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The dream of the perfect body. What man doesn't have it? Those who have to sit at a desk all day or who have gained fat over the years sometimes long for their youthful, well-toned body. Clearly defined muscles or six-pack abs may be achievable through hard training over months.

If you don't want to wait or have difficulty integrating exercise units into your daily routine, shapewear for men is a good choice. Here we present essential types and give tips on these tricky garments.

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Shapewear for men: The most important questions answered

Women have been using girdles and corsets for a long time. Now men are also increasingly turning to supportive underwear to feel comfortable and attractive in their skin again.

What does men's shapewear mean?

The term shapewear comes from the English and means: (figure) shaping underwear. This is functional underwear for men that is worn underneath clothing. It fits extremely close to the body and thus unfolds its shaping effect. The body is contoured by the compression fabric and appears slimmer overall.

What types of shapewear are there for men?

Not all shapewear is the same. There are different garments for men for different body (problem) zones. It often consists of a mixture with elastic fibres: Polyamide and spandex, but also neoprene.

  • Vest: Visually, the men's belly shirt looks like a vest. But as if by magic, it uses gentle pressure to shape your hips and stomach more narrowly and create a smooth chest. You can easily wear it under any other top. It is mostly available in black or white, with or without sleeves.
  • Underbust corset: This wide tummy belt is a strong waist shaper. It makes you look particularly slim due to the high degree of shaping. The men's underbust girdle is usually made of a polyamide-spandex mixture, which also increases the warmth in the abdominal area. This is also intended to stimulate the metabolism. In addition to the shaping effect, this burns belly fat.
  • Sauna waistcoat: This top, also called a sweat waistcoat, with a zip and back enhancer also has a body-shaping function. The material is suitable for muscle building training and stores body heat, thus additionally boosting the burning of belly fat. The waistcoat is suitable for men who love sports.
  • Boxer shorts with waist shaper: With a high shaping waistband and tight-fitting thighs, this functional underwear is comfortable to wear. The men's functional underwear is not visible from the outside. Simply put them on under your shirt and jeans before work and your waistline will melt away.
  • Butt shapers: Many men want more volume on the buttocks as an eye-catcher. Padded shapewear for men can help and build shape in the right place on the buttocks. Push-up panties for men shape an attractive, firm buttocks.

What size should I buy for men's shapewear?

It is important that you choose your normal men's size. Do not go for a smaller size in the hope of looking even slimmer. The pressure on the skin would be too high with a smaller size, so the wearing comfort would suffer. If you want to see a stronger effect, we recommend buying the higher shape level of the right size rather than a smaller size.

What do men wear shapewear for?

Due to the high compression effect of shapewear, men can conceal an incipient beer belly, hip gold or wide thighs. But flat bottoms can also be lifted and defined with the push-up version. Butt-shaping pants that attractively pad the buttocks are suitable here. Since men's functional underwear is not visible, any man who wants a little more body contouring can use it.

For which body parts is shapewear for men suitable?

The main area of application for men's shapewear is the hip and stomach area, where fat pads can be discreetly modelled away. In addition, there is thigh compression for pants and back enhancers for muscle relief. In principle, shapewear is suitable for every man.

However, one should not expect miracles. Only small fat pads, swimming rings and the like can be well distributed and quickly concealed. Push-up shapewear for men would also be a recommendation for men who are too slim and want a firm buttocks.

How do I put on shapewear for men?

Shapewear for men fits tighter than normal underwear. The fit is particularly important for the desired result. Because of the strong compression effect, you have to learn how to put it on. On YouTube you can find numerous practical video instructions on how to quickly put on the functional underwear.

Can I wear men's shapewear every day?

The latest seamless and microfibre technology make it comfortable to wear in everyday life and on special occasions. Due to the lack of seams, there are no pressure points on the skin. Men's shapewear should always be taken off at night.


Shapewear for men improves your figure and posture with the help of sewn-in modelling zones in the underwear. Unattractive body zones are made slimmer by gentle pressure and an attractive silhouette is created. Thanks to special skin-friendly and breathable microfibres, sweating during sports and intensive muscle training is no problem. On the contrary, the heat generated by the men's shapewear wonderfully stimulates the metabolism and fat burning on the stomach and hips.

Shapewear is ideal for men who are figure-conscious. The invisible functional underwear helps them feel good all over and cleverly conceals problem zones.

Photo source: Elly Fairytale / Pexels

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