Last updated: August 11, 2021

Fleece jackets for men have been a frequent companion for all kinds of outdoor sports for many years. Whether hiking, cycling or skiing. But they are not only ideal for various sports. Fleece jackets for men are also becoming increasingly popular in everyday life. If they can keep you warm and dry during sports, why not wear them on your way to work?

They come in many different colours and designs. In addition to their many advantages in terms of functionality, they can now also be quite visually convincing. The selection of fleece jackets for men is large. Depending on what you need a fleece jacket for men for, the aesthetic aspects and the functionality are more or less important.

The best Mens Fleece Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's fleece jackets

Since there are so many different men's fleece jackets, with varying functionality, features and aesthetics, it is not at all surprising if you find it difficult to choose a model. However, in order to find a men's fleece jacket that is perfect for you, there are some buying criteria that you can use as a guide.

Based on these features, you can find out which men's fleece jacket best suits your needs:

  • Purpose
  • With or without sleeves
  • Size
  • Colour and pattern
  • Features
  • Windproof and waterproof

We will show you what is important in the individual features in the following sections.


First and foremost, the purpose for which you want to purchase a men's fleece jacket is crucial. This can be used as a prerequisite for the importance of all other criteria. If you want to use it for sweaty work or for doing various outdoor sports, then you should give more weight to functionality and features than to aesthetic features.

If, on the other hand, you want to wear it in everyday life as a men's leisure jacket, then visual characteristics are more important. However, functionality and features should not be completely neglected. After all, you also want to stay warm and dry in everyday life.

With or without sleeves

Fleece jackets for men come in many shapes. They come with or without sleeves. What you should choose here depends on when you want to wear them. Men's fleece jackets with sleeves naturally keep you warmer and they also protect your arms from wind and rain.

Men's fleece jackets without sleeves are very comfortable to wear, especially when hiking. They can still be worn in slightly higher outdoor temperatures. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an all-round solution, there are also fleece jackets for men with detachable sleeves. These combine the advantages of both types and are a good choice for everyone.


The optimal size is influenced by a few factors. If you want a men's fleece jacket to wear over your clothes, it can be a little larger. If, on the other hand, you want to wear it under other jackets, then it should fit as snugly as possible.

How tightly a men's jacket fits also has an influence on how warm it keeps you. For example, if it is quite loose, it will not keep you as warm as a well-fitting fleece jacket for men. So for optimal warmth, you should go for a tighter-fitting men's fleece jacket. However, it should still be wide enough for you to move around in.

Colour and pattern

Colour and pattern are primarily aesthetic features. For an optimal look, they should be chosen appropriately. There is no right or wrong here. It mainly has to suit your own style and also the occasion it is to be worn for. But above all, you must like your men's fleece jacket.

The choice here is wide. There are quite simple ones in one to three colours, with or without motifs, but also ones with more unusual patterns. Some suppliers also offer the option of having their men's fleece jackets individually printed. Simpler fleece jackets for men with fewer colours, especially in black or various shades of grey, go with most outfits.

If the colours or patterns are too fancy, they often go with fewer outfits. Accordingly, they cannot be combined in as many ways. On the other hand, striking colours and patterns also work better to stand out from the crowd. This can be particularly advantageous for sports. Fleece jackets for men with reflective elements can also be particularly practical here.


There are also some equipment options for men's fleece jackets. Before you buy, you should consider which of these are necessary for you and your intended use. Possible features include hoods, various pockets, thumb loops, high collars and elasticated hems.

A lot of heat is released through the head and neck. To counteract this, a hood is a useful feature. A high collar can also contribute to this. It also provides good protection from the wind. Elastic hems and thumb loops can also provide good protection from the wind. The latter can also ensure that your sleeves fit well.

Fleece jackets for men are also available with pockets in various places. They are usually equipped with two side pockets. Depending on the size, you can warm your hands in them or store your smartphone, wallet or similar. Often you will also find models with a breast pocket. Some fleece jackets for men are also equipped with a sleeve pocket. Depending on the size of the chest and sleeve pocket, you can also store smaller items in them.

With all pockets, it is advantageous if they can be closed with a zip. If you want to wear your men's fleece jacket as an underjacket, however, the advantage of pockets largely dissipates.

Windproof and waterproof

Although men's fleece jackets generally dry quickly and wick liquid well, there is no such thing as a waterproof fleece jacket for men. Unless the fleece is only on the inside. Then it can also be waterproof on the outside, depending on the material. Alternatively, you can combine a men's fleece jacket as an underjacket with a waterproof outer jacket.

Some manufacturers weave in a membrane, which makes the men's fleece jackets completely windproof. These then also sometimes resemble softshell jackets very closely. Especially if you want to wear your fleece jacket for men as a transitional jacket, it is particularly advantageous if it is windproof. The same goes for hiking or sports.

Fleece jackets for men: The most important questions answered

The large selection of different fleece jackets for men can often make choosing a suitable one quite difficult. To help you as much as possible, we have listed and answered the most important questions about fleece jackets for men.

What types of fleece jackets are there for men?

There are different types of fleece jackets for men so that the different tastes and needs can be covered. We have briefly described them in the following list.

  • Classic fleece jackets for men: Classic fleece jackets for men are mainly worn in combination with other jackets, according to the onion principle. They usually regulate moisture and retain warmth.
  • Leisure fleece jackets for men: Men's fleece jackets for everyday wear are often more fashionable. On the other hand, their functionality is often more sparse. They also provide warmth and can be worn for hiking. They are often decorated with more elaborate patterns or are knitted.
  • Men's sports fleece jackets: These are often made suitable for various outdoor sports through a mixture of different materials. Among other things, a higher elastane content increases freedom of movement. They are usually breathable and climate-regulating. In contrast to classic or leisure fleece jackets for men, they also have a smaller pack size.
  • Hybrid fleece jackets for men: They are often similar to softshell jackets. They are characterised by a combination of different materials. This means they can vary greatly in functionality and appearance.

Depending on what you want to wear your fleece jacket for men for, you will have to choose one of the types.

How should a fleece jacket for men fit?

How well a men's fleece jacket fits depends partly on your body type, but mainly on the cut. To determine whether your men's fleece jacket fits well, there are a few general points you can follow.

A men's fleece jacket should generally be large enough so that you are not restricted in your freedom of movement. When you lift your arms, the sleeves should not pull back too far. Likewise, it should not pull up too far at the torso. If it is cut a little wider, then you still have enough room for other layers of clothing under your men's fleece jacket.

If, on the other hand, you want to combine it with another layer of clothing over the men's fleece jacket, then it should be cut a little tighter. In addition, a men's fleece jacket worn close to the body will also keep you warmer.

How do I care for and clean my men's fleece jacket?

Men's fleece jackets are usually very easy to care for. For cleaning that is gentle on the material, you should follow the instructions on the label. As the material is quite robust, no special tricks are necessary. We have briefly described how to proceed in general in the following.

  1. Empty and close all pockets.
  2. Turn the jacket inside out.
  3. Wash your men's fleece jacket according to the instructions on the label. If there are no instructions for dry-cleaning, wash it at a maximum of 30 degrees and, if possible, on a gentle cycle.
  4. Air dry your men's fleece jacket.

You should not use fabric softener or spin too hard, as this can reduce the functionality in the long run. Men's fleece jackets usually dry very quickly, which means you don't need a tumble dryer.

How does the onion principle work?

The onion principle is mainly used for clothing for outdoor sports. It describes a method of combining several layers of clothing in order to use different functionalities. It got its name from the layers worn on top of each other like an onion.

Usually three layers are worn. The bottom layer should be very close to the skin and is mainly responsible for transporting moisture to the outside and regulating warmth. The middle layer should be breathable and is mainly responsible for heat retention. This is where men's fleece jackets are often used.

The top layer is responsible for weather protection. It should therefore be waterproof, windproof and breathable. If you want to wear more than these three layers, then you should make sure that the inner layers are more breathable than the outer layers.


Fleece jackets for men enjoy great popularity. Not only in outdoor sports, but also increasingly in everyday life. They keep you warm and sometimes also protect you from wind and rain. They are also very versatile in their designs and features.

They can be combined with a variety of looks and always convey a sporty style. The most important thing here is your taste and the right functionality. High wearing comfort and a good fit are also important.

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