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You can run anywhere, anytime: all year round, in sub-zero temperatures, rain or scorching heat. Especially in bad weather, the right running trousers for men will support you. They not only protect you from rain and wind, but also prevent your legs from getting cold. In summer, a pair of men's running shorts offers you freedom of movement and fresh air. That's why a pair of high-quality running shorts for men should be part of your basic equipment.

The choice is huge, but it's not just a question of whether they come in bright neon colours or plain black. Besides style, comfort, functionality and fit should be relevant to your decision. And that you feel comfortable. That way you are equipped for every run.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying running trousers for men

Functional clothing is especially important for sports. When running or jogging, running trousers for men in particular make a difference. That's why they are an integral part of many people's wardrobes. But before you ask yourself which running pants are suitable for you, you should consider a few things when making your purchase decision.

The following buying criteria will help you find the right pair of men's running pants for every run:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Size and length
  • Features
  • Functionality
  • Sustainability

In the following section, you will find out what you should consider for each aspect.


The material of the running trousers must be designed for the special conditions of the sport. It should be breathable, absorb sweat, stretchy and light. Cotton in particular is unsuitable for this. Synthetic fibre materials such as polyester meet these requirements.

Nevertheless, merino wool has been able to establish itself as a natural fibre, as it optimally regulates body temperature and is odourless. However, it cannot compete with synthetic fabrics in terms of durability and breathability. Men's running shorts made of woven material also work to wick away sweat, but they are not as stretchy as would ideally be the case when running.


There are no limits to the colours you can choose for your men's running shorts. Classic in black, grey or blue or inconspicuous on the move in camouflage running trousers? But they can also be colourful and eye-catching in orange, green, yellow, pink or red. Running trousers for men are also available in plain white. The choice is huge!

And anyone who likes something a little more eye-catching simply reaches for wild patterns or neon colours. Especially in the dark season and when it rains, you will be seen more easily by others as a runner.

Size and length

When it comes to size, the right fit depends not only on body type and manufacturer, but above all on the length of the running trousers.

Men's running shorts in particular have a loose shape and are designed for high temperatures. For men, they also have a tight inner short, the so-called 2-in-1 running shorts. For unstable weather, running trousers with 3/4 leg length are worthwhile. The classic models are usually ankle-length or have a 7/8 leg length that covers most of the legs.

Long tights, on the other hand, have a tight fit and are particularly warming in low temperatures. Regular training trousers, on the other hand, have a looser fit. When sizing, make sure that no seams chafe or pinch.

Long or short trousers, or would you prefer 2-in-1 running trousers? Tights or 3/4 length running shorts? Personal preferences, but above all weather conditions, play a decisive role in choosing the right length.


If you run alone, you will take your house keys and mobile phone with you on the trail. So that you don't have to hold them in your hand all the time, most running trousers have a practical pocket on the back. Some of them have a zip or not. Often there is also a pocket for the smartphone on the thigh. At this point, you hardly notice the mobile phone while running.

For better visibility, most running trousers for men are equipped with reflectors. Especially if you are outdoors a lot, you should pay attention to this.


Not only the material of the men's running pants is breathable, and therefore very functional. Especially for winter and anyone whose legs get cold quickly, there are thermal running trousers. The material of these is roughened on the inside or they are lined. In this way, the running pants help your body regulate its temperature.

In addition, waterproof and windproof running trousers function as windstoppers, which is especially advantageous in autumn and winter. Running trousers with compression create an even external pressure, due to the tight-fitting sportswear. This promotes blood circulation, which is supposed to promote regeneration after exercise.


Running trousers for men are already stylish and functional. Classically, most running trousers are made of synthetic material. This is particularly efficient, but does not score well in terms of sustainability. But the question of ecological or vegan production is also increasingly playing a role for many.

If you still want to buy ecological, sustainable running pants for men, you should make sure that recycled synthetic fibre is used. This makes an important contribution to the sustainable use of raw materials. In the meantime, however, the selection of running trousers made from natural fibres is also growing. Another criterion for more sustainability can be production in Europe.

If you choose one of these alternative options, you have taken the first step towards sustainably produced running trousers.

Running trousers for men: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right running pants for men is often anything but easy. That's why you will find an overview of the most important questions about men's running trousers here.

Why do I need special running pants for men?

Good functional clothing is essential, especially for sports, as it is adapted to the special requirements. The fabric of the running pants is breathable, light and allows your skin to regulate itself optimally. This means that sweat is wicked away to the outside, you stay dry and don't freeze as quickly. In addition, the functional fabric protects you from friction and skin irritation.

What should I look for when buying running trousers for men?

When buying your running pants, you should make sure that the material is breathable and quick-drying. This way you will enjoy maximum comfort during training. The fabric should feel pleasant on the skin.

A comfortable fit and the right fit are also crucial. Make sure that nothing rubs or chafes uncomfortably. Tailored to your needs, you can pay attention to other features and functions, such as a zip or reflectors, when making your purchase decision.

What types of running trousers are there for men?

Depending on your requirements and individual needs, you can choose between running tights and running shorts. The following overview shows you the different features of the two types at a glance:

  • Running tights: Running tights or running leggings fit close to the skin and thus prevent irritation. Running tights for men are available both long and short. If they are too tight, the running tights can hinder or cut into your running.
  • Running shorts: Unlike running tights, running shorts are cut wider at the leg and have an elastic waistband. This can be adjusted as desired.

When making your decision, you should pay particular attention to the fact that the running tights offer you a good fit. Always remember: You want to cover a few kilometres in these men's running shorts, so no seam should chafe.

What weather are men's running trousers for?

The fabric of good running trousers is breathable, lightweight and absorbs sweat. These properties are ideal no matter what the weather is like outside. You can find an overview of the different weather conditions here:

  • For summer: Nothing is cooler than a fresh breeze, so go for running shorts in high temperatures.
  • For winter: For cooler days or temperatures in the minus range, there are long thermal running trousers. This will guarantee that your body does not cool down.
  • For spring and autumn: Especially for this unstable season, you can go for 3/4 running shorts. Ideally, these are also water-repellent.
  • For rain: Waterproof running trousers are an absolute must, especially in the rain. After your run, you should change quickly, as wet clothes will cool your body down and damage your health.

For starters, one pair of short, one pair of long and one pair of thermal running trousers is usually enough. This way you can flexibly adapt to the respective weather and have a basic set.

How do I care for and clean my running pants for men?

The synthetic material of the men's running pants is already very durable and hard-wearing. However, you can support this with the right care and cleaning. You can find out what you should consider in the following overview:

  • Air them out: Instead of washing your running pants after every wear, it is usually enough to let them air out.
  • Liquid detergent: When washing, you should use liquid detergent, as this maintains the breathability of the material.
  • No fabric softener: Fabric softener also has a negative effect on the breathability of your running trousers, as it can seal the fibres.

If you follow these care instructions, you will be able to use your running trousers for jogging for a long time and continue to benefit from their functionality.


Running trousers for men are a real must-have for sports. Whether it's summer, rain or freezing temperatures in winter: With the right men's running pants, you are equipped for any weather and have fun while running. At the same time, you do something good for your body with the functional fabric and help it to maintain its temperature. With just a few pairs of trousers, you can run all year round.

The men's running trousers come in bright colours and with great patterns and can be optimally combined. Whether it's a marathon, an ultra run or a run around your house, the right pair of men's running trousers will guarantee you the fun you want from running.

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