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Today we will talk about a piece that can be combined with virtually all items of clothing and that can not be missing in the wardrobe of any man: the men's jeans.

Whether for work or everyday life, this is a product that has versatility as its main characteristic. It is available in a wide range of colours, sizes and models, and you will hardly find a man who does not have one of these in his wardrobe.

Since its creation, jeans have been a success, becoming a piece that knows no barriers of time or different fashions. If you are thinking about getting a new one or want to know more about it, just continue with us.

The most important facts

  • The jeans are available in several models and the ones that best suit all types of men are the traditional and the slim.
  • In the past, this piece used to have a stiffer fabric, but nowadays it has gained new raw materials in its composition and there are models made of 100% cotton and elastane, making it softer, more malleable and comfortable.
  • The price of a pair of jeans varies a lot, but it is possible to find pieces for a very reasonable price.

The Best Men's Jeans: Our Picks

Men's Jeans: Shopping Guide

Men's jeans are one of the most popular clothing items. They are versatile and ideal for all occasions and can be an excellent option for both formal and informal occasions. Available in models that adapt to all tastes and body types, this is a piece that every man should have in his wardrobe and in this buying guide we bring all the information about it to let you even more aware of its features. Let's go?

Na foto um homem sentando em uma pedra com um violão.

Jeans are resistant and comfortable, and can be worn in the most diverse places. (Source: SplitShire / Pixabay)

How did men's jeans come about?

The history of jeans began in France when sailors coming from Nimes, Italy, began to use a fabric made from cotton and twill binding in their trousers. At the time this raw material was called Denin, in reference to the place where it was created.

However, it was only in the United States that jeans developed and became the success they are today The precursor of this piece is Oscar Levi-Strauss, a German merchant who noticed that the clothes worn by miners in California were not suitable for the kind of work they were doing and decided to find an alternative to make their uniforms. The venture began with the production of trousers made of canvas, a material that Levi sold for carts.

However, although resistant, the product was not very flexible, which caused certain difficulties and discomfort to the workers. It was then that Levi began to import Denin from Europe and transformed it into trousers with three pockets secured by straps. The piece was a great success, since it allied resistance, durability and comfort.

Thanks to this, it was also used by railway and rural workers and it was in 1873 that Levi Strauss and the tailor Jacob Davis patented the product. This first model of jeans was given the number 501, which would later become part of the regular Levi's line and is still being produced today.

Calvin Klein was a fashion designer who also made history in the 70's when he caused a controversy by adding the piece to one of his catwalk shows.

What are the styles of men's jeans?

After so many years since its creation, the men's jeans have been gaining new cuts, styles and shapes. This is the reason why they are so universal. It can be adapted to all kinds of occasions, styles and body shapes. The cut and fit are the two characteristics that most change among the styles of men's jeans and below you will find the most common ones:

Straight or Traditional

These are the most basic and universal cut of jeans, and fit well on all types of people. These jeans are neither too tight nor too loose, adapting to the lines of the body. The waist is medium size, and the Levi's 501 follows this pattern.

Slim Fit

This is the best-selling model of jeans today. Often confused with skinny jeans, this option has a more fitted cut, highlighting the body's shape. It's elegant and just the right fit.


Do you know how tight the jeans fit? That's the skinny. In this type of modeling the piece follows from the waistband to the end of the legs well attached, resembling a legging. It's a kind of love it or hate it, since there are men that don't wear them at all and others that only wear this kind of pants. However, trousers of this model sin a little in the comfort aspect.

 Na foto um homem de costas sentado em uma pedra olhando a paisagem.

Skinny jeans are preferred by younger men. (Source: Pexels / Pixabay)


Having a cut similar to the straight, this modeling of men's jeans gets a wider fit just after the knee. It was developed thinking of cowboys, who use boots with trousers. It's a good cut for those with thick calves, but short men should avoid it.

Loose Fit

This is where the jeans come in, wider and with less fit. They are often used by rappers and are usually very comfortable, since they don't "catch" anywhere. They should be avoided by shorter men, because they end up flattening the silhouette.


Inspired by sweatshirts, this style has a longer waistband, with a wide space between the waist and the part that joins the pant legs. It is more stylish and usually very comfortable, since it is made with more stretchy jeans.

Did you know that wearing jeans that are too tight can cause health problems? According to doctors, an extremely tight fit can affect the blood circulation and, especially for men, it can cause orchialgia, which is a chronic pain in the testicle. So, be careful especially with skinny jeans.

What are the advantages of men's jeans?

Men's jeans are extremely versatile garments that can be worn on many occasions. They are suitable for summer and winter, formal and informal engagements and adapt to all styles. Another plus point is comfort. Nowadays jeans have been made with raw materials that give them softness and elasticity, giving you the freedom to use them for the most different tasks.

The durability of these jeans is usually high. If you choose to buy jeans from a quality brand, it is almost 100% guaranteed that you will have that beautiful and wearable piece for many, many years. Even if you choose a more classic model, it will be timeless. One disadvantage of this piece is related to hot days.

Normally trousers made with thicker jeans tend to get hot, and are therefore less suitable during high temperatures. Besides, there are some extremely formal occasions, such as those that require fine clothes, in which they should not be worn. All you need to do is choose yours and enjoy!

  • It is a versatile and timeless piece
  • Easy to be combined with other clothes
  • Ideal for various occasions
  • High resistance and durability
  • Various models and cuts
  • It does not match with occasions that require a fine outfit
  • Models with thicker jeans can be hot

In what tones and washes are men's jeans produced?

Even though blue jeans are a classic, as they have become more and more popular, brands have started to invest in new shades and washes, creating more options for the end customer.

Dark or unwashed jeans have few details and a more serious look. It is great for those who want a timeless and discreet piece of clothing and usually goes well with social clothing, besides the fact that they give the appearance that the person is thinner.

Medium wash jeans are those blue jeans that are neither too dark nor too light. It is extremely versatile and several models of jeans are made in this tone. It can be used for a variety of occasions and doesn't weigh down your look.

The light jeans are the ones that are usually more noticeable, either on the body or in the composition with other pieces. It is a little younger than the previous shades and does not go unnoticed.

 Na foto um homem sentado de blusa branca e calça preta.

Dark blue and black jeans are the most basic. (Source: StockSnap / Pixabay)

There are also other shades of jeans that get colours other than blue. The black ones, for example, are classic, basic and timeless, matching all kinds of occasions and people. The white ones, much used by health professionals, in recent years ended up going to the streets and are great for those seeking a more clean look. The coloured ones can be a highlight of the outfit and if combined with pieces that match the tone of the trousers, they create great looks.

In which situations should men not wear jeans?

Jeans have so many advantages that they often become a standard item of clothing and are used for all occasions. However, even though they are very versatile, there are some occasions when they may not be the right choice. Weddings are an example. When we talk about more formal ceremonies, the suit is the best option and if we think about those that take place on the beach or in the countryside one can opt for linen or tailored trousers.

In some work environments they may also not be a good option, especially if we talk about law offices. It is common that people who work in this area only wear suits during the day to day work and it is not worth going against the rules and putting on jeans. For the practice of physical activities, this piece is not a good choice either. The ideal thing for this type of exercise is to wear light and loose fitting jeans. Although there are very comfortable jeans, they are thicker and can hinder your movements.

How much do they cost?

Those who don't care much for the brand name can benefit a lot from cheaper jeans. There are options on sale for a starting price of £ 20, but it is always worth checking the quality of the fabric in which it is made, since if it is too thin the durability may be lower. Thinking about the more expensive models, there are options of jeans that can cost around £ 60. Usually these are of renowned brands and imported.

Na foto uma prateleira de loja com algumas calças jeans.

For being produced by many brands, jeans have great variation in price and cheaper options are easily found. (Source: Jarmoluk / Pixabay)

Buying criteria: factors to compare men's jeans models

In the midst of so many options choosing a pair of jeans may not be an easy task. However, there are some issues that if taken into consideration can make a difference when it comes time to choose. Below we separate all of them and when in doubt just think about these criteria.

  • Size and fit
  • Style
  • Colour
  • Effects and details
  • Occasion

Size and fit

It is essential to choose jeans in the right size to ensure a good fit. The most important thing at this point is to make sure the waist is snug and that there is no excess fabric anywhere. Unless you are buying skinny jeans, they should not be too tight in the knees and calves. Another matter of attention is related to the length of the trousers, which often is not 100% correct.

The ideal is that the bar just touches the shoe on the front, neither too far above it, nor too far below. Naturally the bars of men's trousers are slightly shorter in the front than in the back and this should be respected when making the adjustment.

It is also necessary to take into consideration when talking about jeans that they are a fabric that can easily give way. So, if you choose a piece that is a little wider than it should be, you should know that with the use it may end up bigger and that may not be what you want. A good trick when trying it on is to squat down until you're squatting, so you can stretch the fibres a little and see how much the jeans will sag.

 Na foto um homem andando por uma calçada com calça jeans e sapato social.

Leaving the bar of the jeans at the correct height is very important to have a correct fit of the piece. (Source: Free-Photos / Pixabay)


When we talk about the modeling of jeans is very important to define which you like more and better value the silhouette. As we explained above there are several options for sale and if you still have not decided which you like it is worth going to a shop specializing in this product and try a model of each. However, there are options that are more suitable for certain types of people and to help you we clarify this in the table.

Modeling Indication for use
Traditional Can be worn by everyone. It does not mark the silhouette and depending on the colour it may lengthen
Skinny Not recommended for those with very broad shoulders and thin legs
Slim Can be worn by everyone, except those with very thick legs. It can also lengthen the silhouette
Jogger It is usually tighter in the calves and ankles and those who have these thicker areas should avoid
Loose Fit It has no fit and can flatten the silhouette
Boot Cut Good for those who wear boots or have thicker calves

Besides, it is worth mentioning that trousers with bulky pockets, flaps or buttons also change the silhouette, and may make you look bigger than you really are and that is not what some people want.


The choice of colour of jeans is also important. If you opt for models in dark blue, medium or black will have more basic pieces and that if they do not have very timeless details. The lighter options in blue or even white are usually a little more striking and get dirty easily, so, depending on the activity you perform, you should avoid them.

Speaking in colored models is important to know that can easily go out of fashion and are pieces that draw more attention, not to mention that you should think at the time of use not to leave completely colored and with parts that do not match each other.

Effects and details

Besides the tone and modeling is important to think about the effects and details that the trousers can have. The more embellished the piece, the more it will draw attention and become informal.

Scratches, wear, folds and dents are common nowadays, but when acquiring a piece with this design it is important to think that it will not match with some more serious occasions. Thinking about effects, the most common is resin, which makes jeans look like leather. This may be a good option for the winter, but it doesn't match at all with the summer.

Na foto um homem no meio de uma pista olhando um avião.

Torn jeans are more modern and casual, and can be used in casual and everyday occasions. (Source: Tobi / Pexels)


When choosing a pair of jeans, you should think about your intention with that piece, and some basic questions can help you out, like: Do I want a pair of jeans for everyday use or for work? Am I looking for timeless or modern jeans?

If you are looking for timeless jeans or jeans for work you should think about traditional or slim jeans, they go easily with different occasions, can be worn with shirts and are not too baggy or too tight. In shades of black and blue they become basic and simple to combine with all the clothes.

Who wants something more modern can abuse of rips and effects that are super trendy, but it is important to know that soon this fashion can pass. The same can be said for the more colourful ones. Doing this analysis is easier to make a decision and buy a piece that will really be well used.

(Featured image source: Parth Piplani / Pexels)

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