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Moccasins are part of every man's wardrobe these days. Moccasins give you the ideal wearing comfort because they have no laces or zips, so you can slip into them quickly and easily. The soft and stretchy material gives the moccasin a good fit and snugness to your foot. Men's moccasins are usually made of rough or smooth leather and are manufactured without a heel. Typical of the moccasin are its distinctive seams on the outside of the shoe.

Especially for leisure, moccasins are a nice change from sneakers and add casualness and coolness to your look. With the help of the right styling tips, moccasins can also be combined with a casual business look at work.

The Best Men's Moccasins: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's moccasins

Before buying, you should ask yourself what impression you want to make with your footwear. The choice ranges from inconspicuously simple to wild and extravagant models.

Using the following criteria, you can compare different models of moccasins to find the right pair for you:

  • Material
  • Shoe width
  • Colour

Consequently, we would like to explain to you in more detail what is important in the individual criteria.


Nowadays, moccasins are made of a wide variety of materials and offer the right model for every taste and fashion style. The classic men's moccasins are made of leather. Leather is a very expensive material, but it offers you high quality. However, not all leather is the same. The assortment of leather ranges from coarse, firm natural leather to the very fine variants.

  • Patent leather: Patent leather moccasins are made of high-gloss, grain-free leather and are often covered with a mirror-smooth foil. Admittedly, patent leather moccasins are super classy and elegant and therefore not particularly suitable for everyday wear. However, for an occasion with a smart dress code, they are the perfect choice.
  • Roughleather: Rough leather moccasins consist of a roughened surface, give you a distinctive beautiful look and complement both your business and casual everyday look. Rough leather is characterised in particular by its velvety surface and fine structure.
    Unlike smooth leather, rough leather is very sensitive and requires careful handling.Moccasins made of leather are particularly convincing in that they adapt very quickly to the individual foot. Despite the thick skin, leather is extremely breathable. Although moccasins made of leather are largely waterproof, it is possible that some water may penetrate during heavy rain showers, causing water marks to form. Leather moccasins are considered timeless classics and can be combined with a wide variety of looks.
  • Textile fabric: Moccasins made of robust textile fabric are a more sporty variant and are perfect everyday companions. The thick sole makes them comfortable to wear. Moccasins made of textile fabric are particularly easy to care for, but should only be taken out of the wardrobe in dry weather.


In addition to classic colours like black and brown, moccasins in eye-catching shades and patterns are advancing to become absolute trend models. How about a dark royal blue with a classy black suit? Petrol is also suitable for a particularly chic occasion and is a very good alternative to black or brown. In spring or summer, suede moccasins in pastel colours are especially popular because they add a freshness to your look and totally upgrade your outfit.

Used skilfully, moccasins in unusual colours can be shown off to their best advantage, be a real eye-catcher and round off your outfit perfectly.

Shoe width

Since moccasins are slip-on shoes and have an expandable insert, they are suitable for both narrow and wide feet. Many suppliers also offer men's moccasins in different shoe widths to guarantee optimum comfort for every wearer.

  • Width F: Men's moccasins in width F are suitable for the average normal man's feet.
  • Width E: We recommend moccasins in width E for men with narrow feet.
  • Width G: Men's moccasins in width G are offered for men with particularly wide feet.

Like the shoe size, the shoe width is different for everyone and should not be underestimated. Sufficient freedom of movement is the basic prerequisite for the fit and thus for the health of your feet.

Men's moccasins: The most important questions answered

In the following section, we would like to answer the most important questions about men's moccasins.

In which styles are men's moccasins available?

The huge assortment of men's moccasins allows you to find the right model for every taste and thus meet your requirements.

  • Business: Moccasins with a business look are usually offered in black and various shades of brown. They are usually made of smooth leather and are characterised by their simplicity.
  • Sporty: Moccasins in a sporty design are offered in a much larger variety and are usually equipped with a thick and non-slip sports sole. Bright colours and eye-catching patterns are not untypical here. Unlike the classic models, sporty moccasins are laced up.
  • Casual: You can't go wrong with moccasins in a casual look. They can be combined with many things and help you appear casually yet stylishly dressed. You can wear this example in combination with the right clothing to a wide variety of events. Casual-look moccasins are particularly popular in muted shades and suede.

It is best to try out the entire range to see which model suits your style.

How do I care for men's moccasins?

Proper care of your moccasins will ensure that they look good for a long time, stay with you for longer and do not affect your wearing comfort.

With the help of a few tips, we would like to explain to you how to properly care for your moccasins, whether they are made of fabric, smooth or suede leather.

  • Regular care: Suede moccasins in particular are very susceptible to dust. You should therefore brush out the dust regularly to preserve the good qualities of the leather for a long time. Lack of care can cause the leather to become very brittle.
  • Cleaning with a natural hair brush: Moccasin models made of rough leather are very sensitive. Dust and dirt particles can be brushed out particularly well with a soft natural hair brush. A dry brush can also remove light dirt from fabric moccasins.
  • Avoid water: Water and rough leather do not mix well. You should therefore wear your suede moccasins on dry days. If your moccasins do get wet, stuff them with enough newspaper and let them dry at room temperature.
  • Roughening with a brush: After your moccasins have dried, you can carefully roughen them again with a natural hair brush so that the material becomes soft again.
  • Damp cleaning with a cleaning foam: If your moccasins are dirty, you can use cleaning lotions. This variant is only suitable for moccasins made of fabric or smooth leather. Apply the lotion to a damp cloth and rub the shoes evenly with it. Use a new damp cloth to remove the dirt residue. Leather grease is very good for giving your smooth leather moccasins a nice silky shine.
  • Use a waterproofing spray: Use a waterproofing spray to protect your fabric moccasins from moisture and dirt. This will preserve the beautiful look for a long time.
    We recommend that you treat your fabric moccasins with waterproofing spray about three times before wearing them for the first time. After about 10 wears, you should renew the impregnation.

Can socks be worn with men's moccasins?

Moccasins are usually worn barefoot because their soft leather moulds perfectly to your foot without causing unpleasant friction. You can either do without socks altogether or wear footies. Alternatively, you can wear moccasins with invisible sneaker socks.

If you prefer the classic version of socks, then we recommend that you choose subtle colours that do not immediately stand out. However, you can also be bold and opt for socks in bold colours or even wild patterns to intentionally accent your look.

What occasion do you wear men's moccasins to?

Moccasins are especially popular on warm days and are a nice alternative to trainers or sandals. Suede moccasins are particularly soft and airy and are quite suitable for walks on warm days. Since the moccasin comes in a wide variety of styles, the shoe is suitable for every conceivable occasion.

Whether for a walk outdoors, to the office, to a barbecue or beach party.
The moccasin is a real all-round talent and can be combined with the most diverse looks.

Styling tips for men's moccasins: How to achieve the perfect look in moccasins

How you combine your moccasins naturally depends on your taste and preferences. However, with the help of a few tips, we would like to show you how to show off your moccasins to perfection.

  • Cosy everyday look: For a classic everyday look, all you need is a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. To make your moccasins stand out, simply roll up the hem of your jeans a little. For an extra eye-catcher, moccasins in bold colours like blue or bordeaux are perfect.
  • Casual and chic: Why not combine your moccasins with a shirt and chinos? This combination gives you a casual look and always makes you look well dressed. This styling combination is also suitable for a casual office look. For cooler days, a jacket can be combined with it. Brown or black moccasins can be ideally combined with beige, grey and white tones in particular. Since moccasins are especially popular in summer, they can be worn with short chinos and loose, airy short-sleeved shirts.
  • Chic summer look: Suede moccasins are also a good choice for light summer outfits in linen. Cream-coloured models are particularly suitable with muted summer colours, making the look coherent. Since moccasins are usually worn barefoot, they round off the relaxed, casual summer look perfectly.

Moccasins are also suitable for business and provide the perfect contrast to a formal outfit. Models with thick soles made of suede or smooth leather go well with a wide variety of suits and give you a stylish and elegant look. Moccasins that match a good suit not only radiate modernity but also high fashion consciousness.


Men's moccasins are currently among the trendiest shoes and it is hard to imagine a men's wardrobe without them. They are just the right solution for those who want to combine elegance and casualness. With both long trousers and short shorts, the moccasin is the perfect footwear for men.

The sporty-elegant touch means that the shoe can be used in a variety of ways. Combined correctly, moccasins serve you not only as casual shoes. Especially with garments such as chino trousers, shirts, polos and jackets, your moccasins will be at their best. Their simplicity and comfort make men's moccasins very popular and make you look perfectly dressed for any occasion.

Sources: Unsplash & 123rf

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