Last updated: August 23, 2021

Underwear for men is in every wardrobe. It is the first thing that is put on in the morning and only taken off again the next morning. The right underwear is therefore in everyone's interest. But choosing the right underwear is not as easy as generally thought, because more needs to be considered than originally thought.


The shape, colour and material of underwear has also changed significantly over time, which has led to an almost immeasurable increase in the choice of underwear. This article therefore lists all the relevant buying criteria, identifies and answers the most important questions and even gives a few styling tips at the end.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying underwear for men

Men's underwear is often bought just like that, without taking a closer look at the product before buying it. However, there are factors that must be taken into account when buying underwear. These factors are the following purchase criteria:

  • Material
  • Intended use
  • Size
  • Fit

To give you a better idea of these criteria, they are described in more detail in the following section.


Underwear always lies directly against the skin. That is why the selection of the right material is the be-all and end-all. First of all, you should be aware of the substances to which you are allergic. An allergic reaction to the material of the underwear often looks like a skin rash, which is why it is often dismissed as such.

Connections to the underwear are often only recognised late. You should also pay close attention to the fact that the fabric generally feels pleasant on the skin. Remember that you will usually wear the underwear for 24 hours! Of course, the material also affects the thermal regulation of the underwear. Thicker material insulates body heat more efficiently, but also contributes to more sweating and thus increased moisture.

So you should have the right underwear for both cold and warm days. The movement of the body puts constant strain on the fabric of tighter pants in particular, so the necessary elasticity should also be ensured.

Intended use

Choosing the perfect underwear is always closely related to the individual purpose. If you need underwear for everyday wear, then it is sufficient to buy normal, comfortable underwear. But if you plan to do a lot of exercise, then you should definitely go for functional underwear.

This is available in a number of variants for all kinds of uses. Whether hiking, climbing, hunting or even skydiving, there is a functional underwear for every activity!


The size of the underwear is enormously important for wearing comfort. So when buying new underwear, always make sure you choose the right size. If the underwear fits too loosely, there will be other problems besides insufficient support. For one thing, the underwear will slip, often causing it to pull uncomfortably in various places, making it necessary to regularly tug it back to its original place.

In addition, if the size is chosen too large, friction can quickly occur, resulting in an extremely uncomfortable feeling on the skin If the underwear fits too tightly, then the pants press against the hips and legs, causing unpleasant pressure points. In particularly bad cases, this can even restrict the blood supply to the legs, causing them to "fall asleep".

Especially with underwear for men, it is crucial that the size is not too small. If the genitals are constricted, they become warm more quickly and the risk of impotence increases.


The best fit for men's underwear varies from man to man. There are tight, loose, long and short in all possible combinations. It is up to each man to decide for himself which fit is most comfortable for him. Because opinions differ greatly, especially when it comes to tight and loose-fitting underwear.

Underwear for men: The most important questions answered

Since choosing the right men's underwear is not as easy as you might think, we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions on the subject of men's underwear to make it easier for you.

What styles of men's underwear are available?

Nowadays, men's underwear is available in all kinds of styles. Because while 50 years ago everyone walked around with the same model, there is now a suitable model for everyone.

  • Long boxer shorts: Long boxer shorts are pants that fit very loosely and stop about 15 to 20 cm above the knee.
  • Short boxer shorts: Short boxer shorts, also called "boxer briefs", are pants that fit tightly. As the name suggests, they are also much shorter than the looser models.
  • Functional underwear: There are many different types of functional underwear. Most are needed for sports activities at lower temperatures. Functional underwear often goes down to the ankles and usually consists of a set of top and bottom.
  • Briefs: Briefs are also tight-fitting pants. They are very similar to short boxer shorts in terms of fit, although they are cut round at the sides and are therefore even shorter.

So there are many variants, which differ in shape and wearing comfort. When it comes to functional underwear, however, it should be known that it is usually only suitable for the purpose in question and not for everyday wear.

Do I need special men's underwear for sports?

If you just go to the gym sometimes or need the right underwear for your son's school sports, then you can reach for normal underwear with a clear conscience. However, you should choose a tight version for sports, as too much free space underneath often has a negative effect on comfort.

However, as soon as you think about outdoor sports, the answer is clearly yes! Especially in low temperatures, it is extremely important to have the right functional underwear. Depending on the weather conditions, this should be made of merino wool in extremely cold places and synthetic fibre in moderately cold places (approximately between 3 and 13 degrees).

Merino wool has extremely good thermal insulation with high water repellency, while synthetic fibre offers medium thermal insulation with high breathability.

How do I care for and clean my men's underwear?

For hygiene reasons, you should wash your underwear after every use. Since most linen is made of cotton, it is extremely easy to care for. White cotton linen can be washed at up to 90 degrees without the material losing significant quality. Coloureds should be washed at around 60 degrees so that everything stays the same. This is somewhat different for functional underwear.

Even though both natural and synthetic fibres are easier to care for than they appear at first glance, they cannot be washed at exactly the same temperatures as cotton. Here you should make sure that they do not exceed a water temperature of 30 degrees during the washing process.

Which men's underwear offers the greatest wearing comfort?

The question of which men's underwear provides the greatest wearing comfort is not easy to answer. Long boxer shorts offer a lot of space in the lumbar area due to their loose fit and thus also provide enough breathability. The long boxer shorts are the second most popular style in Germany, as many appreciate them for their loose fit.

Functional underwear is always a model that fits close to the body. If the right size has been selected, the functional underwear usually sits comfortably on the body. However, the increased heat regulation makes it unsuitable for everyday wear. Short boxer shorts are the most popular type for men from Germany.

They offer the necessary tightness so that everything stays where it belongs, but are also not too tight and do not pinch anywhere if you choose the right size. The briefs are a tight model that is becoming less and less popular these days. However, this is not due to the wearing comfort, because this is as good as that of the short boxer shorts, but rather to the look.

Styling tips for men's underwear: Which underwear is perfect for going out?

Nowadays, especially for dates, choosing the right underwear is of course also important for men. So that you are prepared for the next evening, we have put together a few tips for you here:

  1. Especially with fresh acquaintances, you should make sure to rather choose a plain colour. It doesn't matter if only the elastic band of your pants is peeping out over your trousers or if you're just standing there in your pants, colourful underwear can quickly look childish and therefore immature.
  2. Make sure that you never show much of your underwear. At the most, the elastic waistband of the underwear should be visible over the trousers, anything more will quickly look frivolous to outsiders.

There are not many things you need to consider here, but with these tips you will definitely be on the safe side!


When choosing the right underwear for men, there is a lot to consider. Especially the material and the fit are enormously important factors here, as they determine the wearing comfort to a large extent. If it is made of the wrong material, it will scratch.

If it is too loose, it chafes. If it is too tight, it pinches. In addition, men's underwear is now available in countless variations, with short boxer shorts clearly being the most popular today. But the loose, long boxer shorts also score points for their high wearing comfort and land in second place.

Sources: unsplash & 123rf