Last updated: August 23, 2021

In the days of sailors and seafarers, the gold earring was a sign of wealth; it was used to pay for the funeral after death. In the 19th century, patriarchs adorned themselves with ostentatious men's gold earrings. Since the 1970s, influenced by rock icons such as Billy Idol or David Bowie, the men's gold earring has become a fashion accessory for the cool modern gentleman.

And today? Men's gold earrings are no longer just a symbol of a certain sexual orientation, but stylish men underline their personality with a men's gold earring. In this guide we want to answer all the important questions about gold earrings for men.

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Gold earrings for men: the most important questions answered

Learn more about men's gold earrings and how to recognise one here. You will learn which gold variants there are for men's gold earrings. We also give you tips on how to clean your men's gold earrings, whether you can have them resized and how to style yourself fashionably with your men's gold earrings.

How can you recognise a gold earring for men?

Gold is a precious metal. Genuine men's gold earrings are sometimes expensive. You can recognise the authenticity by the embossing stamp, which indicates the purity (carat) of the precious metal gold. If it is fine gold, the number 999 is stamped, which means that 999 out of 1000 parts by weight contain pure gold. The cheapest is 333 gold.

Men's gold-plated gold earrings cost even less, but they usually have a special, cheap yellow colour. In this case, the gold layer wears off over time, can only be repaired with difficulty and the gold-plated men's gold earring loses value.

Which gold is ideal for which gold earring for men?

When making a men's gold earring, an alloy consisting of two or more elements that form a bond is applied.

  • 333: With 333 real gold or 8 carat, the alloy consists of 33.3 % pure gold, the remaining components are mostly copper, silver and nickel
  • 375: With 375 real gold or 9 carat the alloy consists of 37.5 % pure gold, the remaining components are mostly copper, silver, nickel
  • 585: With 585 real gold or 14 carat the alloy consists of 58.5 % pure gold, the remaining components are mostly copper, silver, nickel
  • 750: With 750 real gold or 18 carat the alloy consists of 75.0 % pure gold, the remaining components are mostly copper, silver, nickel
  • Yellow gold: is a yellow gold alloy; it consists of fine gold, silver and copper
  • White gold: is a gold alloy from which the actual gold colour is removed by using silver, chrome or platinum metals, thus obtaining a silvery colouring of the precious metal.
  • Rhodium plated: r hodium plated men's gold earrings have a thin layer of rhodium over them. Rhodium has a cool, light and slightly silvery tone.

So in addition to different alloys, there is also gold in unusual colours.

How are the sizes of gold earrings for men changed?

The size of a men's gold earring is not so easy to change. Therefore, pay attention to the position of your ear hole. Measure the length between your pierced ear hole and the end of your ear lobe. This will help you determine the correct inside length of your men's gold earring.

How do you care for and clean your men's gold earrings?

You need to be careful with men's gold earrings. Do not use during sporting activities, take them off before going to bed and do not wear your men's gold earrings while swimming or showering. Only insert them when your pierced ears are completely healed. Otherwise skin intolerance may occur.

For cleaning and care, we recommend simple home remedies. Place your men's gold earrings in a bowl filled with washing-up liquid and lukewarm water for just a few minutes. Then rinse your men's gold earrings with clean water. A soft cotton cloth is sufficient for drying. If your men's gold earrings look dull and no longer so shiny, use a woollen cloth or deerskin cloth.

For high quality men's gold earrings, it is advisable to visit a jeweller. You should also have your men's gold earrings examined by a professional every two to three years and have them cleaned if necessary.

Styling tips for gold earrings for men: How to achieve the perfect gold earring look

  1. If your face is rather elongated, opt for a round men's gold earring. If you have a heart-shaped face, choose straight men's gold earrings without curves. If your face is more square, go for curved men's gold earrings. If you have a round face, square men's gold earrings are ideal.
  2. If you have light, pale and milky-white skin, a men's gold earring made of white gold is recommended; if you have olive-coloured skin, you can choose freely.
  3. If you are a rocker or move in the punk scene then a cool men's gold earring is the right choice.
  4. Men's gold earrings in yellow gold go well with your dark clothes and dark skin colour. The golden shine works optimally in combination with darker colours.
  5. A fantastic model of a men's gold earring is the creole. In addition to simple classic versions, they are available with imaginative ornaments and charming motifs with spiders, scorpions or butterflies worked directly into the creole.
  6. A trend for 2021 are earrings that hang on one side.


Your men's gold earring can be subtle or really stand out, depending on your personal taste and identity. When choosing your men's gold earring, make sure it has a harmonious overall appearance. There are no longer just small gold rings.

A fashionable men's gold earring can be fitted with studs or elaborate creoles, with stones such as a zircon or diamonds: you may dare and let it flash on your ears. A fashionable men's gold earring is no longer reserved for the ladies. The men's gold earring is the fashionable accessory with which you underline yourself and your personality.

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