Last updated: August 11, 2021

When you look at mittens, the sight of them takes you back to childhood. So it's no wonder that even the gentlemen of creation are sceptical about buying them at first. Only at second glance do they realise their advantages and are delighted with the comfort and warmth they provide.

Unlike finger gloves, mittens for men consist of two areas. A larger one for the four main fingers and a smaller one for the thumb. Thus, they do not separate the individual fingers from each other, which has a positive effect on thermal performance. Mittens are the ideal companion for men. Whether for skiing holidays, jogging or everyday wear, there is a suitable version for every location. However, we would like to take a closer look at what men should look for when buying these mittens in order to be completely satisfied with them.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying mittens for men

Whether in slightly lower temperatures or sub-zero temperatures, for walking or for winter sports. Mittens for men are available for every occasion. In order to be absolutely satisfied after the purchase, a few essential criteria should not be disregarded.

You can see which purchase criteria should be taken into account in the following:

  • Material and area of use
  • Size
  • Colour

If you observe these criteria, nothing can go wrong when buying men's mittens. That's why we will now go into more detail on each individual point.

Material and area of use

When choosing the material, men should pay attention to the desired area of use. We will now take a closer look at which variants are available and for which area they are best suited:

  • Wool: Mittens made of wool are first of all reminiscent of grandmother's homemade gloves. They keep you relatively warm and are cosy. Their big disadvantage, however, is that they are neither water nor wind resistant. Moreover, snow sticks to the fibres. So they get wet quickly, do not keep warm enough at very low temperatures and cannot be used for outdoor work. The ideal place to use mittens for men would therefore be for a walk in slightly colder weather, for example.
  • Leather/ lambskin: Men's mittens made of leather, also especially lambskin, are particularly visually striking as they bring a certain elegance. They not only keep men's hands warm, but also make for a stylish appearance. The fur-lined versions are very comfortable to wear and keep you particularly warm. Due to their characteristics, however, men should consider them more of a soothing accessory, as they are not water-repellent and require special care. They are therefore neither suitable for winter sports nor for any outdoor work. If you want to avoid the time-consuming care, you can also fall back on imitation leather for men. Nevertheless, they are an ideal accessory to the outfit, which also ensures warm hands.
  • Fleece/ polyester: Fleece is made of very soft polyester fabric, is very breathable and also has insulating properties. Depending on the variant chosen, men's fleece mittens are water-repellent and dry quickly if they do get wet. They are ideal for jogging or city trips during the winter months, for example. Very high-quality fleece mittens made of several layers and with certain coatings can even be used for winter sports, as they are available in water-repellent and waterproof versions, as well as with different levels of warmth. They are ideal for skiing or snowboarding for men, can withstand fastball fights without any problems and, depending on the variant chosen, can also be used for outdoor work.

So choose the material to suit the area of use, as this is the only way to ensure satisfaction with the mittens you buy.


After you have decided on a material, you should pay particular attention to choosing the right size of the mittens you want. If they are too small, the freedom of movement is restricted and thus the ability to grip properly. Furthermore, the necessary blood circulation is compromised, which can lead to pain.

Mittens that are too big also cause problems for men. Because here, too, it is difficult to grip properly, but this time because of the excess material that gets in the way. Furthermore, there is less protection against the cold. Whether too big or too small, in both cases the men's mittens miss their mark. The right size is therefore of utmost importance.


When it comes to the colour of mittens, men have a wide choice. From natural shades to colourful variants, there is something for everyone. Which colour is chosen depends on the individual preferences of the men. For example, mittens can be chosen to match a scarf and hat or to match a winter sports outfit.

Mittens for men: The most important questions answered

Both before and after the purchase, there are questions that need to be answered. That's why we would now like to go into some of the most important questions about mittens for men.

What types of mittens are there for men?

There are also different types of mittens for men. We will now take a closer look at which types are available and for which areas of use they are suitable.

  • Foldable: Thanks to their foldable function, these mittens become fingerless men's gloves in no time at all. They are particularly suitable when dexterity is required and are therefore very popular with mountaineers. They are available to buy in different variations, so they are not only used by athletes, but can also be helpful to men in everyday life.
  • Water resistant: When it comes to water resistance, there are two variants that need to be distinguished from each other. On the one hand, there are water-repellent men's mittens, and on the other, waterproof. Water-repellent means that the material ensures that water rolls off, but only to a certain extent. If there is a large amount of moisture, as is the case in snowball fights, for example, the water penetrates through the material into the interior and causes wet hands. To avoid this, waterproof mittens for men should be used. These not only keep you warm, but also ensure dry hands in any weather.
  • Wind-resistant: Here, too, mittens are available in a wind-repellent version as well as a windproof one. If men do not want to get cold hands while cycling, they should urgently consider wind resistance when buying.

Which mitten is best suited for men also depends on the intended area of use for the different types.

Which is the right choice: finger gloves vs. mittens for men?

Before buying mittens, many men ask themselves whether they shouldn't go for finger gloves. These offer greater freedom of movement, as each finger is individually surrounded by material, making it easier to grip. In this way, activities can be done for which a gentleman would otherwise have had to take off his gloves.

However, when it comes to keeping the hands pleasantly warm even at very low temperatures, nothing can hold a candle to the old familiar mittens for men. The fact that the four main fingers are in one chamber means they can keep each other warm, while the glove has an insulating effect and retains the warmth, just like a sleeping bag. In terms of thermal performance, they are therefore far superior to finger gloves, as they keep men's hands and fingers warm even in extreme cold.

Both options have their advantages but also disadvantages. Do you need a lot of freedom of movement and a precise grip, or is warmth the most important thing to you? Men should be able to answer this question before buying in order to get one step closer to finding the ideal glove for them.

How is the right size determined for men's mittens?

There are two ways to determine the right size of men's mittens. Firstly, you can do this with the help of a tape measure, and secondly, you can simply try on the desired models.

If you decide to measure, the circumference of your hand must be determined. To do this, wrap the tape measure once around the middle of the hand, leaving out the thumb, which is not measured. Leave your hand loose and slightly bent and do not pull the tape measure too tight, but leave it a little looser. Make a note of the circumference of your hand and then go in search of your desired glove.

Once you have found mittens that you like, take the hand circumference you wrote down and look at the manufacturer's size chart. Since sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is very important to always pay attention to the measurements given for your desired men's mittens. Once you have chosen the right size, there is nothing to stop you from buying online.

If men have the opportunity to try on the mittens, they should definitely take advantage of it. This is the best way to find out whether the gloves fit well and, above all, whether you feel comfortable wearing them.


As we have now discovered, mittens are not only suitable for children, but can also score well with men. Whether a stylish or a sporty variant, whether for walking or for winter sports, whether for low temperatures or extreme cold, men's mittens are available in many variants and thus for every area of use.

The most important thing is to determine the area of use. If you know when, where and for what you want to use the men's mittens, there is nothing standing in the way of your purchase and your satisfaction with the product.

Image source: / Karsten Winegeart