Last updated: October 27, 2021

The origin of the sliding cap for men goes back to the year 1570, when the first sliding cap came onto the market. Over the centuries, the sliding cap for men was always present. Especially in the years 1910 and 1920, it was hard to imagine the streets without it. In recent years, it has regained popularity as many celebrities have discovered the cap as a fashion accessory.

Even today, the sliding cap for men is an elegant alternative to other headgear and is also popular in the Hollywood industry. In the following, we will go into more detail on the individual criteria that you should consider when buying. The most important questions are also answered and styling tips are given.

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Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying a cap for men

When buying a cap for men, there are some criteria you should look for. The most important ones are presented below.

These are the following buying criteria

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Season
  • Pattern
  • Lining

In the next section, we will present the individual buying criteria in more detail.


Classic materials such as tweed or cotton are particularly suitable for winter. They provide a lot of warmth. Tweed is a woven wool fabric that is made in . If you want to make the materials waterproof, you should apply a layer of wax. The somewhat lighter models made of linen are also suitable for higher temperatures. Another very popular material is leather. This is also available in a vegan version. The perfect thing about leather is that you can wear it in any season. You should also pay attention to the UV protection of the hat.


There are no limits to the colours of the sliding cap for men. The range covers the entire colour palette. The selection offers plainer colours such as grey beige, black and brown. But also unusual colours like red, yellow or blue are available. There are also different colour combinations to stand out. In summer, light colours are often preferred. In winter, darker colours are more popular. Berry colours in particular are becoming increasingly popular.


Whether summer, winter, autumn or spring. The sliding cap for men offers the perfect model for every season. If you are looking for an alternative to a woollen cap in winter, the sliding cap made of cotton or tweed is perfect for this. With the addition of earflaps, you really are armed against any temperature. When it gets a little warmer again in spring, the ear flaps can also be folded back in quite easily. Linen is the most suitable material for summer. This allows moisture to evaporate particularly quickly. This can have a cooling effect.


There are several alternatives for the pattern that we would like to present to you here. The first is the check pattern. You can choose more simple combinations, but there are also colour combinations that will make you stand out. Of course, there are also sliding caps for men in completely uniform colours. Herringbone is also a very popular pattern. There is also the classic herringbone pattern.


Inside the sliding cap for men is an inner sweatband. This lies directly on the skin. You should make sure that the sweatband is itch-free. In addition, the cap often has a lining on the inside. A so-called Coolmax lining can create a cooling effect. This is particularly practical for higher temperatures. For winter, quilted lining is recommended to protect the head from low temperatures. The breathability of the lining is particularly important here to prevent sweating.

Sliding caps for men: The most important questions answered

When buying a sliding cap for men, relevant questions always come up. These are addressed below.

In which styles is the sliding cap for men available?

The sliding cap for men falls under the umbrella cap category. There are three different types of these.

  • Slider cap: The slider cap for men is characterised by a flat top. In addition, a small brim sticks out at the front. A so-called brim. The summer models can be easily folded and stowed away.
  • Balloon cap: The balloon cap has a curved roof. It consists of several parts that all come together at the top in a pom-pom. Since it is made of strong fabrics such as corduroy, felt or tweed, it is difficult to fold.
  • Shield caps: These are mostly used for uniforms. These caps are especially popular in seafaring. They are considered the forerunner of the baseball caps that are very popular today.

How do you determine your hat size?

For a comfortable feeling while wearing a hat, it should fit perfectly. To find out your perfect size, we present below a way to measure your hat size.

  • The first thing you need to do is find a tape measure. Alternatively, a string will also work.
  • The measuring tape is placed on the forehead at a distance of one centimetre from the eyebrows. Wrap it once around the head and measure the size where the beginning meets the end.
  • It is important that the tape measure fits tightly but does not cut in.
  • When using a string, exactly the same process is used. The intersection is marked and measured with a metre rule.

The right size hat is essential. Once you have measured your head circumference, you can have it converted into other units.

How do you care for and clean a sliding cap for men?

There are a few points to bear in mind when cleaning a sliding cap for men

  1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water.
  2. Make a test run and put some water on the cap and observe if colour comes out.
  3. If it does not, place the cap in the water. It is especially important that the brim does not get wet.
  4. Now you can scrub off the inner sweatband to loosen accumulated sweat.
  5. Then wash the cap off with cold water. Be careful not to bend the cap when drying it.
  6. The last step is to let the cap air dry. Protect it from direct sunlight.

In order to keep a perfect shape of the sliding cap for men, you have to pay attention to the listed points. It is especially important not to let the brim come into contact with water. If this happens, the shape can be lost.

How do you wear a sliding cap for men correctly?

When wearing a sliding cap for men, there are also a few points to consider. First of all, it is important to bend the so-called brim a little. This gives it a slight curve. The brim must also always face forward. In the 90s, the sliding cap for men was also worn more often with the brim facing backwards. However, this trend has not continued. The sliding cap for men can be combined with many different styles of clothing.

Styling tips for sliding caps for men: How to achieve the perfect suit look

Since the sliding cap for men has a retro style, you should not combine too many vintage accessories with it in one look. In the following part, we would like to introduce you to 3 different sliding cap outfits.

  • Winter look: This look is perfect to wear in winter. As already mentioned, you should go for darker colours in winter. A brown sliding cap can be combined with a woollen scarf and a coat. Brown leather shoes can round off this outfit perfectly.
  • Suit look: In this outfit, you combine the slider cap with a suit. The most important thing here is that the slider cap for men does not perfectly match the suit. However, the colours should be harmonious with each other. For example, a combination of beige and grey is perfect.
  • Casual look: The sliding cap for men can also be worn with a casual outfit. For example, you can combine grey trousers with a blazer. Jeans can also be very well incorporated into this outfit.

In summary, the sliding cap for men is an elegant fashion accessory. You should definitely take this into consideration when coordinating your outfit.


The sliding cap for men has come a long way. Starting in the working class, the slouch hat has now made a name for itself as an elegant fashion accessory. Hollywood stars in particular have contributed to the fact that the slouchy cap for men is still relevant and popular. This can be explained by the fact that the sliding cap can be worn all year round. Moreover, it can be combined with many different outfits.

If you follow the mentioned buying criteria, your search for a sliding cap for men should be very easy. Answering the most important questions will also help you in your buying decision. The recommended outfits are for inspiration only. Let your creativity run wild when creating your outfit.

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