Last updated: August 26, 2021

Mules are practical and comfortable slip-on shoes with an open heel and toe. They are the ideal house slippers due to their open design, but also cut a good figure outdoors and have therefore enjoyed great popularity among fashion-conscious people for many years.

Mules for men come in both classic and modern looks, making them the perfect companion for many different occasions. In the following, we will show you what you should consider when buying mules for men and how the different models differ from each other.

The Best Men's Mules: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's mules

Mules for men are a good choice both for a comfortable afternoon at home and for a relaxed day at the pool or in the city park.

The following criteria will help you choose the right mules for every occasion and purpose:

  • Shape
  • Material
  • Closure
  • Sole

In the following sections we will show you what you need to consider in order to find the most suitable mules for you personally.


Mules for men are primarily distinguished by the type of strap. The classic shape is two straps that run across the foot. However, there are also models with only one very wide strap or several thin, cross-shaped straps.

Men's mules are available in different widths:

  • Width E for men with rather narrow feet
  • Width F for men with averagely wide feet
  • Width G for men with slightly wider feet
  • Width H for men with very wide feet

By measuring your feet precisely, you can ensure that your new mules for men fit perfectly and offer you maximum wearing comfort.


Mules for men are available in different material combinations.

  • Genuine leather mules: Mules made of genuine leather are characterised by their long life and their timeless, classic look. They can be worn both in the living area and for casual leisure activities and are a comfortable and robust companion in all situations.
  • Synthetic leather mules: In most cases, mules made of synthetic leather are visually indistinguishable from real leather, but unlike real leather, they are also suitable for people who live a vegan lifestyle and are allowed to get wet.
  • Synthetic mules: Mules made of synthetic materials are particularly resistant to moisture and dirt and are therefore the perfect choice if you are still looking for shoes for your upcoming beach holiday.

By purchasing men's mules made of high-quality materials, you can ensure that thermoregulation on and around the foot is guaranteed and that you will neither sweat nor freeze in your new shoes.


There are versions with metal buckles that allow you to adjust the perfect fit with a strap as well as models that can be closed with a Velcro fastener or even do without a fastener at all.

The choice of fastener should be based primarily on your personal preferences, but you should also bear in mind that models without fasteners may offer less support.


The sole is a decisive factor in choosing the right mules. It should be ergonomically shaped and suitable for your intended use.

For example, if you want to wear them near a pool, make sure the sole is rubberised and has a tread to increase slip resistance on wet surfaces.

The classic here are mules with a sole made of cork, which are particularly light and comfortable to wear.

Men's mules: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right mules for men is not always easy. That's why we have compiled and answered the most important questions about mules for men.

In which styles are men's mules available?

Mules for men are available in both classic and elegant-minimalist styles. The right style depends on the occasion for which you want to wear your mules.

  • Models made of smooth leather: These men's mules exude a refined look characterised by simple elegance. They go particularly well with relaxed casual wear such as a linen shirt and are suitable for both a bathing lake and a beach bar.
  • Models with a classic look: This model made of leather with a cork sole and two straps is very comfortable and therefore the perfect slipper. Thanks to the adjustable straps, this style offers you a firm hold on your foot without constricting uncomfortably.
  • Synthetic mules in bright colours: Mules made of synthetic materials don't mind water and sand and are therefore the perfect companions at the beach and on a bathing holiday.

Choose a style that suits your intended use and base your choice of colours on your other outfits. You can either choose muted colours to match the rest of your outfit, or you can add a fashionable touch by deliberately choosing a stand-out colour such as red or yellow.

How can I tell if my mules fit properly?

A good and correct fit is crucial for men's mules so that the shoe sits loosely on the foot but also offers sufficient support.

  • The straps of the mules should fit snugly around the foot, but not constrict it or squeeze it uncomfortably when you move.
  • You should make sure that you choose both the right size and the correct width for your mules. The foot should neither protrude over the footbed nor slide back and forth in the mule.

A good fit means that you can wear your mules for longer periods of time without them becoming uncomfortable on your feet.

How do I care for and clean my men's mules?

The optimal care and cleaning of men's mules is primarily determined by the material the shoes are made of.

  • Smooth leather: Models made of smooth leather should be treated with a waterproofing spray before wearing them for the first time. Light soiling and superficial stains can be quickly removed with a damp cloth. For more stubborn stains, you should use a special leather cleaning agent.
  • Imitation leather: Imitation leather mules are usually relatively resistant to dirt and stains. However, if they do get dirty, both a treatment with waterproofing spray and the use of artificial leather care products can help to restore the material's original appearance and protect it from future soiling.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic material has the advantage that it is particularly easy to clean. As a rule, any soiling can be removed with a damp cloth and the mules dry again quickly and without negative effects on the material, even when very wet.

Avoid treating your mules with harsh or acidic cleaning agents. These can attack the upper material of the shoes and thus considerably reduce their otherwise long life.

What occasions can I wear mules for?

Mules are relatively versatile and cut a good figure for many leisure activities.

  • At home, mules are comfortable and airy slippers that cut a fine figure in the living room as well as on the terrace and in the garden
  • For casual occasions such as a barbecue party among good friends or a day at the quarry pond, they can be combined well with a casual leisure outfit.
  • Even in the swimming pool or at the pool, men's mules offer you a secure grip even on wet and slippery surfaces thanks to their non-slip soles.
  • For casual Fridays in the office, even mules in a very modern design are not suitable. Instead, opt for low shoes made of leather or plain sneakers to radiate casualness and at the same time not forego professionalism.

Styling tips for men's mules: How to achieve the perfect mule look

Men's mules are comfortable leisure shoes with an open heel. Depending on the occasion, you should go for mules in different styles and colour combinations:

  • Mules in classic shades like brown or black are easy to combine and are perfect for a relaxed afternoon at home.
  • Men's mules in cool shades like blue or grey convey a sporty, modern look and are a good choice for social gatherings outdoors or with friends and acquaintances.

Ideally, choose a model that best suits both your intended use and your personal taste.


Men's mules are no longer just for couch potatoes. Thanks to their practical features, you can also wear them in many different everyday situations and for casual occasions. Above all, it is important to find a style that meets your requirements for the mule and to choose the shoe in the right size to ensure maximum wearing comfort.

(Picture source: / Markus Spiske)