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Although it is nowhere near as common as the womens version, men's moisturiser is finally establishing itself as a product in the daily routine of many men. In fact, it is already the third most widely used male product in facial care, behind shaving cream and after-shave.

There are male moisturisers for different skin types and all of them take into account that the skin of men is thicker and more oily due to higher testosterone levels. A good moisturiser helps reduce tightness and redness on your face, and some moisturisers also serve as sunscreen or as an anti-pollution shield.


  • Moisturising creams help retain water in different layers of the skin to maintain elasticity and suppleness, bringing health and an attractive appearance to your skin.
  • It is important to choose facial moisturisers that are specifically created for men and that fit your skin type (normal, dry or oily) and your age.
  • Good skin hydration should be a more important part of your facial care routine, especially after shaving.
  • Some moisturisers also have a sun protection element that helps delay ageing.
  • It is important to moisturise the neck as well as the face, a part of the body that requires hydration but is often forgotten by men.

The best mens moisturising creams: Our Picks

On the market there is a huge variety of brands of moisturising creams for men, with different textures and formats. It is a business that is significantly on the rise, as men join the cosmetic product revolution. Below we have selected the five best mens moisturising creams that are currently available on the market.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about mens moisturising creams

There are new and innovative products for mens personal care that are released every day, with moisturising face cream being one of them. There are moisturising creams to eliminate the bags of a hangover, specialised anti-ageing moisturisers and sunscreen moisturising creams. It is a good idea to explore all the different options that exist from time to time by doing your own research. In the following section we answer the most frequently asked questions from men about mens moisturising cream.

Age can be a determining factor when choosing your mens moisturiser.
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Why is facial hydration so important?

The human skin is the body's first protective shield against environmental aggressions. Well hydrated skin helps to maintain optimal water levels in the different skin layers keeping it resistant to the natural elements. Hydrated skin also creates a fresh and young appearance. It is important to keep in mind that not all parts of the body have the same exposure to the natural elements, but the face is one part that is almost always exposed.

The facial moisturiser was invented to compensate for this continuous exposure of the skin to external factors such as pollution or climatic conditions. In the case of men, cultural prejudices have historically minimised the use of cosmetics in comparison to women. However in recent years, mens facial care has completed a great rise in popularity.

At what age should moisturiser be used?

There may be different opinions as to what is the right age to start using moisturising creams for men. Rather than narrowing it down to a specific age, it is better to think about the hormonal development of men to decide when is best to use this cosmetic product. As a general rule, the best age to start with facial hydration is at the end of adolescence, after puberty.

The physical changes of adolescence will determine, among other things, the type of skin you are going to have and the natural hydration state of your skin. Once the adolescent hormonal stage of life is over, which is usually around the age of 17 or 18, the question you should ask yourself is when do you want to start delaying the effect of ageing.

Norman MorrisIndustry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research
"Men’s skincare may not be as large a market as women’s but it is still a crowded one. The Nivea Men and L’Oréal Men Expert ranges are prominent examples of products specifically designed for and marketed at men. Nivea has been especially successful in this respect, and is the best-selling face-care brand for Aussie men of all ages —hitting its peak with the valuable 25-34 year-old bracket".

What are the advantages of facial hydration for men?

Let's make it clear from the start that the advantages of doing the opposite, not hydrating your face at all, are non existent. With this as a starting point, your skin has nothing to lose because any form of skin hydration is an advantage. Here's a summary of the benefits of male facial hydration.

  • Protects facial skin against harmful elements such as extreme temperatures and environmental pollution. There are also facial moisturisers with integrated sun protection.
  • Restores the good appearance of your skin. It improves skin flexibility, smoothness and colour.
  • Increases the resistance of the skin. It reduces the possibilities of suffering future skin related pathologies from environmental factors.
  • Prevents dryness of the skin. As obvious as it may seem, continued dry skin results in an acceleration of the deterioration of the skin tissues.
  • Delays ageing. The elixir of life has not yet been invented, but moisturising creams are one of the next best alternatives. If you want to keep your skin as young as possible, start with keeping the face hydrated.

What ingredients do mens moisturisers contain?

Most cosmetic products use ingredients made of plant origin in different proportions. There may also be special substances such as hyaluronic acid, which has surprising effects for reducing wrinkles. In the following table we explain in detail the common ingredients found in moisturising creams for men.

Brand Main ingredients Remarks
Nivea Men Active Age Creatine and folic acid Reduces wrinkles and firms the skin.
L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Guarana and vitamin C Guarana contains four times more caffeine than coffee.

Rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Aqua Intense Cream New Zealand Kawakawa Provides great anti-oxidant effects.
Nivea Men Active Energy Vitamin + Complex Healthy looking skin

TriShave 3 in 1 SPF30+ Sun protection

How and when to apply a moisturising facial cream?

Most men think they know how to apply a face cream, but they often forget about the neck. This part of the body is also exposed to harmful environmental factors and should be kept well moisturised. Thin, sensitive neck skin is very prone to dehydration, and the loss of smoothness in the neck opens the door to the first signs of ageing.

A moisturiser should be applied at least once a day, after the application of aftershave in the morning. It is also recommended to apply a layer of moisturiser before going to bed. When talking about specific parts of the face, don't forget to moisturise the eye contour area, especially if you're worried about developing dark circles or "bags". It is possible to buy specific moisturising products for this area of the face.

If you want to keep your skin as young as possible, start moisturising it.
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What is the main function of each of the products in the Ranking?

Not all men are the same and the needs of each man can differ greatly. In the end, it all has to do with the type of skin you have and the specific problems you want to resolve. The common issue of all men is poor hydration, but there are several other aspects to take into account such as age and the climate you live in.

The additional functions of the moisturising creams can include; calming, relaxing, invigorating and revitalising. If you have dry skin, you will need a product that provides instant and sustained hydration. There are some products that are more focused on treating wrinkles. The following table details the main functions of each face cream in more detail.

Brand Main functions
Nivea Men Active Age Moisturising


Helps with firmness

L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Combats the signs of fatigue.


Reduces dark circles

Aqua Intense Cream Moisturising



Nivea Men Active Energy Instantly hydrates

Removes dryness and tightness from the skin.

TriShave 3 in 1 Protects the skin from the natural elements.

High sun protection


Shopping Criteria

The cosmetics sector has a wide variety of brands and products for the personal care of men. In order not to become lost or confused when choosing a facial moisturiser, you must first take into account the specific details of your own face. There are also a number of other aspects that you should take into account before purchasing a moisturiser, such as the following:

Skin type

First of all, you must ask yourself if your skin is dry, normal or oily. This is the first question any man should ask himself before buying a facial moisturiser. If you are in doubt about your natural skin type, you can start with a product for normal skin and examine the results. If you have dry skin, you probably already know this.

It also doesn't hurt to know what your skin phototype is. If your skin is very clear or pale, with low levels of melanin, your face will always be more affected by the sun. In this is the case, you might want to consider buying a male moisturiser that includes UV protection factor.

You must identify what type of skin you have in order to choose the cream that best suits you.
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It may be that you are worried about acne, or you may be worried about developing wrinkles. It's common for you to experience both of these two at a point in your life, usually at different times. Age can be a determining factor when choosing a male moisturiser as young skin and older skin have different requirements.

The question often arises as to whether or not it is recommended to hydrate young skin. At least in appearance, a young skin does not need as much help as a fifty year old male. However that does not mean that you can't start the task of delaying the effects of ageing as soon as possible. You will find that there is a suitable moisturiser for every age bracket.

Main function

Among the different types and formats of moisturising products for the male face, you should choose a product that best performs the task you are looking for. Identify the central problem you are looking to solve. Is it facial hydration? Acne? Ageing? The following are the most important functions of a facial moisturiser:

  • Regulate the natural skin secretion, to avoid excessive oils.
  • Reduce the effects of acne and pimples, after a face cleanse.
  • Bring luminosity to the face, to avoid a dull appearance.
  • Tightening effect to maintain skin firmness and youthfulness.
  • Delay the appearance of wrinkles and the symptoms of ageing with a revitalising function.

Frequency of use

Facial hydration is something we should do at least once a day, as part of the male grooming routine. However, there are types of moisturisers that have a more specific function, such as working better during the night. The routine of applying a facial moisturiser both for the day and night is more necessary as you get older.

Some moisturising products, which can even come in the form of liquid drops, are specifically designed to quickly reduce the effects of exhaustion. These can provide you with rapid or "emergency" hydration, such as after a night of drinking. Of course these are not for every day use, but it's a good idea to have one of these products handy just in case.

The fine and sensitive skin of the neck is prone to dehydration.
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Male product

This criterion seems obvious, but there is still a level of unsureness out there amongst men. As explained earlier, a man's skin is thicker and has higher levels of natural oil than the skin of women. Therefore, a male moisturiser always takes into account the natural skin characteristics of a man.

If at any time you come across a moisturiser and you don't know if it is for men or women, smell its odour. Feminine moisturising creams are often identified, though not always, by perfume. There is no negative impacts of using a woman's moisturiser, but just keep in mind that it will not deliver the same benefits as a mens moisturiser.


The skin of the face is by far the most exposed to external elements such as weather or pollution. This has always been the case, but men have not always been as careful with protecting their bodies as they are today. Male facial hydration is a relatively recent evolution, but an undisputed necessity.

Women are decades ahead, but men are learning fast. To choose the right mens moisturiser for you, take into consideration your age and the specific characteristics of your skin. Although old age is inevitable, using a daily mens moisturising cream can help to slow down its effects.

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