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Football is one of the most, if not the most, popular sport in the world and is actively played by several million children men and women around the globe. Because there are so many people playing the sport, there is also a lot of variation and a huge selection of football shoes.

Whether you play football at a professional level or just occasionally with friends at the football pitch, the most important thing to be able to perform well is to have the right football boots. In order to find them for you, we would like to discuss the most important points when buying football shoes and help you find the perfect football shoe.

The Best Mens Football Boots in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying football shoes for men

Because there are so many people around the globe who play this sport, there are also many variations of football shoes for men and women. In this article, we will specifically look at football boots for men. Depending on the surface and environmental conditions, different football boots are needed to deliver the best performance.

The following buying criteria should help you to find the right football boots for men for the respective conditions:

  • Sole
  • Material
  • Design
  • Size

In the following, we will go into what we consider to be the most important buying criteria, with the aim of helping you find the perfect football shoe for you.


The most important point when choosing the sole of your football shoe is, of course, the surface on which you will be playing. Football shoes can be divided into two main categories: On the one hand, indoor shoes, where the sole is flattened so that you have a good grip on parquet floors. On the other hand, grass football shoes, which are designed for the classic football pitch.

There are subcategories of turf football shoes, such as cleated, studded or studded shoes, which depend on whether you play your football matches on artificial or natural grass. For artificial grass pitches, cam or studded football shoes are more advantageous, while for natural grass pitches, studded football shoes are clearly the better choice.

The most popular football boots for men are, of course, studded football boots, as most matches are played on natural grass pitches. This means that there is the most choice for this type of football shoe, but there are also several models to choose from for studded shoes.


The material around the shoe, which is not the sole, is the same for most men's football shoes, namely a mixture of plastic and synthetic material. It does not matter whether they are indoor, artificial turf or natural grass shoes.

This material is usually very thin nowadays to give you as much feel for the ball as possible. In the best case, you should not even notice that you have the shoes on, but rather think they are socks.

However, this is where the price range of many models becomes noticeable. Often, individual models have three to four variants that differ slightly in appearance and quality. The higher the price, the thinner the material around the shoe, which in turn is supposed to improve the feeling in the shoe.


Many football shoe models for men stand out because of their bright colours. The brand's logo is also usually clearly visible on the shoe. One reason for this could be that the sportswear of amateur athletes or the team dresses of football clubs often look monochrome and inconspicuous, and football players can set colourful and fashionable accents with football boots.

As already mentioned with the material, the design is also a question of the price variant of the football shoe. Depending on the price, the individual variants of the model for men stand out with slight design changes. However, the basic design remains the same.


An important, individual purchasing category for men's football shoes is the size of the shoes. Many football boots are cut very tightly in order to maximise the feeling in the foot. As a result, it is often the case that you need one or even two sizes larger for football shoes than you actually have for normal shoes.

We strongly advise that you try on men's football boots before you buy them, as the cut can vary from football boot to football boot.

Men's football boots: The most important questions answered

In this section, we will address the most important questions that arise in connection with buying men's football boots and try to answer them for you as best we can.

What are the different types of football boots for men?

Depending on the intended use, football boots for men have different characteristics and thus also certain advantages and disadvantages. These differ mainly in the sole, which has already been dealt with superficially. In the following, we have summarised the most important types of men's football shoes.

  • Men's indoor football shoes: Indoor shoes have neither lugs nor studs, but a flat rubber sole to perform well on parquet.
  • Men's football boots for artificial turf: Artificial turf shoes have lugs or studs on the sole to give players enough grip to perform well on artificial turf.
  • Men's football boots for natural grass: Football boots for natural grass have studs on the sole, which are usually longer than artificial grass lugs or studs and thus provide better grip in the ground.
  • Men's football boots with ankle protection In this type of football boot, the football boot is higher than normal, goes over the ankle and reinforces the end of the boot. It thus gives the ankle more stability and offers better protection against injuries in this area. This type of football boot is available for indoor, artificial and natural grass.

Where can I buy football shoes for men?

You can buy football shoes for men in any sports shop near you. It depends on the size of the shop how big the selection of football shoes is. In many sports shops, the men's football boots department is not very big and there is not much choice.

The opposite is the case with online shops. There, the selection of football shoes for men seems endless. The only disadvantage is that you cannot try on the shoes online and so it is difficult to find a football shoe that really fits.

How do I clean and care for my men's football boots properly?

Men's football shoes are relatively easy to clean as the material around the shoe is very smooth and dirt, such as soil or grass stains, can be easily washed off. A wet cloth is often enough to get the shoe clean.

For more stubborn stains, it is sufficient to use a brush or put the pair of football boots in the washing machine. Normally, football boots should be able to withstand this as long as you don't put them in the washing machine after each use.

When should I buy football boots for men?

The price of men's football boots often depends on the time of year, as football boots for artificial or natural grass pitches are most expensive in the spring, before the season. The price of indoor shoes is most expensive before the indoor season, i.e. in late summer or autumn.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy football shoes after the respective season, as you can save a lot of money. The only disadvantage is that you cannot buy the latest models that usually come out at the beginning of the season.


In summary, when choosing the right football shoe for men, it is important to know what surface you will be playing football on. Accordingly, you should also choose the right sole of your shoe to maximise your performance on the pitch. It is also important to note that there are often different priced versions of a men's model, which differ slightly in design and material. The type of shoe you need depends on how often you play with the shoes.

From a visual point of view, there are many brands and a thousand different models in many different colour combinations. Feel free to set colour accents with your football shoes.

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