Last updated: August 11, 2021

Leather belts are no longer seen merely as a means to an end. Over time, they have acquired full-fledged status as a highly relevant accessory for men. If a pair of trousers has loops, it is no longer possible to imagine life without a matching belt. What the handbag is for ladies, the belt is for men.

Leather belts in particular belong in every wardrobe, as they are ideal for both casual wear and very formal occasions. Style-conscious men know how to round off their outfit with the perfect belt. We have summarised the most important advice below so that you can do the same in no time at all.

The Best Men's Leather Belt: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's leather belts

Since the belt not only provides a firm hold, but should also be used as an accessory to round off the outfit, men have to pay attention to a few things when buying.

The following buying criteria should therefore be observed in any case:

  • Colour
  • Length
  • Width
  • Buckle

We will now take a closer look at what exactly is meant by these criteria and why they are so important.


Leather belts for men come in a wide variety of colours. The classics include plain black and brown belts, as they go with almost any outfit. If you want something more eye-catching, they are also available in bright colours, both single and multi-coloured, and with a wide variety of embossing.

If you want to go in a more extravagant direction, there are also different variants for men, such as belts with snakeskin embossing. But beware, dear gentlemen: if you want or have to appear serious and reserved in your professional life, this belt is not recommended. It's better to go for the classics.

The choice of colour should therefore match both the occasion and, above all, the colour of your shoes. Whether it's a business suit or casual jeans, the chosen colour should match the gentleman's overall outfit. After all, a leather belt should not only be functional, but above all provide a coherent and rounded outfit as an accessory. If you always want to appear stylish, you should ideally own more than one leather belt, so that you are perfectly dressed for every occasion, even as a gentleman.


When buying a men's belt, you should always pay attention to the right length. A belt that is too short or too long simply does not look good. Men's belts that are too long can also look annoying if the end that is too long hangs out at the side.

Before buying, you should therefore determine the right size. To do this, you need a tape measure to measure your waist circumference in cm. The result should then be rounded to 5 or 0. For example, if your waist size is 77 cm, you will find that men's belts in sizes 75 and 80 will fit you. Another clue is the holes still visible after you have fastened the belt. If two or three holes are visible at the end of the men's belt, it is neither too long nor too short.


The width of a man's belt is the same as the colour. It should also be chosen according to the occasion. The more formal the occasion, the thinner the belt should be. A narrower shape always looks more elegant than a wider version, especially for men's suits. An ideal business suit belt, for example, is around 3 cm wide.

The stature of the man is also important. The more petite the man, the thinner the belt should be to match the overall look. But be careful: In all cases, the men's belt should not be too narrow, otherwise it will look like a thin string and lose the desired effect.

If you are going for a casual look and can be a little more relaxed, you can wear wider men's leather belts. Here too, however, the overall look should not be ignored.


From small, simple and delicate belt buckles to large, very eye-catching and extravagant models, there is a variety of options for men. Here, too, the occasion as well as one's own stature should serve as a guide to choosing the ideal buckle. After all, it is the heart of every men's belt.

If it is a formal occasion and a suit is worn, a simple, smaller buckle should be chosen. Under no circumstances should men resort to large logos or bright colours. If you want to round off your outfit perfectly, accessories such as a watch or cufflinks should match the colour of the buckle.

If you are going for a casual look for men, you can also choose larger and more strikingly coloured buckles. However, gentlemen with a larger waist should not opt for buckles that are too large, as they could be uncomfortable to wear, especially when sitting down.

Men's leather belts: The most important questions answered

Questions arise both before and after the purchase that need to be answered. That's why we would now like to go into some of the most important questions about leather belts for men.

What types of leather belts are there for men?

There is a large selection of leather belts for men. They come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, lengths and widths. We will now take a closer look at which types to buy and for which occasions they are best suited.

  • Double-thorn leather belt: Double-thorn leather belts (consisting of two rows of holes instead of just one) combine elegance with sportiness, making them an eye-catcher for any man's jeans trousers. They are perfect for a casual look, but can also be worn during work when a casual outfit is the order of the day. However, this men's belt is not at all suitable for formal occasions and in combination with a suit.
  • Braided leather belts: Braided leather belts are available in different widths and colours and can be worn for casual wear as well as with a suit. They are a good alternative to the classic men's belt and can be combined in many ways. Nevertheless, in individual cases you should not completely lose sight of the occasion. If you want to wear a very formal and serious outfit, you should consider using a simple, classic men's belt or choosing a very fine braid.
  • Shinyvs. matt leather belts: Shiny men's leather belts are more suitable for festive and formal occasions and should be combined with shiny shoes. Matte belts, on the other hand, are more suitable for men's casual wear and can therefore be more colourful. They should ideally be worn with matte shoes.
  • Genuine leather vs. imitation leather belts: The choice between a genuine leather and an imitation leather belt for men should be made very carefully. Imitation leather belts are often seen to be of low quality, which means that in the end they look anything but elegant. If you need a men's belt primarily for functional reasons and the appearance itself is only a secondary matter, you can go for this cheaper variant. However, if the belt is to be used primarily as an accessory for men and also for formal occasions, you cannot avoid a genuine leather belt or a high-quality vegan variant. They are a must, especially with high-quality men's suits.
  • Handmadeleather belts: Handmade men's leather belts score points above all with their high quality in terms of the leather used, the precise and unique workmanship and the longevity that goes with it. If you also have special wishes that are not fulfilled on the market, you can opt for a custom-made belt, which is offered by many manufacturers. For men, they are ideal for formal occasions, but can also be worn in a rustic version for leisure.

As you can see, there is something for men for every outfit and every occasion. If the selection is still too large and you are unsure about the right choice, the best thing to do is to ask a salesperson or your partner for advice.

How do I recognise a high-quality men's leather belt?

With the help of a quick check, you can get a first glimpse of the true quality of the men's leather belt. If the leather looks brittle or even cracked when the belt is bent, and if white indentations can be seen in existing scratches, these are signs of low quality.

The high or low quality of a men's leather belt also becomes apparent after a few months of use. Low-quality models become brittle and show cracks when worn for a long time, as they are made of low-quality leather and are sometimes supported with cardboard.

High-quality leather belts for men, on the other hand, retain their colour despite scratches because they have been completely dyed. Moreover, they still look high-quality even after prolonged use without becoming brittle. They are most recognisable by their uneven grain pattern and distinctive leather smell. A very high-quality men's leather belt can provide a lifetime of pleasure with good care.

How do I care for a men's leather belt?

If you want your men's leather belt to last a long time, you need to take good care of it. Leather grease or leather oil care for the leather belt, give it more colour and shine and also increase its elasticity and durability. It is important to use only a small amount of oil, let it dry and polish it with a soft cloth at the end.

But beware, dear gentlemen! Under no circumstances should the belt be put in the washing machine or dryer. The use of chemical stain removers should also be avoided for men's leather belts.


Leather belts for men are indispensable in today's world. They are considered a necessary accessory for every fashion- and style-conscious man. It is important to combine the men's belt correctly. Shoes and belts must match in colour. Black shoes with a brown belt are a no-go. The buckle should also ideally match the men's other accessories.

For formal occasions such as a wedding or everyday business, the gentleman should opt for plain and slimmer models in darker shades. The buckle should also be more restrained. Wider versions, on the other hand, which may be a little more striking in colour, go ideally with a pair of men's jeans. Extravagant and eye-catching leather belts for men are only recommended for casual wear.

If a man follows one or two of these rules and chooses a belt that matches his outfit, then nothing will stand in the way of a stylish appearance.

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