Last updated: August 22, 2021

Do you know this? You go jogging and suddenly you feel too cold in a running shirt, but you quickly get too warm in a jacket? Then a running waistcoat might be just the thing for you! When wearing a running waistcoat, the upper body is kept pleasantly warm while the arms can stay cool so that you don't get too warm.

Running waistcoats are functional clothing that also complement your running outfit visually. There are several variants that you can choose from depending on your preference and location. Whether light and airy and windproof for cooler days or heat-insulating for the cold winter, with a suitable running waistcoat you are always prepared for the toughest conditions!

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Running waistcoat for men: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right running waistcoat for men is not always easy. Therefore, we will go into the most important questions here so that you can get some informative answers. Finally, we want to introduce you to the most important background information about running waistcoats for men.

What types of men's running waistcoats are there?

When searching for men's running waistcoats, you will find different types of running waistcoats and accordingly have a wide range to choose from. We have summarised the most important types of running waistcoats for men:

  • Windproof running waistcoats: Windproof running waistcoats are the perfect addition to your running outfit when temperatures drop slightly and a running shirt alone is no longer enough and cold wind whistles through. This type of men's running waistcoat protects you from wind and cold on the body, while the arms can stay cool at the same time. This way you won't get too warm either.
  • Heat-insulating running waistcoats: This type of running waistcoat is particularly suitable for running in winter, as they allow you to keep a warm torso even in low temperatures. At the same time, the freedom of movement of your arms is not restricted. In addition, you can also combine heat-insulating running waistcoats with a light running jacket in severe cold to protect yourself from extreme cold.
  • Reflective running waistcoats: Reflective running waistcoats are particularly useful if you want to go jogging at dark times of day. The reflectors guarantee that you can be seen by others in the dark. Especially if your running route often crosses road traffic, such a waistcoat is recommended.
  • Running waistcoats with hydration system: For extremely long runs, it is worth considering a men's running waistcoat with an integrated hydration system. These waistcoats are usually equipped with a reservoir and drinking tube. This allows you to drink easily and even hands-free during the run. What you need to consider here is the volume, i.e. the maximum amount of liquid you can carry.
  • Running waistcoat with weights: Men's running waistcoats with weights are a promising option for performance optimisers. Running with additional weights demands much more performance from your body, which is why these waistcoats are more recommended for advanced runners. They are particularly suitable for further increasing your own strength and endurance.

Of course, the individual types cannot always be completely distinguished from each other, as there are often combinations of the different types. For example, if you are interested in a windproof men's running waistcoat with reflectors, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

How should a running waistcoat for men fit?

Once you have decided on a men's running waistcoat, it is important to find the right size for you. The running waistcoat should fit close to the body so that the waistcoat does not flutter and you are not disturbed while running. The length should not go beyond the hips.

However, your freedom of movement should not be impaired by the tight fit. You can test this by moving intensively when trying on the men's running waistcoat and, for example, circling with your arms. The waistcoat should neither pinch uncomfortably nor slip too much. If this is the case, you have found the right running waistcoat for you!

What material should a running waistcoat for men be made of?

There is no general answer to this question, partly because new fabric technologies are constantly being developed. It depends on your preferences which material is best suited for your men's running waistcoat.

In general, a good mix of robust material and stretch elements is recommended. This ensures a good fit, while at the same time providing enough freedom of movement. Whether a men's running waistcoat made of elastane, with lining or made of lightweight mesh fabric is right for you, however, depends on the conditions under which you want to wear the waistcoat while running.


The running waistcoat for men is an optimal addition to your wardrobe. Whether it's windy, cold or raining, you can always find a suitable running waistcoat that keeps your body sufficiently warm and at the same time allows enough freedom of movement.

Even for advanced runners who like to push themselves to the limit, you will find running waistcoats that are ideally suited. With an integrated hydration system for long-distance runs or extra weights for a more demanding workout, a running waistcoat can also score points with professionals!

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