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Want to look like the cool guys from Top Gun? Flyers jackets for men are currently trendier than ever. Men wear this stylish garment everywhere and with pleasure. The warm jackets come in different variations and can be wonderfully combined.

Pilot jackets for men have their origins in aviation and are a must-have especially for lovers of the military look. The men's flight jacket is a timeless classic and still belongs in every man's wardrobe.


The Best Mens Flight Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's flight jackets

Choosing the perfect flight jacket for men is not always easy, because there are some criteria to consider when buying. So that you can soon wear the right men's flight jacket, we show you all the important points here.

These are the following purchase criteria that you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Material
  • Inner lining
  • Weight
  • Colour
  • Length

In the following, we will take a closer look at the individual criteria to make your choice easier.


The classic flight jackets for men are made of leather or nylon. However, other materials are no longer uncommon. Pilot jackets originally come from the field of aviation and are accordingly made of a windproof material. They should keep pilots warm and protect them from the wind. A high-quality material for men's flight jackets has not lost this property to this day.

Lighter men's flight jackets for less cold days are also offered in fabric. Nylon in particular is a popular material, but they are also more commonly available in polyester.

So when making your choice for the material of your jacket, you should consider what weather you want to use it for and which material appeals to you most, both visually and tactilely.

Inner lining

An important aspect when choosing the right flight jacket for men is how it is lined. After all, the jacket should do one thing above all: keep you warm. The lining should be cosy and of high quality.

A popular choice is a lambskin lining, which is soft and cosy and warms particularly well. A collar made of lambskin can also be very comfortable and stylish. The collar can often be removed. In any case, make sure you choose a soft and high-quality padding.

But it doesn't always have to be a lining made of animal material, a faux fur lining is also very popular for men's flight jackets and can keep you nice and warm.


Men's flight jackets are usually very massive and can therefore sometimes be a little heavier. A jacket can easily weigh up to three kilograms with a very heavy material and a massive lining.

Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the weight of your men's flight jacket to make sure you want to carry it with you. There are also lighter versions of the popular jacket made of lighter fabric, as mentioned above. So men don't have to prove their strength at all costs when choosing a men's flight jacket.


When choosing a suitable flight jacket for men, the colour is of course also decisive. The most popular colour for men's flight jackets is brown or black, if they are made of genuine leather or imitation leather. However, they also come in all kinds of other colours.

If you like it natural, you can go for earth tones. The popular flight jackets for men are also often seen in dark green tones and are usually worn as an it-piece for the popular Bundeswehr look.

A discreet fur collar in white, for example, can bring a fashionable contrast to the look. Colourful flight jackets for men are rather rare, but can also be found. Ultimately, it always depends on your taste when choosing the colour for your men's flight jacket.


Men's flight jackets are characterised by a short cut and tight cuffs. This was important in those days so that pilots did not get caught on their equipment. Today's men's flight jackets still have this feature, only nowadays it serves to prevent the wind from penetrating through the waistband.

So the classic men's flight jacket is cut short, but these days they even come with longer waistbands and even in coat form. You should be aware, however, that these types of men's flight jackets are often not recognised as such. But they are always unusual and eye-catching.

You should always keep this in mind when making your selection so that you find the right length for your men's flight jacket.

Flyers jackets for men: the most important questions answered

With such a large variety, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on the right model. That's why we have answered the most important questions about flight jackets for men here.

In which materials are flight jackets for men available?

As already mentioned, men's flight jackets can be made of different materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Below is an overview of the most common materials:

  • Pilot jackets for men made of leather: They are available in smooth and beautiful genuine leather. This makes for a stylish appearance, based on the original pilot jackets. But apart from the look, it should be noted that especially genuine leather flight jackets require special care and should be of high quality. This high quality is usually more expensive than other materials, but it also has a longer lifespan.
  • Men's flight jackets made of suede: Suede is a special type of leather and also gives your men's flight jacket that certain something. This leather often has a rougher surface and is very soft. Suede also has a corresponding price due to its rarity value
  • Men's flight jackets made of imitation leather: If you are looking for a men's flight jacket without animal products or would like to have it a little cheaper, you can opt for imitation leather. Visually, this is often hardly distinguishable from real leather if it has been manufactured to a high quality.
  • Men's fabric flight jackets: The first men's flight jackets were made of fabric. Nowadays they are still offered in a lightweight nylon material. This has less weight and is more suitable for warmer days.

As you can see, men's flight jackets are available in all kinds of materials, with leather being used a lot. You will find out how to recognise genuine leather later in this article. Whether you ultimately place more value on comfort or appearance depends on you.

How can I tell if my men's flight jacket fits well?

When buying a men's flight jacket, men often ask themselves how it should fit. Below are all the important indicators for the perfect fit:

  • Tight waistband: A men's flight jacket needs tight waistbands on the arms and hips. In any case, make sure your choice is really tight, but not too tight and does not rob you of your freedom of movement.
  • Fitting size: Your men's flight jacket should always fit your size. It should neither be too tight, so that you can't move, nor too wide and thus flap against your body or lose its wind resistance. Whether too big or too small, in both cases your figure will look shapeless and the function of the jacket would be lost. Therefore, look for a men's flight jacket that flatters your figure and fits just tight enough against your body so that you can still move without straining.
  • Body measurements: Every body is built differently, so you should always consider your body type when buying your men's flight jacket. Men's flight jackets are usually a little wider at the shoulders, so they make a wide cross, which is what many men want. However, you should make sure that the seam sits on your shoulder and does not slip.
  • Consider lining: Flyers jackets for men usually have a thicker lining, this should be taken into account when choosing the fit. Choose a jacket that still fits with a thicker jumper and leaves enough room.

So there is a lot to consider when choosing the appropriate fit. If you follow these points, your men's flight jacket is guaranteed to fit you perfectly.

How do I care for and clean my men's flight jacket?

There are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your men's flight jacket. Especially if it is made of genuine leather, it requires special care. Regardless of the material, the following always applies: Never wash your men's flight jacket in the washing machine! This could damage the jacket.

It is also advisable to impregnate genuine leather flight jackets for men. There are many products that you can use to make your jacket water-repellent before use. This way you can protect the material and not go wrong even on a hike in wind and rain.

In the case of soiling and stains on the men's flight jacket caused by resin, for example, it is sufficient to carefully wipe it with a damp cloth with a little soap and dry it. Always follow the care instructions on the label of the men's flight jacket, so you can't go wrong.

How can I recognise an original men's flight jacket?

The popularity of men's flight jackets has continued for decades and is undisputed at least since movie classics like Top Gun. Every man wants to own an original flight jacket made of genuine leather. Listed below are characteristics by which you can recognise that your men's flight jacket really is a genuine leather flight jacket:

  1. The marking: genuine leather always has a marking, which can usually be found on the label. This consists of a symbol in the form of a cowhide and a description.
  2. Thesmell: Genuine leather has a distinctive smell, whereas artificial materials often smell like plastic or are odourless.
  3. The surface: Original leather often has a surface structure that is not completely smooth and has unevenness caused by insects or cuts, for example.
  4. Grip: If the leather is soft and warm to the touch and feels good in the hand, then it can be assumed that it is genuine leather. Faux leather feels cold, smooth and stiff.
  5. Patina: Genuine leather develops a beautiful natural patina over time, i.e. wear of the colour, which makes it look even more authentic.
  6. Liquid repellent: Genuine leather is made of natural minerals and easily absorbs water and oils with its pores. Simply drip a few drops of water or oil onto the jacket.

With these tips, you will definitely find an original men's flight jacket made of genuine leather. It should be noted, however, that genuine leather is not always the best material. If you prefer a different material for ethical or styling reasons, then you are also well advised to use imitation leather, for example, which nowadays can hardly be distinguished visually from real leather.

Which lining should my men's flight jacket have?

As already mentioned, a lambskin lining or faux leather lining is the most popular choice for men's flight jackets. In any case, the important thing when choosing is that it keeps you warm and is soft.

The lining should also not scratch the skin or smell unpleasant, as can often be the case with non-quality materials. If you pay attention to these points, nothing will get in the way of a winter outing.

What quality should my men's flight jacket be?

There are big differences in the quality of men's flight jackets. When buying, you should make sure that the material is of high quality. A good men's flight jacket should last for several years. If you choose a faux leather jacket, then the material may start to crumble if it is not of good quality. This can look unsightly very quickly.

Quality is also an important feature of men's fabric flight jackets. High-quality flight jackets may cost a little more, but this is usually more worthwhile in the long run. However, it should be noted that expensive does not mean high quality and a long service life.

Always take a close look at the quality of your men's flight jacket and its materials before choosing one.

Styling tips for men's flight jackets: How to achieve the perfect flight jacket look

Men's flight jackets can be worn with almost any look and can be wonderfully combined. We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Elegant: If the occasion is a bit dressier, you can opt for a lightweight men's flight jacket in black or in high-quality fine leather. Elegant fabric trousers or trousers in leather also look good with this. If you want it to be even more elegant, you can also wear the jacket over your suit and combine it with men's suit shoes.
  • Summery: If you are looking for a lightweight jacket for summer, but don't want to do without a flight jacket, then wear a men's flight jacket made of thinner fabric such as nylon without a lining. Wear it casually with men's sneakers in the same colour and loose denim trousers. You can add the extra style factor to your look by wearing aviator glasses.
  • Winterproof: If you want to wear a men's flight jacket in winter that keeps you warm and looks stylish, a thick genuine or faux leather one with an extra thick lining and lined collar is a good choice. A thick men's jumper can be worn underneath. Since men's flight jackets usually do not have hoods, the look can be rounded off with a plain cap and a matching scarf. When it comes to footwear, you have a free choice. The main thing is that it suits your taste and keeps you warm.

The men's flight jacket can enhance many outfits and is not just for cold days or casual occasions. These tips should give you ideas for your next look with your men's flight jacket. In general, anything that suits your needs and brings you joy is allowed.


Flyers jackets for men are the perfect companion for cold days and also look stylish. The men's flight jacket is still a timeless classic and can be combined in a modern way with a few tips.

It brings the military look into the modern era and becomes a fashionable garment of contemporary history in the process. Men's flight jackets are and remain a must-have for every man's wardrobe.

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