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Golf seems to be the sport for more and more men in addition to their daily work - in summer and in winter. You can relax and distract yourself from all the stress. However, you should not underestimate the strain on your feet. On an 18-hole golf course, you quickly accumulate many kilometres of walking in different terrain.

The number of manufacturers of men's golf shoes and the range on offer is huge. You spend several hours on the golf course. Therefore, the right pair of golf shoes is enormously important. You must personally feel comfortable in the shoes without suffering pain. The large selection of golf shoes offers men the opportunity to find the perfect pair that suits their feet.


The Best Mens Golf Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's golf shoes

With so many men's golf shoes to choose from, the decision can be harder than you think. We want to help you with this. You should definitely take the following criteria into account when making your purchase so that your feet can take the long golf tour without any problems:

  • Material
  • Waterproofness
  • Choice of spikes / slip resistance
  • Size / Fit
  • Firm grip / stability

In the following sections, we will show you the importance of the individual criteria to support you in your purchase decision.


The material of the men's golf shoes should be one of the most important criteria for you. Breathability and comfort are essential characteristics for a long stay on the golf course. Manufacturers mainly use leather or other natural materials. However, high-tech textiles are also becoming increasingly popular as they are more and more equivalent to natural materials.

Leather is probably still the most commonly used material for golf shoes, as it can be used in almost any weather if properly cared for. A membrane under the outer layer ensures that no water gets into the shoe and moisture out of the shoe. It also provides good ventilation for men's feet. All this ensures a high level of wearing comfort and playing in dry and wet weather.

Men no longer have to break in their leather golf shoes for days. They fit snugly and give your feet the necessary stability. Compared to other materials, leather does not wear out as quickly. However, it also requires appropriate care.

Alternatively, you can opt for a men's golf shoe made of man-made, synthetic material. Compared to leather, these are usually a little cheaper. This is due to the lighter and thinner material. Of course, the breathability differs depending on the model chosen.

So you can see that you have a good choice of material. You should be aware that quality also has its price. Which men's model you ultimately choose depends on how regularly you are on the golf course.


Depending on the time of day and season you play golf, your men's golf shoes will be more or less exposed to the wet. Whether it's early morning, rainy or winter, protect your shoes from the moisture. Otherwise it will be a cold affair for your feet.

At this point it should be said that golf shoes are not 100% waterproof. Some materials are more water-repellent than others, but in heavy rain, water will eventually get into the shoes - as it probably does with any other shoe.

That's why it's important to make sure that your men's golf shoes are at least well water repellent. Leather is the best choice here. It is inherently more water-resistant than synthetic material. However, you can only guarantee the effect of waterproofness through appropriate treatment and regular impregnation.

Synthetic materials should not be exposed to moisture. While they can still tolerate morning dew or very light drizzle, they are not the best choice in heavier rain.

Choice of spikes / slip resistance

On your golf tour you will find yourself in different terrains. Sometimes it is steeper or flatter and, depending on the surface and weather conditions, sometimes more and sometimes less slippery. All models of men's golf shoes are available with or without spikes. These help you to ensure a certain stability for different ground conditions.

It is important for you to know that most golf courses have banned metal spikes. These damage the turf, making it difficult to play on in the long run. That is why manufacturers resort to the following alternatives:

  • Plastic spikes: They protect the turf and make the shoe lighter. The size of the individual spikes distributes the men's weight better and provides a good grip. There are men's models with rigid or flexible spikes. More flexibility improves walking comfort. However, compared to metal spikes, these wear out and break more quickly. So it doesn't hurt to check their condition regularly.
  • Studs: Some men's golf shoes are equipped with studs instead of spikes. The advantage is that these models have better comfort. Moreover, you don't have to wear them only on the course. You can also use this model after sports without any problems. On dry or slightly wet ground, they offer you sufficient grip. However, it becomes more problematic in wet weather. They slip off more quickly.

Make your choice depending on the weather conditions. For rain or heavy wetness, you should prefer men's golf shoes with spikes. For all other conditions, you have free choice.

Size / Fit

In addition to good stability on the turf, it is also important that your men's feet have a good grip in your golf shoes. Be sure to try on your shoes and walk a few steps before buying. They must fit comfortably and the men's shoes should not rub anywhere. On the other hand, painful blisters will form over time.

For your golf shoes to fit well, you need to buy them to fit your foot shape. There are certain differences here, especially among men, which is why you should choose your golf shoes consciously.

  1. High instep: In the case of a high instep, the men's golf shoes should allow your foot a certain amount of room to move. It must have a certain flexibility for you. Models with normal lacing can adapt better to your instep.
  2. Wide foot: Sporty, narrow-cut men's models are not recommended here. Your foot will not fit in and will not provide the necessary comfort. Make sure that the shoe does not offer too little space both at the toes and in the midfoot area.
  3. Narrow foot: Gentlemen with narrow feet should also stick to certain models. Too much room to move in the shoe is just as detrimental as too little space in terms of comfort. The consequence of too much room to move is less stability of your feet in the men's golf shoes.

Only if you factor the fit into your decision will you be guaranteed a high level of stability and flexibility and resistance at the same time.

Firm support / stability

You should always consider your health when choosing men's golf shoes. Especially when teeing off, the shoe must guarantee you safety and support. Men exert even more pressure on their shoes here due to higher turning and tee-off speeds. But also when you are out on the course, the men's shoe should support your ankles so that you do not twist your ankle.

On a straight and dry surface, most men's models offer the all-important support. There doesn't seem to be much difference here yet. On slippery or sloping ground, however, there are.

In these cases, the increased safety goes hand in hand with higher quality brands and more expensive prices. These models give you that all-important lateral support so you don't easily roll over. Even during the rapid rotation of the upper body when teeing off, your foot sits stably and securely in the men's golf shoes.

If your ankles are already strained or you go golfing regularly, it is definitely advisable to consider higher quality men's models. For occasional golfers, other models are quite sufficient as long as the health of your feet is guaranteed.

Golf shoes for men: The most important questions answered

In the following section, we will answer the most important questions about golf shoes for men. In this way, we want to provide you with all the essential information and support you in your purchase decision.

What types of men's golf shoes are there?

Every golfer will find the right men's golf shoes. The range of men's models is large. In the following, we will show you the most important differences between the individual models. This should be a help for you in making your final decision:

  • Comfort / Casual model: This men's model does not have spikes, but studs. They have a flat profile and a lower weight. These features make this golf shoe comfortable to wear in everyday life. They are not restricted to use on the golf course. They ensure the same comfort as the men's models with spikes. The advantage of studs is that they are very resilient and do not wear out too quickly. The disadvantage is that they do not have the same level of stability, grip and waterproofing as other models.
  • Classic model: The classic among men's golf shoes is the model with spikes. It offers the right comfort and grip. Breathability and water resistance help you finish your round of golf in any weather condition without any problems. The firm upper material keeps your foot firmly in the shoe and provides the important stability for a good game.
  • Street model: Visually, this model is indistinguishable from a normal men's sports shoe. In addition to the golf course, you can also wear them on the street. Keep in mind, however, that models with spikes wear out more quickly. You can get this model with spikes or studs, depending on your personal preference.
  • The elegant model among the golf shoes: This men's model stands out above all visually from the others. The material is leather and they look a bit like suit shoes. In terms of looks, they are indistinguishable from each other. However, you should not go out on the street with leather golf shoes. This model is usually only available with spikes, which break down more quickly off the golf course.
  • Golf sandals: The alternative for hot days on the golf course. In summer, they are very airy due to their open design. This men's model is still not very common on the golf course. However, the straps increase the risk of blisters forming. In addition, they are less comfortable to wear and less stable on the sides than the closed models.
  • Golf boots: In spring, autumn and winter you are perfectly equipped with golf boots. On wet and muddy ground, they provide the necessary grip and keep men's feet dry. The higher shaft stabilises the ankles even more. However, this restricts the freedom of movement a little. Unfortunately, this men's model is still offered by few manufacturers.

Can I also wear the same pair of men's golf shoes for summer and winter?

Theoretically, it is possible to wear one pair of men's golf shoes for the summer and winter season. However, we would not recommend it. Normally, there are different weather conditions in winter and summer. You should also adapt the walking comfort and the required safety to these conditions, as you will spend several hours in your men's golf shoes.

In summer it is hotter and drier. Often sporty models are sufficient. These are thinner in terms of material and perfectly adequate in terms of breathability. In addition, summer models usually only go up to just above the heel, as anything else would be too warm.

For winter, boot-like men's golf shoes are often suitable. This will keep your feet warm throughout the day. These also have good stability for your joints. The winter models are usually higher. This prevents snow from getting into the men's shoes and your feet from getting wet.

How do I clean and care for men's golf shoes?

As with your everyday shoes, we recommend that you clean and care for your men's golf shoes. Always consider the material of your shoes. For leather, you should prefer careful cleaning with a damp cloth or brush and soap.

Do not store your men's golf shoes - like any sports shoes - in the boot of your car after use. The high temperature and low air circulation may make the outer and inner soles brittle in the long run.

If your shoes get wet, place a newspaper inside the men's shoe to dry. This will soak up the liquid. You can remove the laces and dry them separately. To prevent your golf shoes from deforming when drying, you should use a shoe tree.

It is important for you to never dry your men's golf shoes on the heater or use a hair dryer. This will only wear down the material over time. Direct sunlight is also harmful. If possible, you should remove the insole.

Are special golf shoes for men absolutely necessary?

For ambitious golfers there is only one answer: Yes! If only so that you can offer your feet protection in the long run, you should invest the money. They offer you the necessary support and stability that you absolutely need. You can choose between men's models with spikes or spikeless.

For men who only occasionally pick up a club, sturdy sports shoes are also sufficient. In these cases, the purchase of men's golf shoes might be a little too high. However, this is something everyone must decide for themselves. What is important is that you use footwear that provides good stability for your feet.

Basically, we can say that high-quality men's golf shoes have an effect on your performance. Each model supports the golfer in its own way when teeing off in different ground conditions.

What do I have to consider when changing the spikes?

It is important that you change the spikes every now and then. Especially plastic spikes wear out faster than metal spikes. Therefore, check the condition of your spikes regularly and replace them if necessary. Only then will you have the perfect grip for every new round of golf.

When changing, it is important that you know which type of thread is on your men's golf shoe. There are up to four different types, which vary from model to model. Therefore, not every tool is suitable for this.

In most cases, you will receive a matching spanner with the first spikes. If you cannot find it, do not try to find any other way. Any other tool could damage the thread and make it difficult to change the spikes. It is better to go to a sports shop for advice.

Due to the different types of threads, we recommend that you inform yourself thoroughly when buying. Only if you are 100% sure is it worth buying the spikes online. The safer way is to inform yourself in a sports shop. You will get good advice and avoid wasting money on the wrong thread.


The wide range of men's golf shoes may make the search difficult, but you are sure to find the perfect model for you personally. From sporty and elegant to winter golf boots, everything is there. With the right choice, you will not only have new men's golf shoes, but additionally new leisure shoes. One or the other model is also suitable for everyday wear.

In addition to sporting performance, you should also focus on the health of your feet. When playing golf, you are exposed to wind and weather and different ground conditions - and so are your feet. For regular rounds of golf, there is therefore a perfectly matched men's model for everyone and every foot.

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