Last updated: August 23, 2021

No other shoe is as suitable under a dinner jacket or matches that formal occasion as the Oxford shoe. With its timeless elegance, the men's shoe is one of the most popular models in the business world. The high-quality shoe complements any suit or business look.

Now all that remains is for you to find the right shoe for you. Although the men's oxford shoe is a rather conservative shoe, there are various models, materials and colours to choose from.

The Best Mens Oxford Shoes: Our Picks


Now here are crucial questions we have answered for you before buying an oxford shoe. This should not only make your decision easier, but also ensure that you find the right shoe for your occasion.

What are the features of the men's oxford shoe?

There are different features and models of the Oxford shoe. You will therefore find a list of these characteristics below.

  • Plain oxford: This model for men has no hole decoration or front caps, rather various seams have been distorted at the back of the shoe. Thus, the Plain Oxford is a smooth, classic shoe from the front, with no or minimal decoration, suitable for any classy occasion.
  • Captoe Oxford: In this men's model, which is similar to the Plain Oxford, you will also find a front cap seam that runs across the toes of the Oxford shoe.
  • Seamless and Wholecut Oxford: What makes the Seamless men's oxford shoe so special is that, in addition to dispensing with ornamentation, the upper leather is also deliberately made without seams. This means that a whole piece of leather, or rather a piece of material, is pulled over the shoe last during processing and can therefore only be produced by hand. The Wholecut model, on the other hand, has a visible seam at the heel of the Oxford shoe.

Generally speaking, a closed lacing system with 5 pairs of lacing eyelets and a little strap at the end is a clear characteristic of the men's oxford shoe. This is rounded off by its slim fit, which gives the shoe its distinguished look.

What are popular materials and colours for men's oxford shoes?

The most popular material for men's oxford shoes is and remains the classic leather, especially in the colours black and brown. However, other colours such as blue and glossy black are also becoming more popular. Different, more sustainable materials are also on the rise.

How should men's oxford shoes be cleaned and cared for?

Well, with leather oxford shoes, the first thing to do is to impregnate them to make them waterproof. There are also polishes to "rejuvenate" the leather if the men's shoes are worn for a longer period of time. In general, however, this shoe is not suitable as a winter shoe, but rather for a formal evening indoors. If the men's oxford shoe does get exposed to the weather, there are many care creams and waxes available to remove dirt and dust from the shoe, allowing you to enjoy the shoes for longer.

The formal shoe for men in comparison. Oxford, Budapest or Derby?

Of course, there are many different formal shoes for men besides the Oxford shoe. One is the Budapest, this shoe is distinguished by its hole pattern and its special last shape. With its open lacing and various hole patterns, the Budapester is the more sporty version of the classic Oxford shoe for men.

Both the Derby shoe and the Oxford men's shoe are considered business shoes and are therefore both suitable for formal occasions, more so the Budapester. The crucial difference between the Derby and the Oxford shoe is that the Derby has an open lacing. This means that the laces are clearly visible, as the sides of the laces are not attached to each other.

Styling tips for men: How to achieve the classic suit look with a matching oxford shoe

  1. Gentlemen, make sure that your socks are compatible with the Oxford shoe, so that your shoe is shown off to better advantage and is not distracted by annoying socks.
  2. You can't go far wrong with men's black oxford shoes. There is a very wide choice and will go with any dark suit or classic outfit.
  3. There are different lacing techniques, for a classic look it is more common to lace the men's oxford shoe parallel, closed. For a more sporty outfit, on the other hand, the simple cross lacing is a good choice.
  4. With a light-coloured suit, your men's shoes should not contrast with your suit. We want the shoe to stand out because of its elegance, not because it clashes with the outfit in terms of colour.


In summary, the Oxford shoe is a perfect companion to the suit. Depending on the suit look or formal look, you can choose from the different oxford shoe models, colours and materials.

Whether it's a classic gentleman look or a more casual, sporty suit, the Oxford shoe is a true must-have in every shoe wardrobe. With its timeless elegance, this shoe will not go out of fashion anytime soon.

Image source: Unsplash/Jordan Whitfield