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Running outdoors is not just a sport, for many runners it is a passion that improves their mood and makes them mentally fitter. Regular running strengthens the heart-running system and increases the ability to concentrate.

When jogging, you don't need any fitness equipment, but you definitely need good running clothes to be able to jog easily in any season and anywhere. The selection for men's running clothes is very large and varied, so everyone can quickly find their perfect running clothes that fit them well. Decisive for good running clothes is the wearing comfort; first and foremost, they must fit well and fit properly.

The Best Men's Running Clothes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's running clothes

It is not easy to find the right running gear. If you go jogging regularly, you should buy good and suitable running clothes. There are several aspects to consider.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Breathability
  • Weatherproof
  • Reflectors
  • Fit
  • additional features

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When buying your running clothes, make sure they are breathable because if they are not, moisture could quickly build up between your body and the running clothes. If the running clothes have a Gor TeX membrane (GTX), then waterproofness and breathability are guaranteed.

The material used plays a major role here, e.g. running clothes made of polyester fibre fabrics (PES), polyamide and spandex are not breathable. Sweat remains on the surface of the fabric and is decomposed by its own bacteria, which then leads to an unpleasant odour. Running clothes made of navy wool, on the other hand, are breathable and take on little odour.

In running jackets, there are additional features that allow the jacket to be breathable. Such as ventilation slits as holes on the back or zips under the armpits. these additional functions are called " Clima cool".


There is no wrong weather, only the wrong clothing. Every weather needs special running clothes, because real runners run in any weather, no matter if it is very cold or very hot. To make this possible, you need suitable functional running clothes.

In winter, you need a lined running jacket with a thermal function to protect your upper body from getting chilled. In sub-zero temperatures, your feet in particular freeze and therefore need well-padded socks. A headband or running cap is also essential for cold days. In hot days, a well-breathing running shirt is indispensable. Avoid cotton shirts, they absorb sweat and stick to the body. The running clothes should be light and airy.

In spring and autumn, make sure that your running clothes are rainproof and water-repellent. A windbreaker is the best choice.


Reflective running clothes should be worn for jogging in the dark. This offers enormous safety by enabling the runner to be seen more quickly by motorists. Reflective running clothes are usually sewn in with luminous threads and are therefore well equipped to protect the runner from danger in the dark.


Men's running clothes can be found in different fits. There are long or short running jackets, some with hoods and some without. There are also different models of running shoes. It depends on the season and the purpose.

There are also thoughtful details in running clothes, such as running jackets with chin protectors or thumbholes. Caps with neck protection or just a headband. There are also different fits for the trousers, including tights, jogging trousers with zips on the side or, for summer, shorts made from a light material. Running clothes may fit close to the body. Running tights are preferred by runners because they have fewer wrinkles and thus avoid potential friction points.

Comfort is very important here and, of course, personal taste.

Additional features

If you go jogging regularly, you should invest in good functional clothing. Jogging is an outdoor sport and therefore requires weather-appropriate running clothes that are equipped with these three important functions: water-repellent, wind-repellent and sweat-repellent.

  • Water repellent: Men's running clothes should protect against moisture and have a rainproof property. This means that the running jacket should have a water-repellent surface. Running shoes should also be waterproof enough to allow you to jog in the rain for long periods of time without any problems.
  • Windproof: Most running clothes, especially running jackets, have a wind stopper function. They are equipped with windproof membranes that keep the wind out.
  • Sweat repellent: It is important that running clothes are made of a breathable material. With a non-breathable running jacket or running shirt, moisture can quickly build up between your body and the running clothes, the sweat remains on the surface of the fabric and is decomposed by its own bacteria, which then leads to an unpleasant odour.

Men's running clothes: The most important questions answered

To help you make your decision and find the right running clothes for men, we have answered the most important questions about men's running clothes.

What are the different types of running clothes for men?

The types of men's running clothes differ depending on the purpose and weather, and have different functions and features to suit the weather and purpose. Below we have compiled the most important types of running clothes and their special features.

  • Reflective running clothes for men: For jogging in the dark, especially in autumn and winter, when the weather is also very misty, the runner needs reflective running clothes. This protects them from danger, as they are seen more quickly thanks to this feature. Here, models with reflective stripes on the ankles and wrists, on the shins, upper arms and across the chest are a good choice.
  • Compression running clothes for men: These are running clothes that are designed to increase performance while running. These are tight-fitting trousers, socks, shirts or even full-body suits that exert a certain amount of pressure. The blood is thus pumped upwards from the feet so that the muscles have more oxygen. This could improve performance.
  • Men's running clothes with wind jacket: A wind jacket is indispensable for the nimble autumn days, because it warms and keeps the wind out at the same time. Many wind jackets are made of a thin layer of material and have an elasticated waistband. Some also have a collar that closes high so that the neck is also protected from the wind.
  • Men's running clothes for winter: Insulated jackets, hybrid jackets and softshell jackets are ideal for winter. Running trousers should also be made of softshell materials or have a thermal lining.
  • Men's running clothes for summer: In summer, airy shirts made of a thin and fine material are preferred. Three-quarter running tights are also very popular with men in summer.

With time, you will have the experience to always buy the appropriate and the perfect running clothes. You will be better able to recognise which running clothes are best suited to which weather.

How do I clean my men's running clothes?

Men's running clothes should not only be washed for hygienic reasons, they lose their functionality when they get dirty. A dirt- and salt-encrusted functional running jacket is not as breathable as a freshly washed one. When washing running clothes, always pay attention to the instructions on the label. There are special detergents for sportswear, these can be used when washing and please avoid fabric softener. For functional jackets, it is recommended to use a waterproofing agent after washing.

Which items of clothing are part of men's running gear?

A basic running outfit consists of a running shirt, running trousers and suitable running shoes. Depending on the weather, you may need a running jacket and other extra accessories. The running gear for a beginner runner is different from that for an advanced runner.

  • Running beginners: need good running shoes that fit their physique. They need short and long running shoes, shirts, a running jacket, functional underwear and running socks.
  • Advanced runners: those who jog regularly need good basic equipment with breathable accessories such as a hat, scarf and gloves for winter and a scarf for summer. Also technical aids such as a pulse watch.

Running shoes are the most important part of jogging, they provide support for the whole body. It is also very important for the joints, ligaments and tendons to wear good and comfortable running shoes.

Which men's running clothes are right for winter?

In winter, you should wear functional running clothes according to the onion principle, this principle protects against the cold as air pockets form between the layers of clothing.

The basic equipment in winter consists of a thermal running jacket, a running shirt and a longsleeve, which should be worn on top of each other, plus a long thermal tight. The running shoes should have stable and non-slip soles. Gloves, hat and scarf protect you from the cold and are also indispensable in winter.

In gloomy weather, it is recommended to wear reflective running clothes.

Which men's running clothes are right for summer?

In summer, a runner needs breathable running clothes to repel perspiration and avoid unpleasant odours. This includes a breathable shirt, short running tights and special running socks that protect against blisters and keep the foot dry. Running shoes made of breathable fabric also prevent chafing and sweaty feet and are recommended in summer.


The right running clothes for men protect against different weather conditions and are of great importance for every runner. When deciding, one should consider many aspects such as the outside temperature, the running duration, personal taste and personal well-being.

With the right running clothes, you can go jogging in any weather and at any time without any problems. Whereby the running equipment can be extended as your performance and ambition increases.

(Image source: Chander R / Unsplash)

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