Last updated: August 12, 2021

Are you looking for the right men's rainwear? With a mackintosh for men you are well prepared for the wet weather. In addition to the classic models of mackintoshes, you can choose between different styles and designs. So you too can find the right mackintosh for you.

Before buying, however, you should consider a few criteria in order to avoid making a wrong purchase. We show you what these criteria are and have also worked out some questions for you, which are answered in detail. Furthermore, we offer you the ideal styling tips so that you can start the day fashion-consciously with your men's mackintosh.

The Best Mens Raincoat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men's mackintoshes

To help you avoid making the wrong purchase when it comes to men's mackintoshes, we have listed certain buying criteria that you should bear in mind.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Equipment
  • Processing
  • Design

In the next sections, the buying criteria already mentioned are briefly explained so that you can use them as a guide.


The be-all and end-all of a mackintosh for men is, of course, that it is waterproof. This property depends on the material, which is why this is an important purchase criterion.

Generally speaking, rainwear with a water column of 800 millimetres or more is considered waterproof. The term water column describes the water pressure that a fabric can withstand until three drops can penetrate. This is therefore the unit specified.

Known materials here are, for example, polyamide or nylon, which are coated. There are also breathable materials made of oilskin or oiled cotton, which have the advantage that you sweat less during physical exertion.

Basically, a distinction is made between mackintoshes for men with a coating and with a membrane. Both serve to make your clothing water-repellent.


The features of a mackintosh for men basically include pockets and a hood. After all, you don't want your head to get wet in heavy rain.

Such a headgear is, of course, first of all to keep your head dry, but also to prevent water from dripping down the back of your neck. This is particularly unpleasant during long hikes or walks.

It is an advantage that the hood is adjustable according to size, so that your face can be optimally enclosed. Therefore, hoods of rainwear are often equipped with cords on the outer edges.

In addition to the headgear, waterproof outer pockets play an essential role. These offer you the advantage that valuables, for example your mobile phone, can be transported safely. If there are no outer pockets, at least an inner pocket should take over the function.

For particularly cold autumn or winter days, the coats are also available in a lined version. These offer you additional warmth and ensure a pleasant wearing comfort.


The workmanship is an important criterion when buying a mackintosh for men. Generally, mackintoshes and other rainwear have zips, not just buttons. This prevents the water from penetrating.

Zips themselves are not waterproof, which is why they are equipped with an additional layer of fabric that acts as additional protection.

An important point to consider is the workmanship of the seams. When sewing the fabrics, the membrane is destroyed so that moisture can penetrate. To prevent this, you should make sure that the seams are taped. Alternatively, they can also be taped.

In order to achieve a proper finish and thus also a reasonable quality, it is beneficial to invest a little more for your men's mackintosh. This way you will definitely get more out of the garment.


Mackintoshes for men are available in countless colours and patterns. You can select them according to your individual wishes.

If you prefer to wear inconspicuous clothing, you should choose muted colours such as black, blue or grey. If you prefer strikingly bright colours, you can choose red or the classic yellow mackintosh, for example.

In addition to the classic men's mackintoshes, which are suitable for outdoor use, there are also models in business and particularly elegant looks for the men's world. These are usually available in muted colours such as dark blue.

Furthermore, there are models that are extra long. These can be combined stylishly with the matching shoes and have a high level of protection against water due to their length.

Mackintoshes for men: The most important questions answered

After we have presented the specific buying criteria, we will answer important questions about men's mackintoshes in the following sections. In this way, we want to make your purchase as easy as possible.

In which styles are men's mackintoshes available?

Besides the classic mackintoshes for men, the coats are also available in certain styles. Elegant mackintoshes, which evoke a chic business look, or even extra long models are available for you.

  • Serious business mackintoshes for men: Raincoats with a business look create a visually elegant and serious impression. They have the advantage of looking smart and are also water-repellent. Such a model resembles a men's trench coat with a large button placket. Often, these variants have a large collar, for example a tap collar. The colours are kept rather neutral due to the occasion.
  • Classic men's m ackintoshes for the outdoors: The classic mackintoshes for men have the necessary function, but look less elegant. Often the colours are a bit more gaudy here, although neutral colours can also be chosen. With a hood and waterproof outer pockets, men's mackintoshes are ideal for long walks or other outdoor activities.
  • Extra long mackintoshes for men: Another variant regarding men's mackintoshes is the extra long version. The longer the coat, the more your body can be protected from the wet. This has the advantage that you can do without rain pants for certain outdoor activities. The model is less suitable for hiking, as the coat takes up a lot of space when stowed in the backpack.
  • Men's mackintoshes for construction sites: Workers on construction sites, for example, naturally need waterproof clothing. Men's mackintoshes with a high-visibility look are ideal for this purpose, as they also provide the necessary safety. The colours are often brighter so that the workers can be seen better in road traffic.

The choice of the appropriate style depends on the occasion for which you need a mackintosh for men. Therefore, you need to choose the variant of your coat individually.

How do I care for and clean my men's mackintosh?

First of all, you can pay attention to the washing instructions of your men's coat. Often, a certain degree number is given here, which you should stick to. Otherwise, you can also check the manufacturer's website.

  1. First of all, you should close the fasteners of your men's mackintosh so that they are protected.
  2. The maximum temperature to which your men's coat should be washed is about 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. You can use special detergents or so-called mild detergents.
  4. In the best case, keep the spin speed relatively low.
  5. After washing, the coat should not be tumble-dried but air-dried.

Washing instructions may vary depending on how the coat works. Therefore, it is important to check carefully beforehand.

What functions should a men's mackintosh have?

Men's mackintoshes should have certain functions so that you can fully use your garment for your area of application.

  • Water-repellent: Like other rainwear, a men's mackintosh should of course be water-repellent first and foremost. The seams should be made in such a way as to prevent water from penetrating.
  • Breathable: Ideally, your men's mackintosh should be breathable. Many fabrics have the function of transporting perspiration to the outside in the form of water vapour. This keeps the coat itself dry and comfortable to wear. Your men's mackintosh should be breathable, especially for sporting activities such as hiking.
  • Wearing comfort: Your men's mackintosh should also be comfortable to wear. This means that a certain level of comfort should be maintained. However, this is subjective. It is a good idea to try on your coat first to see if the fabric is not too stiff for you.

Basically, it is a good idea to invest more for such a garment in order to get a high-quality coat for men that fulfils its functions.

Styling tips for men's mackintoshes: How to create the perfect mackintosh outfit with a business look

A men's mackintosh is ideal for going to the office in wet weather. In addition to its water-repellent function, the coat gives you a visually serious impression and looks elegant to boot. This makes you a real eye-catcher on your way to work.

  1. Choose a plain mackintosh for men without patterns. The colours dark blue, dark grey, black or beige are suitable here. Men's mackintoshes look particularly chic in the form of a trench coat.
  2. Under your coat, you can choose a classic pair of jeans in blue, black or grey, for example. These should not have any holes in them.
  3. As a top, you can choose a smart jumper, depending on the weather. Turtlenecks in neutral colours are suitable for the office.
  4. Of course, classic rubber boots do not go well with this outfit. You can choose matching leather shoes in the colours of the men's mackintosh or the jumper. In the best case, these are even waterproof.
  5. Finally, the only thing missing is your work bag, which is usually black or grey and therefore matches the rest of your outfit.

In addition to the classic image of the yellow mackintosh for men, you can start your working day with an elegant outfit and need not shy away from any wet weather.


Mackintoshes for men offer optimal protection in wet weather. Before buying, however, you should consider certain purchase criteria to avoid making a wrong purchase. In addition, mackintoshes for men should be breathable and comfortable to wear. Basically, rainwear is equipped with a matching hood and outer pockets for stowing valuables.

Men's mackintoshes are available in different colours, but also in different styles. These can be chosen according to the desired occasion. The garment can be cleaned in the washing machine and air dried. The manufacturer's instructions should be followed.

(Image source: Kyler Boone/ unsplash)