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It is impossible to imagine the range of open-toed men's shoes without sandals. Their natural, uncomplicated shape makes them look striking and casual at the same time. Especially on hot summer days, they are a real blessing for the feet thanks to their open footwear. This loose and airy feeling is priceless on summer days.

Leather sandals in particular are considered an absolute classic. As early as 5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians wore sandals made of leather, which makes the leather sandal one of the oldest forms of footwear in the world. Thousands of years later, they are still popular with men because of their comfort and casual style. As an alternative to sneakers, they are an absolute must-have in every man's shoe collection, especially on hot summer days.

The Best Mens Leather Sandals: Our Picks

Leather sandals for men: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of different leather sandals for men, it can be difficult to make a buying decision. To help you as much as possible, we give you answers to the most important questions about men's leather sandals.

Why does a pair of leather sandals belong in every man's wardrobe?

Leather sandals are popular with men all over the world. This is because they combine comfort, durability and style in one piece of footwear. The soft leather feels wonderful on the foot. In addition, the foot treads its individual footbed in the tanned leather, which is particularly good for foot health. Furthermore, due to the open footwear and the leather, there is no excessive foot perspiration, even on hot summer days. The combination of these factors results in a wearing comfort that is far ahead of the comfort of many other types of shoes.

Animal leather is also characterised by a special robustness, so that the durability of leather sandals is also very good. Stylistically, men can stand out from the masses of sneaker wearers by opting for a pair of leather sandals on hot summer days.

What styles of leather sandals are available for men?

Leather sandals are very diverse. However, what all leather sandals have in common is that they are flat and open-toed. Stylistic differences arise mainly in terms of the colouring of the leather and the type of strap.

Colour of the leather: The leather can be dyed in many colours. The colours beige, brown, cognac and blue are particularly popular. In addition, leather sandals can be monochrome or multicoloured. A timeless classic in men's fashion are brown leather sandals.

Straps: The leather straps provide the necessary support and adorn the upper foot. The strap design varies on the one hand in terms of strap width. The straps can be wide or narrow. On the other hand, the strap patterns on men's leather sandals differ. There are simple strap patterns as well as fancy, complex strap patterns that even partially decorate the leg. Men's leather sandals with a simple strap pattern usually have wide straps that lie diagonally or crossed over the instep of the foot. A notable example of a complex strap pattern are the gladiator leather sandals. In addition, there are strap patterns that enclose the big toe.

Trekking leather sandals differ again from conventional men's leather sandals in their functionality and style. Due to the robust footwear and the strong sole profile, trekking leather sandals are excellent for hiking on uneven terrain. They also make hiking in high temperatures a pleasant experience thanks to their open footwear.

For which occasions are men's leather sandals particularly suitable?

Leather sandals are particularly suitable for the hot summer months and shine with their versatility. Whether you are walking along the beach promenade on holiday at the Mediterranean Sea or just want to go shopping in the supermarket in your city, leather sandals give you a casual yet stylish look. If the temperatures remain hot and you decide to go for a longer walk, trekking leather sandals are the perfect companion. They give you excellent support even on bumpy terrain.

As slippers, men even like to wear leather sandals all year round. The comfort of leather sandals is perfect for a cosy Sunday evening. If you want to look stylish when you have guests over, casual leather sandals are just the thing.

Styling tips for men's leather sandals: How to achieve a stylish leather sandal look

Below we have put together five styling tips for you. You are sure to achieve a stylish leather sandal look.

  1. Leather sandals are just right for a relaxed walk on a summer evening. If the outfit is then combined with long trousers, it creates just the right mix of casual and upscale. The outfit is the perfect equivalent to a warm summer evening mood.
  2. For your next summer holiday, men's leather sandals can be perfectly combined with Bermudas or short shorts.
  3. Functional clothing also goes well with trekking leather sandals. Go for an agile, sporty look.
  4. Our personal favourite for a casual summer look is the combination of brown leather sandals with grey stoned-washed men's jeans. The earthy tones make the outfit look very coherent and cohesive.
  5. For a long time there has been a discussion about whether men should combine leather sandals with socks. The discussion swings back and forth and the verdict varies from country to country. While representatives of Italian fashion would be horrified by this, in other cultural circles it is by no means unfashionable to wear leather sandals with socks. Decide for yourself and wear your leather sandals the way you feel most comfortable.


Men's leather sandals are without a doubt one of the most comfortable types of footwear there is. Whether at home, during a relaxed walk on a summer evening in their city or on their next holiday, the uses of leather sandals for men are versatile. A pair of men's leather sandals underline a man's fashion sense and sense of style.

At the same time, the airy footwear is not only comfortable but also beneficial to health. The leather adapts to the wearer's individual foot profile after a certain amount of time and is distinguished by its durability and robustness. Once you have decided on a particular pair of leather sandals from the many different designs, they will be a loyal companion.

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