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The pinstripe suit for men. While this chic garment gained notoriety in the 20s/30s through gangsters like Al Capone, in the years that followed it increasingly had to endure a reputation as a boring suit for dusty office work. This reputation can be put to an end: The men's pinstripe suit is a fashionable and versatile suit that no wardrobe should be without!

To give you an overview of the different models available today and how you can best style them, we have summarised the most important information and tips here. Nothing stands in the way of your stylish and confident appearance with a men's pinstripe suit.

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Pinstripe suit for men: The most important questions answered

What is a men's pinstripe suit anyway and when can I wear it? To give you a deeper insight into the world of men's pinstripe suits, we have answered the most important questions here.

What is a pinstripe suit?

The men's pinstripe suit is a special kind of suit. It gets its name from its special pattern: the pinstripe. The pinstripe pattern is created by incorporating warp threads that are a different colour to the base fabric. In this way, the warp threads stand out as filigree longitudinal stripes.

A classic men's pinstripe suit, for example, uses dark grey base fabric interspersed with light grey pinstripes.

To what occasion can I wear my men's pinstripe suit?

The men's pinstripe suit is one of the classics among suits. It radiates stylistic confidence and aplomb. That is why it is firmly established in business life and always a good choice. The men's pinstripe suit stands for professionalism and taste.

The men's pinstripe suit is also a welcome guest on private occasions, such as weddings. While the suit adds stylish elegance and a sleek shape, you can pick up fresh pastel tones with your shirt, which are often used at wedding ceremonies. Likewise, the men's pinstripe suit is a chic companion when you go to the opera or attend an upscale dinner.

Due to the increasing variety of patterns and possible combinations, a men's pinstripe suit can also be worn very well in a casual setting, for example with a T-shirt and sneakers. Look sophisticated but casual when you are out with your friends.

Is a men's pinstripe suit still fashionable?

The men's pinstripe suit is a timeless classic and therefore a good choice for your wardrobe. With multiple styles and unusual colour combinations, the men's pinstripe suit has become a suit for every occasion and is therefore still a trendy look today.

Styling tips for men's pinstripe suits: How to achieve the perfect pinstripe suit look

  1. Classic business look: If you want to make a professional appearance in a rather conservative industry, choose a dark grey or dark blue pinstripe suit with fine, light warps. Pair this suit in style with a plain white shirt and a subtle plain tie. Round off the classic business look with black lace-up shoes.
  2. Modern business look: For a modern business look, choose bolder suit colours, such as a navy blue pinstripe suit, and combine it with a light blue shirt. Swap your black lace-up shoes for brown oxfords or Budapest shoes and venture into the accessories box. A leather bracelet or nerd glasses could be the detail that perfectly rounds off your modern business look.
  3. Elegant: Even on important private occasions such as a dinner or wedding, you will always be stylishly and elegantly dressed with a men's pinstripe suit. With a black pinstripe suit combined with a black shirt, tie and shoes, you create a look in the style of film noir. If you want a more formal look, a double-breasted pinstripe suit in muted colours with a high-quality tie is recommended.
  4. Casual: Meanwhile, the men's pinstripe suit is available in a wide variety of colour schemes and cuts. This means that the suit can be worn very well as a casual fashion statement in your free time. For example, choose a suit in lighter shades such as light blue and combine it with a white T-shirt or even a statement T-shirt and white sneakers. A combination with loafer shoes is also suitable for a casual look.
  5. Extravagant: If you love extravagance and like to be the centre of attention, choose a pinstripe suit with an unusual pattern. For example, there are models with different widths of vertical stripes or vertical stripes in several colours. Or choose a pinstripe suit with an unusual cut: In summer, the pinstripe suit with short trousers is the eye-catcher par excellence. Add sunglasses and fabric shoes and you're ready for your next adventure.


The men's pinstripe suit is a must-have for the wardrobe of every man who wants to focus on style and appreciates versatility at the same time. After years of suffering the reputation of a boring business suit, the pinstripe suit is now experiencing a renaissance thanks to innovative patterns and cuts.

Whether as a casual chic style with knee-length waistband trousers and fabric shoes or as a smart business suit - the men's pinstripe suit always makes you look top styled and confident.

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