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With a properly styled men's running jacket, you become an eye-catcher when jogging. Whether with or without sleeves, with or without a hood, colourful or plain. They come in a wide variety of designs and materials. There is something for every taste.

Men's running jackets are perfect for doing sports outdoors, but they can also be used to style casual outfits. No matter what you want to use a men's running jacket for, you will definitely find the right men's running jacket for you in the large selection.

The Best Mens Running Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's running jackets

There is a wide range of running jackets for men. Styled correctly, you and your outfit will be a real eye-catcher. However, there are some aspects you should consider when buying a men's running jacket.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Presence of sleeves
  • Presence of hood
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Lining

In the coming paragraphs, we will explain how to find the perfect running jacket for men.

Presence of sleeves

Whether your running jacket for men should have sleeves depends entirely on your needs. In summer or on warmer spring and autumn days, wearing a running jacket without sleeves is much more comfortable.

In winter, however, we recommend a running jacket with sleeves to keep your body warm. Also, if you have sensitive skin, a running jacket with sleeves can protect your skin from the sun in summer.

If you are looking for a men's running jacket for all year round, a running jacket with detachable sleeves is also a good option, so you can take advantage of both a sleeveless running jacket and a running jacket with sleeves.

Presence of a hood

Among the different types of men's running jackets, the presence of a hood is a variation. Especially in lower temperatures or in the rain, a hood is very helpful to keep your hair dry or your ears warm. In summer, however, the extra fabric at the neck can be annoying.

Similar to the sleeves, there are also men's running jackets that have a detachable hood or whose hood can be stored in a small integrated pocket. Whether a running jacket with a hood makes sense for you depends entirely on your needs. A hood can also protect your head in strong sunlight.


Whether a running jacket for men is breathable is very important, otherwise the sweat that is produced while running cannot escape and this can not only be uncomfortable, but can also lead to a cold in low temperatures.

But also in summer it is necessary that your running jacket is breathable, because the higher temperatures make you sweat even more. The breathability of a men's running jacket ensures that a well-regulated air circulation can take place. Especially materials like wool or microfibres are very breathable, so you should look for running jackets with a high polyester or nylon content.


A waterproof running jacket for men is useful for you if you want to go running in all weather conditions. Even if you get caught in a rain shower on the way, a waterproof running jacket is very useful. However, sometimes the breathability can be affected by the water resistance and you will start sweating faster.

If you want to exercise outside even in bad weather, you should consider a waterproof running jacket for men.


Men's running jackets that are lined will keep you warm even in low temperatures. Especially in the colder seasons, it can be an advantage to have a running jacket with a lining. However, you should be aware that the lining will make you sweat more quickly and that the running jacket is usually less breathable.

If you do not sweat quickly or are even more likely to freeze, even when exercising, we recommend a men's running jacket with lining.

Some models also have a removable lining, so you can also use the running jacket on warmer days.

Men's running jackets: The most important questions answered

The huge range of running jackets for men makes it understandably difficult to choose the right running jacket. To help you with your purchase decision, we have selected and answered the most important questions about men's running jackets.

What types of men's running jackets are there?

Running jackets come in a wide variety of designs, you can find the different types of running jackets for men in the following list:

  • Fleece jacket: This type of running jacket for men is particularly good at keeping you warm. The running jackets made of soft fleece material are particularly air-permeable, but this is not an advantage, especially in strong winds. Unfortunately, they are less breathable and not waterproof. This type of men's running jacket is therefore only suitable for milder temperatures in good weather.
  • Rain/ wind jacket: Rain and wind jackets are, as the name suggests, waterproof and are also suitable for bad weather. However, the waterproof fabric does not allow sweat to escape, so these men's running jackets are not really breathable and should really only be worn in rain and strong wind.
  • Softshell jacket: These types of men's running jackets are so-called functional jackets. They are relatively breathable and also relatively waterproof. Sweat can easily escape through the synthetic fabric and the jackets have a warming effect. These jackets can also be used in light rain, but are not suitable for heavy rain.

Depending on the weather and the situation, the different types of men's running jackets are suitable in different ways. Softshell jackets are particularly well suited, as they are especially breathable and warming.

Which men's running jacket is suitable for winter?

Lined running jackets for men are particularly suitable in winter, but they are still breathable at the same time to allow sweat to evaporate and thus maintain a regulated air circulation. Especially if you get cold quickly, a men's running jacket with lining is particularly suitable for you.

However, if you sweat quickly, a lined running jacket may not be suitable for you. In any case, we would recommend a softshell jacket, as it is not only breathable, but also keeps you warm.

What is a running jacket for men suitable for?

A men's running jacket is suitable for all outdoor sports activities. No matter if you are jogging, walking or doing body weight exercises in the fresh air. Even though running jackets are designed for sports, they can also be a real visual highlight. So you can also complement a sporty outfit with a running jacket.

But even if you get cold easily, you can wear a running jacket when warming up in the gym. Here, a men's running jacket with high breathability is recommended to ensure the escape of sweat.

How do I clean a men's running jacket?

The best way to clean your men's running jacket is usually recommended by the manufacturer. In general, you can wash your running jacket at 30 degrees and at low speed in the washing machine. Liquid mild detergent is particularly suitable for this. You should always wash your running jacket inside out. Such a gentle wash is necessary to maintain the function of the running jacket.

Especially with softshell jackets, you should pay attention to a gentle wash, otherwise their functions, such as breathability, can be limited.

If you want to use your men's running jacket several days in a row, it is also possible to hang the running jacket outside between days to air it out. However, you should not do this more than 2 to 3 times in a row and then wash your jacket in the washing machine.

Styling tips for men's running jackets: How to style your running jacket to perfection

Men's running jackets are real eye-catchers when styled correctly. Above all, running jackets are perfect for sporty and casual looks. Below we have put together a few ideas and tips on how to style your men's running jacket for your inspiration:

  • Sporty: Paired with your favourite sports trousers and smart sneakers, you will be stylish while exercising with your men's running jacket. In winter, you can also add a smart hat as an accessory.
  • Casual: You can also visually enhance an everyday outfit with a men's running jacket. Casual trousers, styled with a smart T-shirt or jumper and a pair of sneakers can be combined with a men's running jacket.

Of course, our tips are only for inspiration, you can style your men's running jacket according to your taste.


Running jackets for men are not only used for sports, you can also combine your running jacket with a casual everyday outfit. Whether as a soft shell jacket, rain jacket or fleece jacket. Running jackets come in a wide variety of designs and materials.

With a suitable men's running jacket, you can run, go for a walk or do fitness exercises outdoors in windy and all weathers. Styled correctly, you and your running jacket will be a real eye-catcher. With a wide range of running jackets for men, you will find the right jacket for you.

Image source: Jenny Hill on Unsplash

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