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Leggings have been a trend for decades. Now it is also spilling over into men's fashion. Bad weather conditions are no longer an obstacle to enjoying the outdoors and are rather a stage for the cosy garment. We can also spot this trend on TV in football and other sports.

Men can now experience function, fashion and cosiness in one all-rounder. Find out why leggings are a necessity in men's wardrobes and how professional athletes set the example in this buying guide. We summarise and answer the most important questions for you.

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Leggings for men: The most important questions answered

Leggings are also a garment for men, with many advantages. Among other things, they keep the legs warm and, in the case of sports articles, have multifunctional properties that make doing sports easier. You can find out what makes leggings for men so special and useful in the next section. This section lists the types of men's leggings with their respective properties for you.

What types of men's leggings are there?

In order to find the right leggings for men, it is good to distinguish which purpose they should fulfil. With this small list you can get a rough overview and recognise the characteristics. This will make it easier for you to decide whether this product is something for you.

  • Sports leggings: in the fitness world, leggings for men are good to wear for both strength training and cardio. They are also designed for different weather conditions, for example, through their length and fit, as well as their functional fibres that promote good circulation or keep you cool on hot days.
  • Leggings for winter: For cold winters, leggings for men are an easy way to master the twilight look. Thanks to their snug fit, leggings can be worn well under trousers and do not let any heat escape. So if you don't want cold legs in winter, consider leggings for men.

To keep your leggings for men like new, they must be cleaned accordingly. You will find out what you need to pay attention to in the next section.

How do I clean and care for my men's leggings?

Men's leggings are not underwear. Nowadays, men's leggings are made of microfibre fabrics to keep the legs warm and have different properties and functions than normal men's underwear etc..

Usually, leggings for men are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyamide and polyacrylic. The high-quality synthetic fabrics can be machine washed at an optimal temperature of 40 °C and do not need to be ironed after drying. The easy and time-saving cleaning allows you to have your leggings cleanly ready for another wearing experience.

Men's leggings can therefore be cleaned in the washing machine like most sports items. The next section explains which men's leggings are suitable for your sporting activities.

Which men's leggings do I need for which sport?

It's not only the material that matters, but also the length. If you like running and enjoy outdoor exercise, leggings for men are necessary in your sports wardrobe. For sweat-intensive workouts, leggings with antibacterial fibres are a preventive tool to avoid odours and skin impurities. Depending on the season and weather, short, medium or long men's leggings are appropriate to enjoy your workout and perform well.

Whether in the gym or outdoors, it is important to maintain the desired freedom of movement. This is a must during strength training, endurance and stretching. So make sure that men's leggings contain a small amount of elastane, as this will keep the bottom in shape and provide the desired mobility. Men's leggings are often combined with shorts pulled over them. This clothing combination is used a lot in professional sports and not only has visual advantages but also improves performance.

An example of a sport in which many professionals wear men's leggings is football. They are worn with shorts pulled over them, allowing the athlete maximum freedom of movement and keeping the legs warm. This also prevents injuries. Men's leggings are also an integral part of the sports wardrobe in basketball, handball and other ball sports. So, at the next Bundesliga or NBA game, pay attention to how the pros dress for a match.


Men's leggings are an all-rounder. Whether short, medium or long, the covered leg area is pleasantly warmed and supplied with blood. The integrated zips in many models offer small pockets for your keys or glucose. Because of these advantages and many more, men's leggings are also used by professional athletes.

Many models are monochrome, but more and more men are venturing into more striking patterns and colours, driving the trend. Men's leggings are not only comfortable to wear due to non-slipping material, but also a performance-enhancing base layer for your favourite sport.

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