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A fur coat for men is a fashion statement that no one is likely to imitate. It reflects gentlemen's self-confidence, fashion sense and class. A handmade men's fur coat for winter is robust, warm, cool and casual.

Whether the fur with fur shows on the outside and is a fashion statement in itself or shows on the inside and keeps them cosy and warm is entirely up to you. Fur on the inside is no longer a rarity at all. They are lightweight and can be very unobtrusive. Men's coats in certain styles can evoke 1920s charm and give you a very specific image.

The Best Mens Fur Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying fur coats for men

Today's man attaches importance to an impression-making style and lasting impression. But which men's fur coat is the right one? The following is a list of the most important points when buying a fur coat.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Style
  • Art or Real?
  • Quality
  • Material

Now the essential points are described in more detail.


Most men's coats are long or at least think a jacket length completely off. Men's coats with lapels look more formal and elegant. In contrast are duffle coats, the only classic men's coat with a hood. The duffle coat has toggles with which it is closed. Usually, however, men's coats have buttons.

The usual colours are grey, black, beige, blue and brown. Elegant coats for men usually do not have a pattern. The exception is the herringbone pattern. This is used in Chesterfield coats. However, this pattern is very discreet.

Art or real?

There are several ways to tell the difference between real fur and faux fur. Faux fur usually has a simple structure with the same length, whereas real fur has natural density differences and different lengths.

Animal fur is slightly wavy in the lower part and longer and firmer in the upper part. The colouring of faux fur is plainer and may show slight differences in the individual hairs. Real fur is also more flexible and lighter. By blowing, you should be able to tell which side they are lying on.

If the hair has not been trimmed, the difference in thickness is also a distinguishing feature. Real hair becomes thinner towards the tips, whereas the cut hairs of the artificial fur have the same thickness throughout.

With real fur, leather becomes visible when the hairs are brushed aside, whereas with fake fur the hairs are attached to a fabric/plastic. To be sure, you could remove individual hairs from the fur and set fire to them. Synthetic hair melts like plastic, animal hair like human.


Mink fur is most commonly used for fur garments. It has the longest shelf life and is available in a wide range of colours. These are usually available from a four figure range. Sable fur is a luxury fur in the five-figure range. It is light, warm and elegant.

Rabbit fur is very cheap but tends to shed when worn, whereas domestic rabbit is better quality and can definitely compete with mink fur. You can get these in the two-digit price range. Velvet musk has a good durability. They are available from a two-digit price.


Types of fur introduced by men's fashion include lambskin, rabbit, mink fur, muskrat, fox fur, raccoon fur, nutria fur and Persian. The most expensive are sable fur and ermine fur or chinchilla fur. Here is an overview of the most important characteristics.

  • Muskrat: comes from North America, mostly dark brown
  • Chinchilla: from South America, very soft, natural colour light grey
  • Mink: American/European, water-repellent, very dense, dark colours, once counted among the most sought-after furs
  • Foxes: large differences in species quality; Golden Island Fox, Arctic Marble Fox and Platinum or Silver Fox; long, silky hair
  • Ermine: also known as "big weasel", different colour depending on season, especially popular as white
  • Rabbit fur: cheaper, hair is firmer, different density according to season, more expensive Rex rabbit has short fur
  • Persian: Karakulasheep, from South Africa/ Russia/ Afghanistan curly coat, available in black, brown, grey and gold, Persian from South Africa not so strongly curly
  • Nutria: from South America/ Central Europe, dark brown to grey tones
  • Sable: very valuable, dense hair: medium length, dark brown nuances up to yellowish colouring but also almost black

Most fur coats have mink or nutria lining.


Winter coats for men are cut long and reach at least to the knee. However, there are also models that reach down to the foot. Usually, however, it only reaches to the knee or even to the hip.

Fur coats for men: the most important questions answered

With such a wide range of fur coats for men, it can be difficult to make a decision. To help you, we have compiled and answered questions about fur coats for men.

In which styles are fur coats for men available?

Depending on the model, a fur coat can evoke a different image. Which model does what and what the essential features are are listed here.

  • Short coat with real fur lining: Short coats have a length up to above the knees. They are available in natural colours like brown. These are in a four-digit range.
  • Oversized fur coat: This men's fur coat is reminiscent of the rapper scene. The fur faces outwards and is a real red fox fur jacket with collar, pockets and heels. These are priced from a three figure range.
  • Fur coatsin animal print: Often worn for carnival, these coats are made of faux fur, so they are priced in the two-digit range.
  • Classic coat with fur lining: The classic coat evokes a classy, serious look, usually with buttons and fur collar.
  • Parka with fur lining: The parka is characterised by its striking collar and slightly shorter length. This men's coat has a zip and pockets and often also a hood. This type of coat looks youthful and very fashionable in grey fabric.
  • Duffle coat with fur lining: The duffle coat has toggles as a closure and is usually knee-length. The duffle coat usually looks a bit more playful than the serious men's coat.

Here it is practical to try on different fur coats to find out which one suits you.

How do I know if my fur coat for men fits well?

To make sure the men's coat doesn't tear because it is too small or restricts your freedom of movement. Men's coats that are too tight or small look very childish and unattractive, so make sure you don't feel any pressure at the back of your shoulders or under your arms when you move around a bit.

If the seams protrude beyond the shoulders, this indicates a poor fit and you should steer clear of it.

How do I care for and clean my men's fur coat?

The correct handling of real fur is important for a long life. The following tips will help you with this:

  1. Always hang fur on a hanger. Not on coat hooks. Otherwise the hair will get tangled.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight, protect from high heat, no protective covers (the fur needs air), do not store in the cellar, no direct contact with plastic.
  3. Ideal storage conditions: in normal, inhabited rooms, relative humidity at 50-60 %.
  4. If the men's coat has become wet, hang it on a hanger in the room to dry.
  5. Only clothes moth paper when used correctly will help against moths and pests. In summer at your trusted furrier.
  6. Cleaning can only be done professionally by a furrier using the lauter method.
  7. Smooth-haired furs should be cleaned every three years. For curly materials, every five years.
  8. Leather jackets with fur lining: regularly impregnate the leather.
  9. If there is a tear, take it to your furrier as soon as possible.
  10. When transporting, best in a garment bag.

Faux fur, on the other hand, can be cleaned yourself, but professional cleaners are still the gentlest option.

When self-cleaning or hand-washing your men's fur coat, do not use chemical cleaners, but simple warm soapy water. Do not use fabric softener. The soapy water should soak for 10 minutes until you rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Then soak up the excess water with towels. Finally, it is best to hang on a wooden hanger, as this is more stable than a plastic hanger. The hair may appear to stick together. Wait until the coat is completely dry and brush it with a household brush.

Styling tips for men's fur coats: How to achieve the perfect coat look

The fur coat for men is an extravagant piece of clothing. Depending on the shape and colour, the men's coat creates different impressions. Whether over jeans and a jumper or over a blazer and shirt. The fur coat can be used in many ways.


The fur coat for men can be an eye-catcher, even if it only flashes at the collar. As an inner lining, fur provides warmth and comfort for the cold winter days. It is important to pay attention to the material and to know whether you want a real fur coat, which can be very expensive and is sometimes viewed critically by society, or whether you want to switch to the cheaper faux fur coats that still create a classy look.

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