Last updated: August 22, 2021

The men's rugby shirt has long been worn for more than just rugby. It impresses with its extremely robust and at the same time chic material, in which you are guaranteed not to sweat. This makes it an excellent everyday companion for any situation.

Classic and casual at the same time, these attributes probably describe the men's rugby shirt best. Especially for spring and summer, the rugby shirt is a must-have for every gentleman, because with a few tips and tricks, the men's rugby shirt can be styled wonderfully for any occasion. Below we answer all frequently asked questions and give you some styling tips for the men's rugby shirt.

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Rugby shirt for men: The most important questions answered

The rugby shirt for men is a very fashionable garment. It can be described as a variation of the polo shirt, which, however, is still often underestimated. To give you a better understanding of this trend, we answer the most important questions about this "it" piece below.

What styles of rugby shirts are available for men?

Rugby shirts for men come in different styles. While the cut and material are usually very similar, there are, however, very big differences in the design. We will show you these in the following.

  • Striking Rugby Shirts: You will find a variety of men's rugby shirts in a colourful block stripe design. This is the typical design of a men's rugby shirt. It has large stripes in mostly very eye-catching colours, such as red or green. But this model is also available in plain blue and grey shades.
  • Classic-casual rugby shirts: It's not only with colourful block stripes that you attract everyone's attention. The men's rugby shirt is also a fashion highlight in plain colours. This model is particularly suitable for serious business looks.

Basically, men's rugby shirts are available in many colour variations. The classic is the striped shirt, which is due to the fact that rugby shirts in sport were mainly used to keep the teams apart. However, new trends and new variations of the men's rugby shirt are constantly emerging in the fashion sector.

What is special about a rugby shirt?

A men's rugby shirt is characterised above all by its special collar. The rugby shirt is very similar to the classic polo shirt, but it is not the same. Because unlike the polo shirt, the collar of a rugby shirt is usually a little stiffer, so you can be sure that the collar always fits perfectly.

In addition, a rugby shirt is characterised by its breathable, easy-care jersey fabric. This is much more robust than, for example, the fine cotton piqué from which a polo shirt is made. The classic men's rugby shirt is long-sleeved and available with stripes or in one colour. Rarely you will also find short-sleeved men's rugby shirts.

Styling tips for men's rugby shirts: How to achieve the perfect rugby shirt look

The men's rugby shirt is an absolute all-rounder. With the right rugby shirt, you can create both a simple, elegant and a casual look. Finally, we would like to give you some tips on how you can best showcase your rugby shirt.

  1. The casual street look: You can easily create an everyday street look with your men's rugby shirt, whether plain or with colourful block stripes, combined with classic jeans. Add your favourite sneakers and the look is perfect.
  2. The casual look: On warm days, create a great casual look with a pair of men's Bermuda shorts combined with your rugby shirt. But men's cargo pants are also a good choice for a casual outfit. A white sneaker rounds off the outfit.
  3. The classic, elegant look: For special occasions, you can achieve an elegant look with a simple, plain coloured men's rugby shirt together with chino trousers. With this combination, you are perfectly styled for business meetings, but this is also the optimal choice for a date.

These styling tips are just a few of the many combinations that are possible with a men's rugby shirt. In principle, however, whatever you like is allowed. Because your outfit should always underline your personality so that you feel comfortable.


Even though the rugby shirt for men is often confused with the polo shirt, they are not the same. The rugby shirt convinces above all with its elegant cut and the collar, which perfectly sets off men's proportions. That's why you should definitely go for a men's rugby shirt this summer.

No matter how you want to stage your rugby shirt, the possibilities are endless with this all-rounder. Whether elegant or casual, you are perfectly dressed in every situation!


Image source: Lena Kudryavtseva / Unsplash