and answers about fanny packs for men. Our aim is to guide you in choosing a suitable fanny pack and make your decision as easy as possible.

The Best Men's Fanny Pack: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying fanny packs for men

The fanny pack for men is stylish, safe and allows multitasking at the same time. No wonder it has led to a real trend revolution.

However, the range of fanny packs for men is all the larger and more confusing.

Therefore, we would like to provide you with a series of buying criteria to help you choose a suitable model in the best possible way.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Sustainable finish
  • Price
  • Structure and additional functions

In the following, we will elaborate on the said buying criteria.


Fanny packs for men enjoy their popularity because they are considered particularly practical due to their compactness. Among the multitude of offers, there are also models of different sizes.

As a rule, fanny packs for men have a height of 10 to 20 cm and a width of 15 to 35 cm. Larger models are suitable for excursions and hikes, for example. Smaller models are for going to concerts when you only want to carry a few possessions.


The styles of fanny packs for men are also very diverse.
For example, models are available in elegant, sporty, trendy and natural styles.

Elegant fanny packs for men are often made of high-quality (synthetic) leather material in simple shapes (round, square) and classic colours (brown, black).

There are also sporty fanny packs for men that are made of a single-coloured functional fabric and have the typical oval shape.

Another style are trendy fanny packs for men, e.g. in the trendy vintage look with a worn leather look.

There are also fanny packs for men with an eco look. This means, for example, handmade fanny packs made of hemp or cotton.

Sustainable processing

Nowadays, there is also a wide range of sustainable fashion, which is usually marked with a Fairtrade or eco label. Thus, you can also find fanny packs for men that are produced under fair working conditions in the respective country of manufacture as well as in a resource-saving way.

Sustainable fanny packs are made from organically produced cotton or hemp, for example. Leather fanny packs can also be made sustainably by recycling leather scraps, sourcing the leather regionally and tanning it chrome-free. In addition, environmentally harmful chemicals can be avoided in the production process.


Fanny packs for men are available in different price ranges. As with all other fashion items, the prices depend on the manufacturer, the materials used and the workmanship.

Fanny packs from generic brands (also called no-name products) can already be purchased for a few euros. Online shops also have offers for less than 10 euros, although shipping costs are usually added. The situation is different with brand-name fanny packs. These start at around 30 euros, although the upper price limit is open.

The prices of fanny packs for men also depend significantly on the material. Fanny packs made of genuine leather are usually more expensive than those made of imitation leather or a functional fabric. Sustainably manufactured fanny packs are also often more expensive.

Structure and additional functions

Fanny packs for men differ in their "construction". There are simple fanny packs that only have one inner pocket, for example. And there are fanny packs with several inner and outer compartments.

Simple fanny packs usually do not offer any additional functions. More sophisticated fanny packs can, for example, be equipped with a special mobile phone pocket or a pen pocket. Some models also have a headphone outlet.

In addition, there are particularly theft-proof fanny packs for men whose zips can be concealed and secured with a carabiner. Furthermore, the special processing of the fabric or strap should prevent the bag from being slit or the strap from being cut.

Fanny packs for men: The most important questions answered

If you're still reading along, you're probably feeling the same way we are, and are delighted about the fanny pack's comeback.

To better prepare you for a possible purchase decision, we have compiled what we consider to be the most important questions and answers in the following sections.

What material are fanny packs for men made of?

Fanny packs for men can be found for every occasion and taste, and the following list is far from exhaustive.

  • Leather: There are fanny packs for men made of high-quality smooth leather as well as suede in a wide variety of colours and shapes.
  • Imitation leather: If you want to avoid animal products or spend less money, you can also go for imitation leather. Well-made products often look convincingly real.
  • Functional fabric: Fanny packs made of a lightweight functional fabric are also popular.
  • Jeans: Another trendy, but somewhat rarer variant are fanny packs in a jeans look.
  • Natural products: There are also (handmade) fanny packs for men made from organically produced cotton or hemp.

What types of fanny packs are there for men?

As already mentioned, there is a wide range of fanny packs for men, which can make the purchase decision more secure, but also more difficult. Therefore, we have tried to group the variety of fanny packs into different types.

  • Miniature fanny pack: Simple fanny packs usually have only one inner pocket and do without any extras. They are suitable for quick walks such as shopping or jogging, when only a wallet, cloth bag and keys need to be carried.
  • Normal fanny pack: The average fanny pack typically has an open as well as a closed inner compartment and a closed outer compartment on the back. They are recommended for trips and outings, for example, when a little more theft protection and tidiness in the bag is desired.
  • Fashion fanny pack: Some fanny packs are characterised less by their layout or functionality and more by their stylish design. These models serve primarily as a fashion accessory.
  • Outdoor fanny pack: There are also fanny packs for outdoor purposes. For example, they have a water-repellent surface and are made of a breathable functional fabric. They are also equipped with different sized compartments.
  • Safety fanny pack: This includes models that are considered particularly theft-proof. These models have a wide strap made of certain metal fibres, which makes it particularly difficult to cut. The fabric is also specially processed so that it is difficult to slit the bag. In addition, such fanny packs often have a safety closure.

How can fanny packs for men be worn?

Fanny pack, hip bag, fanny pack... As diverse as the names are, as free are the wearing options of fanny packs for men.

Fanny packs can either be strapped around the stomach, as the name suggests, or worn like a belt at waist level.
In the fashion world, however, the fanny pack is more often worn across the chest or back. Another option is to hang the fanny pack casually around the shoulder.

As you can see, there is no rule for wearing a fanny pack.

If the practical bag is to be used for outdoor activities such as hiking or city trips, we recommend the classic carrying variant around the stomach or waist. This is because when the bags are full, the back and shoulders can be relieved. In addition, you are better protected against theft.
If the fanny pack is to be used in normal everyday life or even as a fashion accessory, the more casual way of wearing it is around the chest, back or over the shoulders.

How do I clean and care for my fanny pack for men?

When cleaning fanny packs, follow the same care instructions as for other bags.

Fanny packs made of cotton or functional fabric can easily be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap. As a rule, they can also be washed in the washing machine, although you should also follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Special laundry nets can also be used to protect the material.

Hand-woven fanny packs made of cotton and hemp should rather be hand-washed. However, no general statements can be made for handmade products, which is why we recommend following the manufacturer's care instructions.

With leather bags, on the other hand, contact with water should always be avoided. Superficial dirt can be wiped off with a slightly damp tea towel. The prerequisite for this is that the leather has been sufficiently impregnated beforehand. We also recommend regular leather care with special products.

For fanny packs made of imitation leather, a damp cloth or damp cleaning cloths can be used.


The fanny pack is the practical sister of the clutch.
And since its fashion comeback, it has enjoyed popularity among men and women alike. Because fanny packs for men are a real eye-catcher and can be worn to suit any occasion.

But fanny packs for men are not only a fashion accessory, they also impress with their functionality.
Thanks to their compactness, they offer space for the most important belongings and without the hassle of tangling. But unlike other small bags, fanny packs can be worn securely on the body. And while carrying them, we have our hands free, which makes them so popular among multitaskers.

Our verdict: Stylish, functional, safe and multitasking-approved - the fanny pack could be a real selection advantage in our fast-paced society.

Image source: pexels / Flavio Santos

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