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Nightwear is not just for sleeping in. It’s also great to wear on days off, in the evening to watch movies or in the morning at the breakfast table. In winter, it’s perfect for keeping warm, and there are airy versions for summer, too. It is also available in all kinds of colours and patterns, so there is something for everyone.

Your nightwear can consist of the all-familiar pyjamas, a simple pair of trousers or a top combined with pants. There are also nightgowns for men. There is a large selection. We show you what you should consider before buying and clarify the most important questions on the subject.

The Best Men’s Nightwear: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s nightwear

Before you decide on a certain nightwear, you should consider some criteria beforehand. These are the following:

  • Fabric
  • Length
  • Sets or single pieces
  • Colour and pattern

We will now explain to you exactly what these points are.


Depending on the fabric, not only the feel can change, but also some important functions. A distinction is made between natural and synthetic fabrics. Here we have compiled a small list of the most popular fabrics from both material categories: Natural fabrics:

  • Cotton: The classic cotton is on the one hand a fabric that is pleasant on the skin, but also a breathable and absorbent material. Because of these properties, lightweight cotton in particular can be a good choice in summer.
  • Satin and silk: These two fabrics are very light and airy. So perfect for summer.
  • Jersey: Jersey is soft, elastic and breathable. Plus, it even retains some heat, which makes it excellent for the transitional seasons.
  • Flannel: Flannel is also very suitable for the transitional seasons. It is warm, absorbent and cosy.

Synthetic fabrics:

  • Polyester: This fabric is breathable, elastic and easy to care for.
  • Fleece: It is very soft and keeps you particularly warm. It is also durable, wrinkle-resistant and water-repellent. For colder days it is worthwhile to use fleece.

You should choose a natural fabric if you want a warming, soft and skin-friendly nightwear. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, are suitable for warmer days and especially for frequent sweaters. This is because they dry quickly and are easy to care for.

Interesting to know: Men sweat more than women. On the one hand, this is because they have more sweat glands and, on the other, because they have higher testosterone levels. This hormone stimulates sweat production. Men also have more body hair, which means they can get warm more quickly. It is best to keep this information in mind when you, as a woman, pick up nightwear for your partner.


The length depends on how warm it is in your room and how sensitive you are to cold. For example, shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts are suitable for warm days. In winter, on the other hand, long pyjama bottoms and long-sleeved tops are advantageous. In the transitional seasons, your choice should depend on your sensitivity to heat and cold. For example, frostbite sufferers should opt for longer trousers and long-sleeved tops.

Sets or single pieces

Many pyjamas are available in sets. This is probably the simplest option. This means that both pieces are colour-coordinated and made of the same fabric. However, you can also put together your own pyjamas by buying the trousers and top separately. Buying individual pieces can also be useful for those who only sleep in pyjamas. However, for those men who prefer nightgowns, a single piece will also be a better option.

Colour and pattern

Many men prefer plain pyjamas. The fashion industry is also aware of this, so there is a lot of nightwear in dark colours. Grey, dark blue and black are the most popular. These colours suit everyone. If this is too boring for you, you can make your nightwear more interesting with patterns. There are chequered, striped or dotted nightwear.

But there are also more unusual patterns. For example, there are Christmas pyjamas in bright red with Father Christmas printed on them or Superman pyjamas. So there is something for every taste. 

Men’s nightwear: The most important questions answered

Nightwear is common knowledge. And yet there are unanswered questions here and there about this item of clothing. We provide a remedy for this. In the following, we clarify the most important questions about nightwear.

Why should you wear nightwear?

Nightwear is especially useful for keeping warm in winter. Most people wear them at this time of year. But it is also an advantage to wear nightwear in summer. This is because they absorb perspiration and, unlike pants, are loose-fitting. This makes them a more comfortable alternative.

Of course, you should still make sure that you don’t get too warm. Especially if you don’t want to change your bedclothes every week, you should dress at night. For nude sleepers, at least, this is recommended. The warm, damp bed climate promotes the growth of mites, fungi and bacteria. Since nude sleepers lack a layer of fabric that absorbs their sweat, they should wash their bed linen more often.

For those who wear pyjamas or pyjamas, it is sufficient to wash the bed linen every 3 to 4 weeks. Moreover, pyjamas can be worn all day long when you want to relax. So they don’t always have to be suitable for sleeping in.

What kind of men’s nightwear is available?

Not all nightwear is the same. The following are the parts you can distinguish between:

  • Pyjamas: Probably the best-known nightwear is pyjamas. They have been around since the 20th century and have become indispensable ever since. Classic pyjamas consist of loose trousers and a top.
  • Top: Here you can choose between a loose T-shirt, a long-sleeved top or a loose button-up shirt. You usually wear your pants or sleep pants with it.
  • Trousers: There are both long and short trousers. The latter are also called boxers or shorts and are especially good in summer. For some men, it is enough to sleep in just a pair of pyjamas. This is recommended if it is quite warm in their bedroom.
  • Nightgown: The precursor of pyjamas is the nightgown. From the 17th to the 19th century, both men and women wore only these. Even today, there are men who find nightgowns the most comfortable. It may seem strange to some men, but nightgowns keep you nice and airy around the legs and warm at the same time.

As you can see, there are quite a few options when it comes to men’s nightwear. The type of nightwear that is best for you depends on your preferences and your room temperature. It is important that you are not too warm or cold. Do you have trouble falling asleep?

This could be because you are dressed too warm. But dressing too thinly can also affect your sleep. When we sleep, we cool down by up to 1 degree. If your body gets too cold, you may wake up in the middle of the night.

How often should I change my nightwear?

When it comes to changing your nightwear, most people are quite relaxed. According to a British study, people change their nightwear every fortnight on average. But this is too little, as hygiene experts note. Nightwear absorbs sweat and dander, which encourages the accumulation of bacteria.

If the immune system is also weakened, this can lead to infections and bladder infections. It is recommended to change your nightwear at least once a week. It is even better to change your pyjamas for fresh ones every 2 to 4 days. Especially for those who sweat a lot at night, it is recommended to change every second day. This also applies to functional underwear.

How do I care for and clean my nightwear?

When it comes to cleaning, it always depends on the material and the colour. Most sleepwear should be washed at a minimum of 40 degrees. Only at this temperature will the laundry be hygienically clean. A washing temperature of 60 degrees is best. This high temperature destroys even stubborn viruses, fungi and bacteria.

This is especially recommended if you are ill. However, you should always pay attention to what the washing label says. Because not all nightwear can withstand high temperatures. Cotton and viscose pyjamas should be washed at 40 degrees. The latter should be washed in a gentle cycle with liquid detergent.

Jersey and other cotton blends should be washed at 30 degrees on the delicate cycle. Before washing, it is important to separate light and dark fabrics. Light-coloured laundry can be washed with a heavy-duty detergent, whereas a colour detergent is recommended for dark-coloured laundry.


Nightwear is comfortable and can keep you nice and warm in winter. They are also suitable for absorbing sweat in summer. They come in all shapes and sizes as pyjamas, one-piece suits or sets. They are usually easy to care for. Because you should change them often, it is worth owning several pieces of nightwear.

When it comes to fabric, you can choose cosy and skin-friendly natural materials or synthetic quick-drying and easy-care materials. If you want to be stylishly dressed when you go to bed in the evening, you can do so easily. Plain dark colours or patterns make nightwear look much more elegant. Whether your nightwear is used for sleeping or relaxing, it should definitely not be missing from any wardrobe.

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