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Born in the Arctic and Siberia and later adopted by the military, the parka has also been established in our latitudes for many years and is much loved by many. It is now available from numerous manufacturers in countless designs, so there should be a suitable model for everyone. Whether with or without a hood, faux fur or real fur, plain or patterned, the parka is here to stay.

While men have to choose between functionality and style in other garments, a high-quality, modern men's parka manages this tightrope walk without having to compromise. It will keep you warm all year round and look good at the same time. The choice depends first and foremost on your personal needs and preferences.


The best Mens Parka: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's parkas

Parkas are extremely versatile and are therefore always very popular. Especially in winter, a parka can score with its advantages. However, they are also available in thinner versions for the transitional season. Before buying a men's parka, you can pay attention to certain aspects.

Specifically, these are the following buying criteria:

  • Upper material
  • Lining and filling
  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Size and length

In the following sections, we have gone into a little more detail about the individual criteria for you.

Outer material

In contrast to classic woollen coats, modern men's parkas for the winter season usually have synthetic outer materials. Some of them are also made of a synthetic-cotton blend.

Winter parkas in particular are made of materials that are as warm and water-repellent as possible. It is not uncommon for the outer material to be tightly woven and specially treated before processing. Some materials, such as Goretex, are even patented.

Generally, thick outer material tends to be windproof and hard-wearing. This is also to prevent any tears. Most of the time, we try to choose an outer material that is as solid as possible, but at the same time does not weigh too much and protects the possible filling of the inner lining.


Men's parkas can be fully or partially lined. Synthetic material or a blend is also often used for the lining. However, there are also linings made entirely of natural fibres, such as merino wool.

To provide additional warmth in winter, the lining of many models is also filled. The type of filling can be very different. They include down and feather fillings, synthetic padding and even men's parkas with teddy lining.

Some of the linings are removable, which further extends the range of possible uses for your parka. This means that the same parka can be used in winter, but also during the transitional season.

Especially if you are very active, you should look for breathable linings such as cotton or wool. Otherwise, the inside of your parka can quickly become damp from sweat, which is extremely unpleasant, especially in winter.


Classic colours for men's parkas are olive green, dark moss green, grey and navy blue. All these colours are considered relatively neutral and can therefore be wonderfully combined with each other and with other colours. Two-tone models can also be found on the market.

Meanwhile, men's parkas in bright colours such as yellow, orange and red are also very popular. Since a high-quality parka lasts for several years, you will often find more discreet colours in everyday life. These colours are considered timeless, especially for men's parkas.


In addition to the colour, the visual effect of the parka is decided by the chosen pattern. In reference to the historical past of the men's parka in the military sector, you will often find models in the camouflage look.

There are also some creations with a herringbone look or special geometric patterns. In many cases, however, the outer material of a men's parka is deliberately plain or at least plain. This underlines the unagitated, timeless character of this garment, which should, after all, stay with you for a long time.

Size and length

Unless otherwise recommended, you can buy a men's parka in your usual size. It should be cut to fit at least a jumper and a T-shirt underneath anyway.

Depending on the temperature and season, you can also opt for a short parka or an extra-long parka, both of which deviate from the traditional length of a men's parka. Typically, men's parkas reach over the hips and end around mid-thigh, so that the buttocks are also covered.

Men's parkas: The most important questions answered

Since men's parkas have been reinterpreted again and again for years, there is now a wealth of possible variations. To make your choice a little easier, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about men's parkas here.

What styles of men's parkas are available?

Parkas can be classic in muted colours, or more splashy. However, if you need a versatile parka, it may be a good idea to choose a model that is not too fancy.

  • Men's parkas with a business-casual look: look for a high-quality parka for this, preferably plain or uni in a soft colour. Coordinate the colour with the majority of your suits to make them stand out more.
  • Men's parkas for leisure: If you like bright colours and your parka is exclusively for leisure activities anyway, why not take the opportunity to brighten up the grey winter with something unexpected and cheerful?
  • Men's parkas for sporting activities: For an active lifestyle, look above all for breathable material that is thermoregulating in the best case. Here, too, there are no limits to the colours you can choose.

Most parkas have 4 outer pockets, 2 of which are at chest level. You can also insist on inside pockets if you need them.

How do I decide on the right fit?

Fit and sizing can follow different systems depending on the manufacturer. Online, there are sometimes special size charts that can help you.

Generally, clothing sizes can be rather large, rather small or simply regular. Sometimes this is specified in online shops if necessary.

  • The parka should not be too tight, so that you can wear at least 2 layers underneath if necessary.
  • The parka should not be too wide for your upper body so that not too much heat escapes.
  • The shoulder seam should not be too far from the furthest point of your shoulders.
  • Down and feather filled lining should not look too floppy, but well filled out.
  • For average winter temperatures, the parka should reach to about midway between your hips and knees, so that your buttocks are also covered. This way you keep your thighs warm, which makes a big difference in terms of warmth.
  • The outer pockets should not be too low so that you can reach in comfortably.
  • For extra legroom, a double zip that can be operated at both ends is recommended.
  • To sum up: a men's parka should neither be stretchy nor cut much too wide when closed. About 2 to 3 layers of clothing should fit underneath. This is especially true if you plan to wear your parka over a suit.

If you are very unsure about what size you need, it is best to try on a few models in a retail store. This will also give you a feel for the appropriate fit.

Which parkas keep you particularly warm?

For strong insulation in men's parkas, you should look in particular at the lining and the type of filling. Wool, down, feathers and fleece are considered to be good warmers and yet breathable.

Meanwhile, there are also very advanced synthetic materials that repel water better than, for example, untreated down-feather fillings. Nevertheless, mixed down and feather fillings are still considered to be especially suitable for ensuring lasting warmth.

This is because these fillings offer low weight, good thermal insulation and remain compact at the same time. The filling power, which describes the quality (not the quantity) of the down, is decisive. Specially treated down and feathers can keep you even warmer because they absorb less or no moisture.

With untreated versions, you should pay all the more attention to an outer material that is as waterproof and windproof as possible. If possible, look for sustainable sources and a fill ratio of 70 : 30 (down : feathers) percent.

Factors such as a (detachable) hood, a waterproof and windproof zip, and adjustable elastic bands on the sleeves, hood and bottom hem also help to maintain warmth by keeping out wind and water. Small contrasting cuffs serve the same purpose.

How do I care for and clean my men's parka?

Please be sure to follow the manufacturer's textile care instructions. Washing in a washing machine can damage specially treated materials and your parka may lose its durability and insulation.

Manufacturers may also recommend impregnation with a spray. However, this is often not recommended because the outer material has already been specially treated.

Men's parkas often require dry cleaning by a specialist. It is sufficient to take your parka to the dry cleaner at the beginning or end of the season.

In between, you can air it out in the fresh air. Since you often wear several layers underneath anyway, it also takes time before it needs a thorough freshening up.

Styling tips for men's parkas: How to skillfully integrate your parka into your wardrobe

  1. Casual: Style your parka with casual clothing such as a chunky knit jumper, a flannel or denim shirt for a casual look.
  2. Business casual: A high-quality parka also looks good over a suit in winter. Blue suits in particular are put in the right light with the help of classic olive green shades.
  3. Modern: Wear a turtleneck jumper and fine corduroy trousers from the same colour family under your parka for a modern yet timeless look. You'll also cut a fine figure in a slim-fitting V-neck jumper and a smart shirt to go with it.
  4. Sporty: Weatherproof sneakers go with pretty much any men's parka and look cool even in winter.

A men's parka is more versatile than a classic cut wool coat. It will be easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.


A men's parka is the ideal companion for the style-conscious man. It doesn't matter whether in the city or outdoors, everyday or leisure, it warms its owner and defies all weather conditions.

Paired with good shoes, gloves and a woollen hat, even a cold winter can't harm you in a men's parka. It is available in many sizes, can be styled in wonderfully versatile ways and can therefore look as individual as its owner. Treat yourself to the cosy warmth to go.

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