Last updated: August 19, 2021

If you think rings are only for women, you're far from it! Sven Marquardt, bouncer at the famous Berlin club Berghain, and Hollywood actor Johnny Depp show how it's done: Men's rings enhance the look and add an individual touch.

In this article we tell you all the tips on the subject of rings for men, so that you know what to look out for before you buy. We also give you an overview of different designs and styles of men's rings and how to best wear your ring. Have fun!

The Best Men's Ring: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying rings for men

In the following sections, we show you what you should look for when buying a men's ring.

These are the following three buying criteria:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Design

Rings for men can differ significantly within these criteria. How? You will find out in the following.


Before you even decide what size ring to buy, you should ask yourself which finger you want to wear the ring on. Larger, heavier rings are particularly suitable for the thumb, index or middle finger, while more discreet rings fit better on the ring finger or little finger.

When buying a ring online, look carefully at the measurements given. Often the size of a ring in pictures is deceptive and you will be surprised to find that your chosen ring is larger or smaller than you imagined.

Back to ring sizes: Once you have decided which finger you want the ring to sit on, you need to find out the right size for that finger. Also decide directly whether the ring should sit on the right or the left hand, because for right-handers, the fingers of the right hand can be a little stronger than those of the left hand.

Ring sizes are measured using either the inner diameter or the inner circumference. To find out which ring fits you, you can use one of your rings as a comparison. If you don't have any rings (yet), take a measuring tape and wrap it around your finger or make a ring out of a strip of paper, the diameter of which you can then easily measure.


The material is another important purchase criterion for your men's ring. A basic distinction is made between costume jewellery and high quality jewellery.

While costume jewellery is easier to produce and made of inexpensive materials such as plastic, metal or glass, real jewellery is made of high-quality materials such as gold, white gold, silver or valuable gemstones. This is exactly what applies to rings for men.

Wearing a ring every day can take some getting used to at first. If you have no experience with men's rings, we recommend that you first opt for costume jewellery. If you have been wearing rings for a long time and like to wear them, it is worth buying a high-quality ring.

But not only the basic material can play a role, but also how the material has been processed: is the surface smoothly polished, matt or brushed? The possibilities are very diverse!


The design is of course the be-all and end-all of a man's ring. Here you have to choose between numerous shapes, colours and styles.

As far as the design is concerned, a decision-making aid could be what style of dress you have and on what occasions you want to wear your men's ring. If you want it to complement your suit, go for a minimalist, slim model. Or if you want it to be the matching counterpart to your leather jacket, then perhaps look around for a rocking, rather fancy ring.

If you already own rings, you can also ask yourself how your next men's ring will best complement your other rings. We are sure that you will add more good-looking models to your collection.

Men's ring: The most important questions answered

Here we will once again answer all the central questions on the subject of rings for men. Let's go!

In which styles are men's rings available?

The right style for every man - men's rings come in many different variations:

  • Signet rings: a very popular model among men is the classic signet ring. Originally an expression of one's family and origins, signet rings have become widespread fashion jewellery. They are available in traditional, detailed versions or in simple, minimalist designs.
  • Minimalist men's rings: This simple type of ring is often available as a modern signet ring, as mentioned above, or as an even more minimalist ring without designs.
  • Rapper rings: This type of men's ring is a bit more daring and certainly not for everyone. Usually with golden, decorative elements, rapper rings are a fun eye-catcher for the club or a party.
  • Men's rings in ethnic style: Usually with patterns and pictures from distant cultures or with colourful gemstones, the ethnic ring is something for the casual, alternative man.
  • Men's rings with engraving: Often men's rings have engravings on the outside or hidden on the inside edge of the ring. The engraving can have a symbolic effect and remind you of something specific in everyday life.

Whether detailed, minimalist, with or without engraving - there are a wide variety of styles and designs. You are sure to find the right men's ring for you!

How can I tell if my men's ring fits well?

Whether your ring is too tight or too wide - neither is ideal and should be avoided as far as possible when buying. However, if you later discover that your men's ring does not fit perfectly, a solution can still be found.

  • The ring should not slip too easily over your knuckle, otherwise it wears too loosely and you risk losing it on the way. When you wear the ring and shake your hand, the ring should not slip over your ankle.
  • At the same time, the ring should not be too tight on your finger. Especially in summer or even in the morning, your fingers are usually a bit thicker than in the cold or in the evening. Therefore, you should also take this into account when choosing the size.

So even before you buy, you should pay close attention to the choice of size. If the ring still doesn't quite fit later, all is not lost, see the next question:

My ring doesn't fit properly - what can I do?

If you find that your men's ring is too big, there are two options: If it's a high-quality ring, it's worth having it professionally reduced at the jeweller's. With costume jewellery, on the other hand, you can improvise: Stick a narrow piece of plastic to the lower, inner edge of your ring. Does it fit better now?

If your men's ring is too small, there is no way to make it bigger. With high-quality rings, however, it is worth going to the jeweller's to have the ring widened.

I can't get my ring off my finger - what can I do?

First step: don't panic. The problem can be solved quickly with a few simple tricks.

Wet your hands and soap the affected finger properly. This way, the ring slides better on the skin and thus comes off the finger more easily.

To pull it off, grip it from the side rather than the top and bottom; this works better in most cases. Do not pull, but gently jerk the ring off your finger. So, did it work?

How do I care for and clean my men's ring?

There are several ways to clean rings. If your ring is costume jewellery, you can put it in a bowl of soapy water, let it soak and then clean it carefully with an old toothbrush or cloth.

If you have high-quality jewellery made of gold or with precious stones, it is better to take your ring to a jeweller and have it professionally cleaned there. Gold-plated rings in particular can be sensitive because the thin layer of gold can possibly flake off if not cleaned professionally. It is therefore better to be on the safe side!

Styling tips for men's rings: How to achieve the perfect look

Here we reveal the simple tips that will make you a stylish ring wearer.

  • Look for men's rings that match your style of dress: After all, a ring is a cool way to complete your look, so go ahead and match your outfits.
  • Wear rings that complement each other: If you wear several men's rings, make sure they match each other style-wise. Again, don't overload your rings with rings, you certainly don't want to look like a gangster rapper.
  • Wear other jewellery in the same style: Your rings look even better when they are not worn alone. For example, pick out a matching men's bracelet or necklace to complete the look.
  • Alternatively, wear your ring on a chain around your neck: A more unusual way to wear a ring is not on your finger, but as a pendant around your neck. It's certainly not for everyone, but you might like the idea.
  • Takecare of your fingernails: If you wear rings, your hands will automatically attract more attention. Therefore, make sure your hands are well-groomed and your fingernails are clean and trimmed!

We hope these tips will inspire you to find the right ring for you and to use it skilfully.


We summarise: When choosing a ring, think about which finger you will wear it on and choose the right size accordingly. Make sure that your ring does not fit too tightly and at the same time does not slip off your finger too easily.

Men's rings come in many different styles. It is best to choose a ring that goes well with your style of dress and think about when you would wear the ring - for leisure and/or work? Either way, a men's ring is a cool way to enhance and personalise your outfit.

Sources: Unsplash & 123rf