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Especially in summer, harem trousers are a very popular garment for men. Due to their very low-set crotch, they sit extremely airy and do not pinch. The wide fall of this trouser shape originated in the Arab world. Harem trousers for men have a comfortable fit, look casual and are not tight on the body. They can be combined with many different items of clothing. In addition, the cut gives the male physique a cool look.

Harem trousers for men are also known as harem pants, sirwal or puffy pants. The following article is intended to give you a small overview of the wide range of models. It can also help you choose the right model as a small guide. In addition, we have put together some styling tips for different occasions.

The Best Mens Harem Pants: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying harem trousers for men

There are many different models of harem trousers for men. They are available in different materials and colours. The individual appearance of the harem pants for men is very decisive when buying them.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Cut
  • Material
  • Colour and size

In the following section, the various buying criteria are explained in more detail. In this way, we would like to help you gain a more in-depth overview.


Harem trousers or puffer trousers were already worn by men in the years of the Renaissance. This way they could present their expensive coloured linings through the longitudinal slits of the trousers. Even at that time, a lot of fabric was needed to make harem trousers for men, an estimated 3.5 running metres such as wool. In Europe, this model of trousers for men spread in the 16th century. Likewise, harem trousers are worn as traditional costume by men and women in some oriental cultures. Accordingly, harem trousers for men are defined today as very long, wide oriental harem trousers.

Today, we find harem trousers for men in many different variations. A special feature of the trousers, however, is the very low crotch, which sometimes even hangs below the knees. Especially in summer, they are a very popular garment for men, as they do not pinch and are very loose and airy.


Because of the very extravagant cut of harem pants for men, it is important to choose the right material. A flowing fabric is an absolute must for harem pants. Consequently, particularly popular materials include silk, cotton and linen.

Furthermore, harem trousers for men made of denim, for example in the Desigual look, are an extremely trendy material. They are worn very casually and can therefore be worn well for casual occasions. However, harem pants for men are often also available in alternative styles. These models are usually very colourful and are also often a string of different coloured patches.

Colour and size

As a man, you like it trendy and modern but still comfortable? The mostly loose and airy cut harem pants for men will give you exactly that. Depending on their appearance and colour, they can be perfectly combined with many different occasions. It is particularly worth mentioning that the cool harem pants for men are available in different colours. Consequently, they are not only available in the standard trouser colours such as light and dark blue or black, but also, for example, in really bright and gaudy colours as well as with cool fancy patterns.

Furthermore, the harem jeans for men not only provide a trendy look, but are also extremely comfortable due to their precise fit. However, it is not so easy to find the right size for these types of trousers. It is therefore highly recommended that you try on the trousers before buying them. Often, harem trousers for men are only offered in one size. However, this always depends on the manufacturer.

Harem trousers for men: The most important questions answered

The most important questions about harem pants for men are answered below.

What are harem pants for men?

Harem pants for men are very loose-fitting trousers that have a very low crotch. In some cases, the crotch even hangs below the knee, making the clothing style appear very casual. They are available for men in many different fabrics. In addition, they often have cool, casual large pockets and a cuff at the bottom of the leg that fits tightly around the ankle.

The cut of the harem pants for men originally comes from the Arab region. In recent years, however, they have also become an absolute fashion trend in this country. They are especially popular with men in summer.

What styles of harem trousers are available for men?

Cool, casual, comfortable, casual... all terms that you have certainly heard before and perhaps also associate with harem pants for men. Basically, harem pants for men are a rather wide cut model. They are preferably available in the so-called destroyed look, which stands for a cool appearance. Especially the ripped look is the absolute eye-catcher in the 21st century. Consequently, harem pants for men made of denim with holes or rips often cost more than those without holes, which are usually made of a higher-quality fabric.

In the end, of course, it always depends on which other items of clothing the harem pants for men are combined with. Harem pants can be worn in a casual oversized look as well as in a sporty look. In addition, they can be used just as well for a party or business look. However, this always depends on which model you ultimately choose.

How do I know if my men's harem pants fit well?

When buying a new pair of harem pants for men, it is of course particularly important that they fit well. They should never be tight around the thighs, but should fall loosely down the leg. It is not so easy to determine the right size for these types of trousers, as their wide cut means that they often vary greatly in size.

When buying such trousers for men, you should pay particular attention to the waistband. Ideally, they should sit firmly on the hips, not crease and of course not pinch. At the buttocks and thighs, the harem trousers for men should fall loosely and airily. They should be a little tighter at the calves. However, this also depends on the model. The cuff at the end of the trouser leg should end at or just above the ankle.

In the end, of course, it is always important that you feel comfortable in the respective model. Trust your own instincts.

How do I care for and clean my men's harem pants?

The material from which the harem pants for men are made is always decisive for the right care. A look at the care label inside is therefore indispensable before any care or cleaning.

Harem trousers for men made of cotton can usually be washed at 40 degrees and then put in the dryer. On the other hand, harem trousers such as those made of linen, viscose or linen should be washed on the gentle cycle at low temperatures. With these fibres, it is also advisable to hang them on a clothesline or chair after washing and not put them in the dryer.

Styling tips for harem trousers: How to achieve the perfect look

Depending on the occasion, it is possible to combine harem pants for men in different looks. The following are examples of some look variations.

  • Casual look: Basically, it is always advantageous to combine harem pants for men with at least one other tighter garment. To best emphasise the muscular male physique, a tight-fitting T-shirt or a plain shirt is preferably suitable with the harem pants. Furthermore, they can be combined very well with casual Vans or, in summer, with flip-flops.
  • Sporty look: To create a sporty look, the harem pants for men can be worn with a comfortable T-shirt that is loose or tight-fitting. A hoodie also goes well with this look. Coloured chucks or trainers give the outfit an additional hip, sporty touch.
  • Business look: Basically, harem trousers for men do not go with the strict office look. However, a plain-coloured model can be combined in such a way that the harem pants can also be worn well in the office. For this, we recommend combining harem trousers for men with a plain T-shirt and a jacket. They can also be worn with a tight-fitting shirt. Smart, elegant men's shoes round off your business look even more.
  • Party look: The harem pants for men are also perfect for a casual yet chic party look. Combined with a cool shirt and casual sneakers, you will be the absolute eye-catcher with this outfit.

Of course, you can also wear harem pants for men in other combinations. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what and how you wear it.


Harem trousers have become more and more trendy for men in recent years. They not only look casual, but are also extremely comfortable due to their wide cut. Harem trousers for men can be combined in different variations. Consequently, they are not only suitable for a casual everyday look, but can also be worn in a classy business look.

It is generally not possible to define exactly which harem trousers model is best for you. Of course, it depends on the individual physique and the occasion for which the trousers are to be worn. The variety of different models allows for the best possible selection and can be individually combined with your own style.

(Image source: Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Pixabay)

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