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Not only the world of women’s fashion has a lot to offer in terms of trousers, but also men’s trousers are available in a wide range of variations. To create a fashionable outfit, men can choose between casual classics like jeans or elegant suit trousers.

No matter what your figure type is, the range of different fits makes it possible for everyone to find a pair of trousers that fit advantageously. While sporty figure types can show off their muscles thanks to body-hugging slim or skinny fit trousers, the regular or comfort fit conceals stronger legs.

A well-stocked trouser wardrobe will make it easier for men to combine the right outfit for every date. The following article will help you to be thoroughly informed on the subject of trousers for men.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s trousers

The range of men’s trousers is huge, so we have compiled the most important buying criteria for you so that you don’t lose track. You need to consider the following features before buying a pair of trousers:

  • Occasion
  • Fit
  • Material
  • Pattern

At this point we will go into more detail on the individual aspects of the criteria.


If you are looking for the perfect pair of trousers, you first need to know where and when you want to wear them. If you want to wear your trousers more in a professional context, then classic suit trousers are a good choice.

However, there are also jeans and fabric trouser models that are also well suited for the office. Such models are presented in muted shades such as black, beige or brown and have a comfortable and straight cut. Of course, you have to coordinate this with your employer’s dress code. For leisure, on the other hand, there are now countless men’s trouser variants.

Besides the indispensable jeans, there are also cargo or chino trousers. And if you want to be more comfortable, there are also cosy jogging trousers or airy linen trousers. We will go into more detail on the individual types of trousers in our guide section below.


The following cuts of men’s trousers have established themselves on the market. Here is a brief summary of the individual fits:

  • Slim fit: Trousers with this fit are cut close to the body and therefore particularly accentuate the figure. Related to this is the skinny fit, which is very similar to the slim fit, but differs in that the leg ends are cut very close to the body. The Slim Fit is cut a little wider at the legs.
  • Regular Fit: this cut is tighter at the thighs and looser at the calves. Basically, you can say about this fit that it does not contour, but runs straight. This shape is therefore a real all-rounder and suits all figure types of men.
  • Tapered fit: These trousers have a lower crotch and thus offer more free space in the hip and thigh area. The silhouette of this fit can basically be described as wedge-shaped. Therefore, the leg end runs narrower than the upper part of the trousers. To make a small comparison, it can be said that this cut is tighter than the Regular Fit, but fits much looser than the Slim Fit.
  • Comfort Fit: this fit, as the name suggests, focuses primarily on comfort. Trousers with this fit are cut wider throughout and thus offer a lot of freedom of movement. Compared to the upper fits, this is the least figure-hugging fit and therefore the most comfortable.

At this point we would like to point out that the individual cuts and sizes of the manufacturers can, however, vary. The names of the fits can vary, as can the fit. It is therefore best to check with the respective manufacturer beforehand to find out how they define the individual fits.


Classic jeans in robust quality are usually made of 100 % cotton. However, blends of cotton and elastane are now very popular for both jeans and other trousers. The elastane content is usually between 1 and 5 %. But even a small amount of elastane ensures that a pair of trousers can fit more snugly and is more comfortable to wear.

Besides cotton, there are also trousers made of polyester, viscose and linen. Although cotton is very popular with many because it is made of natural fibres, trousers containing polyester should still not be ruled out. Because polyester offers many advantages.

For example, it is particularly easy to care for and, compared to cotton, it dries quickly and is less prone to creasing. In addition, there are now many manufacturers who rely on recycled polyester and thus pay attention to more sustainability. In this way, former plastic bottles can be used to produce new trousers.


There is a wide range of patterns to choose from in men’s trousers. The classic is, of course, plain or uni-coloured. Trousers in plain colours are particularly easy to combine and are ideal for everyday office wear because of their unagitated simplicity.

With jeans, there are models that are mainly plain-coloured or only have a very subtle wash. However, if you prefer something more fashionable and eye-catching, there are also jeans with effective washing. Jeans with destroyed effects are also very popular. These intentionally have a used look or even cracked holes in the material. Other common patterns in men’s trousers are camouflage, stripes, herringbone and glencheck.

The glencheck pattern in particular has become trendy again in recent years. This is because it is not only suitable for business meetings, but also creates an elegant and well-groomed look in everyday life or for festive activities.

Men’s trousers: The most important questions answered

Before buying a pair of trousers, there are many unanswered questions, so we have researched and answered the most important questions about men’s trousers for you in the following section. This will help you make the right purchase decision more quickly.

In which styles are men’s trousers available?

Depending on the occasion and personal taste, fashion offers many different styles of men’s trousers. In this list, we have compiled the most important types of trousers for men for you.

  • Suit trousers: are elegant, classic trousers for business appointments or formal celebrations. High-quality suit trousers are usually made of 100% virgin wool. However, there are also inexpensive models made of blends with viscose or polyester.
  • Jeans: from workers’ trousers to the ultimate everyday basic. The many cuts and numerous washes make jeans a real all-rounder that can be styled in many different ways.
  • Cargo trousers: robust cotton material and large, patch pockets characterise the look of these trousers. In addition, cargo trousers usually have a loose cut for a casual style.
  • Chino trousers: they have a straight cut and are slightly narrower at the legs, while they are looser at the hips. Casual side pockets also characterise the chino look. The back pockets are usually decorative.
  • Linen trousers: are especially popular in summer because the linen fabric makes them light and breathable. Linen trousers are now available in many styles. They are just as suitable for the office as they are for leisure.

Now it’s up to you to think about which trousers might suit you best. Be brave and try out the different styles on yourself, maybe you will find something new that will show off your figure type to its best advantage.

How do I know if my men’s trousers fit well?

Decisive factors for well-fitting trousers are the waist and the length of the leg. The waist area should be wide enough so that the stomach does not have to be pulled in to close the trousers. At the same time, the trousers should not be too loose at the top, otherwise they will slip when you move.

The length of the trouser legs is optimal when the trousers cover half the heel of the shoe at the back, while they rest discreetly on the shoe at the front. The crease of suit trousers should also ideally run down the middle of the leg. With jeans, the leg should also not have any unsightly creases.

Also make sure that your trousers are tight at the seat, but not too tight. Narrow-cut trousers should also be able to follow your every movement without being too tight.

Which shoes go with my trousers?

Figure-hugging trousers can be worn well with slim sneakers or slim boots. Tapered fit jeans look especially good with retro style sneakers. Wear summer loafers with rolled-up chinos or with dark fabric trousers. Boat shoes can go perfectly with chinos to create a chic and festive look. Suit trousers as well as chinos go perfectly with business lace-ups. It is especially important to choose the right shoe colour for your suit trousers:

  • With black shoes: dark grey or black suit trousers
  • With brown shoes: brown, medium grey or dark blue suit trousers

Brown shoes are also worn with lighter shades of suit trousers such as light blue, beige or light grey, which tend to be the exception in the business world.

Styling tips for men’s trousers: How to style any type of trousers like a fashion pro

Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. If you just pay attention to a few details, you’ll be properly dressed for any occasion. We have put together a few suggestions for you here.

  1. Invest in a good pair of dark slim-fit jeans. Pair with a shirt and lace-up shoes and your office outfit is complete.
  2. Straight leg jeans are a versatile all-rounder. Combine them with a polo shirt to complete a smart casual look.
  3. Linen trousers in dark brown or a grey shade are the perfect choice for summer office wear.
  4. Combine men’s chinos with patterned T-shirts for a fashionably casual look.
  5. Wear a mottled sweatshirt with plain cargo trousers for a casual off-duty look.
  6. Don’t style the tapered fit with loose-fitting tops or jackets, as the fit is already loose, it could make your overall look too boxy.

Let the model pictures in our online shop inspire you or take a look at photos of your favourite actor. Stars are not sought-after trendsetters in fashion for nothing. This is how you will approach your own personal style step by step.


As you can see, there are numerous ways for men to style trousers properly. There is the right pair of trousers for every occasion and a suitable cut for every figure type. In addition, many types of trousers score points for their versatility. Many models can be quickly changed from an elegant to a casual look.

With the right top, chinos can be worn both in the office and at leisure. It is important to choose a cut that fits your figure well and to find a style that suits you so that you feel comfortable in the trousers of your choice. Then nothing will stand in the way of a fashionable appearance.

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