Last updated: August 23, 2021

Pearl necklaces for men? Does that go together at all? Aren't they rather a symbol of classic femininity? In fact, pearl necklaces can be worn by men! The idea that the fashionable garment can only be worn by women is a thing of the last century. Pearl necklaces for men have a long history in themselves.

Kings and nobles have always adorned themselves with pearls. The pearl necklace for men, which disappeared from men's wardrobes in the 19th and 20th centuries coinciding with the demise of most European monarchies, is slowly reasserting itself in men's fashion. Examples of this are the collections of well-known fashion houses such as Givenchy or Giambattista Valli, in which pearl necklaces often feature.

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Pearl necklaces for men: The most important questions answered

Since you are sure to have many questions regarding pearl necklaces for men, we have answered the most frequently asked questions for you here in the coming paragraphs.

For which occasions can pearl necklaces for men be worn?

Unlike in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, today you have to get rid of the concept that pearl necklaces for men can only be worn in elegant occasions, because this is completely wrong! Pearl necklaces for men can be worn at any time, and above all exude an open mind and modernity.

Both the classic white pearl necklaces and coloured pearl necklaces for men with and without pendants are part of a casual look. You can find many examples of male pearl necklace wearers especially in the music industry: Pharrell Williams, ASAP Rocky, Harry Styles, The Jonas Brothers and Usher are among the growing number of male pearl wearers.

What length should his pearl necklace for men be?

Choker, medium length or long? This is a question that is not easy to answer, as it borders a lot on personal taste. Chokers that have a length of 45 cm are more flexible in handling than other lengths. Pearl necklaces for men with around 60 cm are also easy to combine, but attract much more attention.

Pearl necklaces for men with 90 cm and more are generally difficult to combine, but definitely belong to an extravagant look, if that is what you want.

Does wearing a pearl necklace have a symbolic or religious character?

Depending on the culture, pearl necklaces have a special symbolism. In Hindu culture, for example, they are known as a symbol of love and purity. In a religious context, pearl necklaces serve a more useful function and help with prayer, which is why they are called prayer necklaces. However, these chains have special parts, such as a cross or hanging knots, which make them recognisable as such.

With this religious aspect, you should be careful not to hurt personal or religious feelings. That is why we advise you to choose a pearl necklace for men that is not associated with any particular faith.

What materials are pearl necklaces for men made of?

It is obvious that not all pearl necklaces on the current market are made of real pearls. But that is not a problem in itself, because today's pearl necklaces for men are made of different materials. Glass, gemstone, wood, metal, plastic, stone, coconut, among others, are materials from which pearl necklaces for men are made.

The care of these depends on the material. While real pearl necklaces for men can be bathed in lukewarm water and soap, necklaces made of wood, for example, should only be cleaned quickly with a light damp cloth.

Styling tips with pearl necklaces for men: How to achieve the perfect modern look

We will explain how pearl necklaces for men can best be combined here in the next tips.

  • Colour: A monochromatic outfit choice will help your pearl necklace for men stand out.
  • Jumper and necklace: With a high-collar jumper, the men's pearl necklace can be worn on top of the jumper, giving you an elegant but modern look.
  • Multiple necklaces: It is possible to wear many necklaces at the same time, but you should limit the number of necklaces to a maximum of three, otherwise it will be too much.
  • Caution: Avoid religious symbolism as long as it does not play a role for you.

As this revival of pearl necklaces for men is a fresh phenomenon, you will surely attract many looks by wearing one!


Pearl necklaces for men have arrived to stay! Firstly, the fashion accessory that has been revived in the fashion and music industry, partly reflects today's social circumstances where issues around gender and sex are on everyone's lips more than ever before. The U30 generation in particular is where most male pearl necklace wearers are found.

However, it is interesting to note that even though pearl necklaces for men are seen as something modern, trendy and gender transgressive, pearl necklaces for women still retain their classic and elegant character.

(Featured image photo: Brianna Mills / Unsplash)