Last updated: August 23, 2021

With loose fit jeans for men, you combine legroom and comfort in just one pair of trousers. With a pair of jeans, you have the right foundation for every outfit to be perfectly styled. Men in particular like to wear loose fit jeans because they are the right companion for both everyday and business wear.

Loose fit jeans are the most casual and coolest option when you are looking for a new pair of jeans. The special thing about loose fit jeans - they come in a wide variety of designs, with washes or a destroyed effect. You will find the right loose fit jeans for every man and every occasion.

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Loose Fit Jeans for Men: The Most Important Questions Answered

You want to buy the all-round talent Loose Fit Jeans for your wardrobe and don't quite know which factors you should pay attention to? We have summarised the most important questions for you here.

For which figure type are men's loose fit jeans suitable?

Thanks to the wide and casual cut, loose fit jeans are suitable for almost every figure type. They are loosely cut at the hips and offer plenty of room for the legs. Slightly shorter men should be careful, because the straight cut can make you look even smaller.

What styles of loose fit jeans are available for men?

Depending on the occasion, you can choose different styles of loose fit jeans.

  • The loose fit jeans for elegant moments: For the special occasion, you can choose a plain version. If you then choose a dark shade like black or dark blue and combine a shirt with it, the look is perfect for important occasions.
  • Loose fit jeans as baggy jeans: With the extra wide cut baggy jeans, you can revive the look of the street. Especially among skaters, this form of loose fit jeans is very popular.
  • In relaxed variation of loose fit jeans: Just as relaxed as the cut of the jeans are their styles for leisure. Whether stonewashed, with elastic at the ankle or in exciting colours. Choose the style you feel comfortable in.

Loose fit jeans are the right companion for any occasion. Depending on what you combine them with, you are perfectly styled for the moment.

What materials can Loose Fit Jeans for men be made of?

The material of a pair of loose fit jeans is of course jeans. But different fabrics can also be used to get the cut of a Loose Fit Jeans. This could be interesting especially in summer when you want to combine the advantages of loose fit jeans with an airy fabric.

What size should I choose for my men's loose fit jeans?

The size of your loose fit jeans can vary from brand to brand. You should make sure that loose fit jeans for men should always fit loosely. The only important thing about the length is that it can at least rest on your shoes when you wear them. If they are too long, you can simply fold them casually.

Styling tips for men's loose fit jeans: How to achieve the perfect loose fit look

  • In the office, go for simple designs and combinations
  • Even if the loose fit jeans are loose, they should sit on your hips and not under them
  • Whether a shirt or a T-shirt, both go perfectly with loose fit jeans
  • Round off your loose fit jeans look with the right sneakers
  • Make sure it is not a baggy look

No matter how you combine your men's loose fit jeans, your look will look more casual. When you wear loose fit jeans, you can't go wrong. You just need to feel comfortable so that your personality is underlined by your loose fit jeans.


Loose fit jeans offer many great combination options and are the right choice for almost every man, and not just for that reason. It doesn't matter if you are a bit stockier, have an average figure or have muscular legs due to sports. Thanks to the straight and casual cut, the loose fit jeans also sit cool on you. They also offer you a lot of freedom of movement, so you are perfectly dressed for any situation.

As diverse as the men who wear loose fit jeans can be, so are the possible combinations you can wear with your jeans. With the combination of jacket and shirt you are ready for the next business meeting or the upcoming family celebration. If you prefer to wear a casual T-shirt with your loose fit jeans, your outfit will be a classic for your leisure time. One thing is clear - with loose fit jeans for men, you have the right jeans for every event.

Image source: NeONBRAND / unsplash