Last updated: August 23, 2021

A field jacket is considered an interesting variant of weatherproof jackets for everyday wear. Originally worn exclusively by soldiers, more men are gradually becoming aware of the practical and good-looking jackets.

The M65 is the well-known model from Alpha Industries. It was introduced to the market in the 60s and enjoyed by many.

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Men's field jackets: The most important questions answered

To give you an insight into the world of field jackets, we want to provide the most important answers to common questions.

What is a field jacket for men?

Originally, field jackets were specially made jackets for soldiers. Because of their versatility, field jackets were increasingly worn in everyday life as well. It is known for its durability and comfortable, hip-length cut.

The fabric the jackets are made of is usually moleskin or twill. The cold- and water-resistant jacket can have fashionable elements such as large hip and chest pockets and epaulettes. An existing inner lining is usually detachable.

In which styles are field jackets for men available?

At first glance, some field jackets for men are quite similar. Often it comes down to the details. Because epaulettes, pockets and logos can make all the difference. We show you the most popular categories of men's field jackets.

  • M65 Men's Field Jackets: The M65 field jacket is based on the classic US Army model from 1966. It is considered the field jacket for men par excellence. It can also be used in colder seasons due to its inner lining.
  • Men's field jackets with patch camouflage: Field jackets for men are equipped with certain patterns. The pattern known as patch camouflage or camouflage is especially common in field jackets. This pattern has remained as a fashionable underscore today due to the original field of use of field jackets in the military. The patch camouflage can come in different colour variations.
  • Vintage Men's Field Jackets: Field jackets that look very old and dishevelled are meant to do just that. This type of jackets are vintage field jackets. Here, there is also a reference to the historical introduction of field jackets a few decades ago.

The standard model is the M65 field jacket from the Alpha Industries brand. Most models of field jackets for men are based on this jacket.

What size should the men's field jacket be?

A field jacket for men is characterised by its comfort and practicality, among other things. For this reason, your men's field jacket should be about the same size as all the other jackets in your wardrobe. Field jackets are usually cut a little wider and are hip-length for maximum comfort.

Styling tips for men's field jackets: How to achieve the perfect look

A field jacket is often equated with a military look. However, this does not automatically have to be the case. We show you ways to wear your field jacket in style.

  • Classic: For an original style, an army field jacket such as the M65 field jackets is suitable. The classic components such as epaulettes and logos should not be missing. A jacket pattern puts the crown on this look.
  • Suitable for everyday wear: For everyday life, a combination of casual trousers and the field jacket is suitable. Such trousers can be loose-fitting chinos or jeans with a destroyed look. Such an outfit can be rounded off with cool sneakers.
  • Classy: A field jacket for men can also find a place in a classy outfit. With white trousers and leather-look shoes, even a simple men's field jacket looks elegant.
  • Details: For a complete look, the details must not be missing. For the classic component, cool sunglasses are a great way to enhance the outfit. A silver or leather wristwatch also adds class to the appearance. Another cool component can be a vintage scarf.

Men's field jackets can be easily integrated into any outfit. The plain-coloured models are much easier to combine. They offer a surprisingly wide range of combinations and can also be worn to elegant parties or, as originally intended, wild adventures.


A men's field jacket is a military jacket that can also be worn by any man in his free time. The original model is the M65 field jacket. Models available on the market today are available in classic versions, as well as in camouflage and vintage looks.

The field jacket can be worn with almost any other item in an outfit, although some jackets are more suitable than others. For a complete outfit, a watch and sunglasses should also not be missing. Men's field jackets are usually wide cut, weatherproof and comfortable.

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