Last updated: August 19, 2021

Men's knitwear keeps you particularly warm in winter and it's very easy to conjure up stylish looks with it. Whether it's a knitted jumper, jacket or slipover, the selection of different models, types of wool and knitted patterns is incredibly large. Depending on how you combine your knitted piece, you can look both casual and chic.

Knitwear with Norwegian patterns are very popular and look particularly beautiful in winter. However, plain-coloured models in a simple design should also not be missing from your wardrobe in winter. Above all, knitwear is particularly suitable for a layered look. The soft wool of knitwear makes it comfortable to wear.


  • Knitwear for men is also available in sustainable styles, these models are made from organic materiales like for example cotton.
  • You also have a wide choice of collars in knitwear, you can choose between a round neck, V-neck, turtleneck or troyer collar.
  • Knitwear can be worn casually in your free time or smartly with a shirt and jacket in the evening.

The Best Men's Knitwear: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's knitwear

To help you with the huge selection of men's knitwear, we have put together some criteria to guide your purchase.

With the help of these buying criteria, you can find out which knitwear suits your best:

  • Wool types
  • Knitting pattern
  • Cut
  • Collar
  • Sustainability

Below you will get a more detailed insight into what is important in each of the criteria.

Types of wool

When it comes to knitwear for men, you have a versatile choice of different types of wool. Cotton, for example, is very skin-friendly and breathable and relatively easy to care for compared to other types of wool.

Merino wool feels pleasant on the skin and has particularly good insulating properties. Very thin knitwear can be made from alpaca wool, for example. This is both odour- and dirt-repellent.

Cashmere is a particularly fine type of wool. Cashmere wool is very soft and feels particularly good on the skin. However, it is important to pay attention to the care instructions for cashmere. This way, the noble knitwear will stay with you for a particularly long time.

Knitting pattern

The classic pattern for men's knitwear is a cable knit. Men's knitwear with a cable knit pattern in Norwegian design provide a particularly wintry character. These styles usually have a wide yoke around the shoulders with a jagged, star or stripe pattern.

For those who don't want to stand out so much in winter, however, there is also men's knitwear with a fine knit in very plain designs. These styles can also be used to create stylish looks.


Knitwear for men is available both without and with sleeves. The classic knitted jumpers and jackets are particularly popular. The sleeves of both styles go all the way to the wrist. If you plan to wear a T-shirt or shirt under the knitted piece, it should sit a little looser all over.

In terms of length, knitwear usually goes about to the hips. Only knitted coats are slightly longer. The hem is straight in most cases.


You also have a wide choice of collars in knitwear. With knitted pullovers for men, you can choose between a round neck, V-neck, turtleneck or troyer collar.

The traditional round neckline suits every figure. A knitted pullover with a V-neck looks particularly chic with a shirt underneath. If you want to skip the scarf in winter, you can go for a pullover with a turtleneck and still be perfectly warm at the neck. A troyes collar is a folded collar that can be opened and closed with a zip.

Knitted jumpers usually have a round neck or V-neck. Knitted cardigans are available with a low collar as well as with a high or turned-down collar.


Knitwear for men is also available in sustainable styles. These models are made from organic cotton, for example.

During production, care is taken to ensure that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and, above all, that hardly any or no chemicals are used. Fair-trade knitwear is also characterised by the fact that it is produced under good working conditions.

Men's Knitwear: The most important questions answered

With the large selection of knitwear for men, it can be very difficult to decide on the right model. To help you decide as much as possible, we have compiled and answered the most important questions on the subject of knitwear for men.

In which styles is knitwear for men available?

There are many different styles of men's knitwear so that people with different tastes can find what they are looking for. In the following, we present five different styles of knitwear.

  • Knitted pullover: A knitted pullover has long sleeves and has to be pulled over the head when putting it on. Knitted pullovers for men are available in a very fine knit, which is particularly suitable for lukewarm summer evenings, as well as in thick cotton for cold winter days.
  • Cardigans: Unlike a knitted pullover, a cardigan does not have to be pulled over your head when you put it on. Cardigans are available with a zip or a headband. They can be worn open or closed.
  • Knitted coats: A knitted coat is very similar to a cardigan. The only differences are that the coat is usually longer and slightly thicker. Like a cardigan, knitted coats can be worn open or closed.
  • Knitted slipover: A knitted slipover is pulled over the head like a knitted jumper when you put it on. Unlike a pullover, a knitted slipover has no sleeves. Most models have a round neck or V-neck.
  • Knitted waistcoats: Knitted waistcoats also do not have sleeves. Most styles for men have a stand-out collar and a zip.

With this selection, there is something for every taste. If you are still unsure about which knitwear suits your style best, you should simply try on the different models.

How do I know if my knitted jumper or cardigan fits well?

For both knitted jumpers and cardigans, there are a few criteria you can use as a guide to make sure your new knitted piece fits perfectly.

  • Length: When it comes to length, the hem should finish below the hips, i.e. the jumper or cardigan should go to about the crotch. Knitwear that is too short or too long can quickly look odd.
  • Sleeves: The sleeves should ideally go to the wrist. Of course, this only applies to cardigans, jumpers and coats, as slipovers and waistcoats do not have sleeves. Ideally, the waistband should be tight at the wrist, but the rest of the sleeve should be a little looser.
  • Shoulders: A knitted top should definitely not be too tight at the shoulders. Make sure that the sleeve seam sits on the shoulder bone.
  • Collar: With a turtleneck or troyer collar, it is important that it is not too tight. The collar should not interfere with or restrict you in everyday life. However, a collar that is too baggy can also quickly look funny.

Ultimately, it is important that you feel comfortable in the knitwear. Make sure that the knitted pullover or cardigan is not too tight at any point. With knitwear, it is even advisable to take a size larger if you want to wear a T-shirt or shirt underneath.

How do I care for and clean my knitwear?

With knitwear, it is especially important to follow the care instructions on the label, otherwise a wool jumper can quickly shrink. Wool does not tolerate high water temperatures. For this reason, you should wash wool at a maximum of 30 °C and preferably choose a special wool wash cycle.

Cashmere knitwear should be washed in a washing machine. Hand washing could cause the cashmere jumper to absorb too much water and lose its shape. Unlike other types of wool, merino wool is more durable and can even be washed at 40 °C without hesitation.

You should also avoid using the dryer and fabric softener. This way, your knitwear will last a long time without losing its shape.

What are the dress codes for knitwear?

There are no specific dress codes for men's knitwear. Knitwear can be worn casually in your free time or smartly with a shirt and jacket in the evening. There are no limits to the ways you can show off your knitwear.

While cardigans with zips tend to look sporty, knitted pullovers with turtlenecks or V-necks can look very elegant. Knitwear fashion is not limited to winter either. In summer, you can spice up your look with a fine cardigan or a thin knitted jumper. To do this, simply drape the garment over your shoulders and knot the sleeves together.

Styling tips for men's knitwear: How to achieve the perfect knitted look

Knitwear for men is versatile. No matter what look you prefer, what occasion you are going out to or what time of year it is, a knitted top can be effortlessly combined with anything.

In winter, knitwear is great for a layered look. For example, you can combine a long-sleeved shirt with a cardigan or a knitted jumper. For a dressier look, wear a shirt under a knitted V-neck jumper. You can combine a classy turtleneck jumper with a long coat.

For the autumn season, when you are unsure whether it is still too warm for a jacket but too cold for a T-shirt, a cardigan is perfect. A cardigan with a Nordic pattern combined with a plain monochrome T-shirt not only looks stylish, but also puts you in the mood for winter in autumn.

Even in summer you can integrate knitwear into your look. Combine a polo shirt with a fine knitted jacket or jumper and you will be the eye-catcher at any barbecue party.


Knitwear for men keeps you reliably warm in winter and is an absolute all-rounder when it comes to conjuring up different looks. The wool feels soft on the skin and makes for a very pleasant wearing experience.

Men's knitwear comes in many different styles. With collar, round neck or V-neck, with button placket or zip, with pattern or plain - there is something for every taste. For this reason, it is hard to imagine winter without knitwear for men. However, the pieces are also ideal for the transitional period from autumn to winter.

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