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Leather shoes for men are available in all sizes, colours and shapes for a wide variety of occasions. For a long time now, they have no longer been just a necessary piece of clothing, but often form the linchpin of an overall outfit that is true to type. This also explains why the average man has a good eight pairs of different shoes in his wardrobe.

When you consider that in our lifetime we have completely circled the earth about four times with our feet, a robust and durable shoe that is also comfortable to wear is particularly important. The men's leather shoe combines these characteristics perfectly. With this guide, we want to help you find the perfect model for you.

The Best Men's Leather Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's leather shoes

The seemingly endless selection of different leather shoes offers the right model for almost every man, but the choice will certainly not be easy. For better orientation, you will find some of the buying criteria we have researched below. These are the following characteristics:

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Shoe shape
  • Equipment
  • Intended use and season
  • Exclusivity and sustainability

These criteria will now be explained to you in more detail below.


The bones of the foot are largely responsible for the required size of the shoe. Since these are already fully grown in later adolescence, the shoe size remains largely constant for later life. However, feet can become somewhat wider or larger over time, depending on the load. The changed foot shape may then also require a different shoe size. There are usually three different declarations of shoe size.

You will find size indications according to the nationalities EU, UK and US. By means of a table, the different scales can be easily converted into each other and also compared with the actual length of the shoe in cm. In any case, you should bear in mind that a leather shoe can turn out differently depending on the shape and manufacturer despite identical shoe sizes.


Leather shoes for men are available in every conceivable colour scheme. The palette ranges from plain, monochrome tones to colourful patterns and printed graphics. Generally speaking, your favourite colour should match your personal taste, the rest of your outfit as well as the chosen occasion.

A more classically chosen colour is both suitable for everyday wear and at the same time less subject to the constant changes of fashion. This is a very important criterion due to the relatively good durability of leather shoes. On the other hand, you can also make a statement with a colourfully extravagant model to go with a rather monochrome overall outfit.

If you are unhappy with the colour of your men's leather shoes after buying them, it is also possible to change them completely or partially by means of leather dye. For shoes that have been worn for a long time, you can also apply and polish a layer of wax to change the gloss level and thus the outer appearance in a positive way.

Shoe shape

Men's leather shoes are usually available in all common types, such as classic low shoes and ankle boots or boots. Business shoes are ideal for everyday wear in the office. If it can be a little more casual, a simple sneaker or loafer made of leather is also an interesting choice.

You will also find special models for sports / fitness and outdoor activities, whether climbing / running or trekking shoes, sturdy hiking boots for demanding tours or airy leather sandals for the summer. You also have various options to choose from when it comes to the shoe toe. The most common shapes are round, pointed, open or square.


Depending on the basic model, you can also take other features into account when making your decision. For example, leather shoes with heels are a good way to look taller. Velcro shoes stand out because they are easy to put on and take off. Classic laces, on the other hand, are timelessly modern and easy to replace if they become defective.

For the actual tread, you can choose between a particularly hard sole leather or a foamed rubber sole. The former is found on welted shoes and looks particularly elegant when worn with a well-dressed gentleman.

In addition, the natural material ensures a very pleasant foot climate thanks to a certain breathability. Modern rubber soles, on the other hand, offer a secure grip in any situation thanks to their flexibility and a wide variety of treads, while at the same time looking sporty.

Intended use and season

Depending on the intended occasion, different men's leather shoes are suitable. More noble or even handmade models made of suede or patent leather are ideal for weddings. For leisure outdoors, on the other hand, you should consider hard-wearing models designed for the corresponding sporting activity.

Last but not least, the shoe must also match the prevailing season. Many retailers categorise their different types of leather shoes according to spring/summer and autumn/winter.

Exclusivity and sustainability

Handmade or hand-sewn leather shoes lend uniqueness and special exclusivity. The shoemaker can optimally respond to your personal wishes and adapt the leather shoe perfectly to your foot size.

A men's leather shoe made in this way is usually particularly durable and, thanks to its good repairability, usually also a shoe for life. For men who would like to live a vegan life, imitation leather is an interesting alternative. Over the years, this material has been steadily improved and now meets similar quality requirements.

Leather shoes for men: The most important questions answered

To make your choice even easier, we have answered the most important questions about leather shoes for men below, in addition to the buying criteria we have already looked at in more detail.

In which styles are leather shoes for men available?

Men's leather shoes are available in numerous stylistic sub-types. The most relevant and common styles are explained in more detail in the following list.

  • Casual: The leather shoe belonging to the casual look is perfect for going out with friends in the city. It combines pleasant wearing comfort with a stylish appearance, also ideal for casual Fridays in the office.
  • Sporty: The sporty leather shoe makes functional jogging trousers presentable and at the same time impresses with high wearing comfort. In addition to primarily aesthetic aspects, individual models are also available for defined sports.
  • Classic: The classic leather low shoe with laces goes just as well with good jeans as it does with a business-look suit.
  • Elegant: The elegant leather shoe embodies the typical suit shoe for festive occasions. Often made of patent leather, it is also an ideal dance shoe for men.
  • Urban: The men's leather shoe in urban style captivates with extravagance and special colour, for example in the form of a suede ankle boot.

Not every leather shoe can be assigned exactly to a certain style. It is best to try out different models. This is the easiest way to find the style that really suits you.

For what occasions can a man wear leather shoes?

The range of men's leather shoes is so wide that suitable model groups can be selected for every occasion. Thanks to the variety, the individual personal touch can always be found in addition to the general style. For festive occasions, the more classic / elegant variants in the form of a laced leather low shoe are recommended.

Casual outfits, on the other hand, are better combined with more everyday models. The art of choosing the right leather shoe is to find a model that suits the occasion, but also shows your own character and individuality.

How do I determine my shoe size?

In order for the leather shoe to fit you well, you need your correct shoe size. You can determine this yourself with the help of a foot-measuring bar. If you do not have such a tool at hand, a piece of paper, a pen and a tape measure will suffice. Proceed as follows:

  1. Draw the outline of your foot on a piece of paper. To do this, stand barefoot on the sheet and run the pencil closely along your foot.
  2. Now you can measure the distance between the big toe and the heel and get a measurement in cm.
  3. With the help of a table, you can now convert your foot length into the corresponding shoe size. For example, EU size 42 is 27.4 cm.

Since your two feet may also be different sizes, you must take the measurement for both feet separately.

How do I care for and clean my leather shoes?

Faded or dirty leather shoes are very easy to recondition. To remove stains, use an ordinary household sponge soaked in a lukewarm, mild soap solution. A natural hair brush is suitable for stronger incrustations. For drying, we recommend using a shoe tree. This prevents the damp leather from warping. Afterwards, you can apply a little wax to the leather shoes and then polish them. This will restore their original shine.

How can I widen a leather shoe?

If the shoe does not fit perfectly and needs to be just a little bit bigger, you can try to widen the leather shoe. Specialist shops offer special stretching sprays for this purpose. This is an external treatment for the area on the shoe that is too tight. After the spray has been absorbed, the leather shoe only needs to be broken in.

Various home remedies are also available as an alternative. For example, a mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts is suitable for rubbing into the tight spots on the shoe. Analogous to the use of the stretching spray, the shoe must be worn while it dries. If necessary, a little leather care is needed as a final finish.

Styling tips for men's leather shoes: How to create the perfect overall outfit around your leather shoe

Finally, we would like to suggest a few styling tips. With such an overall concept, you will set the scene perfectly for your leather shoe.

  • Classic, well-dressed look: Classic, medium brown leather low shoes made of smooth leather with lacing with dark blue jeans trousers, combined with a white shirt and a light blue jumper over it, rounded off with a camel-coloured woollen scarf
  • Modern, confident look: Extravagant, coloured suede ankle boots combined with beige, ankle-length and slim-fitting chino trousers, plus a light-coloured T-shirt with a print, rounded off with a jacket matching the colour of the shoes
  • Special occasion look: classic elegant leather shoes in black with smooth leather uppers combined with a dark grey suit with light grey waistcoat and white shirt, rounded off with a matching patent leather belt

Feel free to take our styling tips as inspiration for your own creativity and of course adapt them to your personal taste.


For men, a leather shoe has long ceased to be a purely functional item of clothing and has become one of the most important accessories. Leather shoes enhance the classic jeans look, they make the outfit suitable for more noble occasions or simply underline one's own character. Since the shoe size usually doesn't change much, you can enjoy your leather shoe for a long time. It is worth having a few extravagant models on your own shoe shelf to be prepared for every spontaneous occasion.

Sources: unsplash & 123rf

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