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There are a lot of different shirts on the market today, and the trend is constantly changing. But shirts are an absolute standard item in a man's wardrobe. Shirts are everyday wear, but they give you a first impression when you meet a new person.

There are a lot of criteria to consider when buying a shirt. These can help you determine which shirt best suits your needs.

The Best Men's Shirt: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying a men's shirt

There are many different types of men's shirts, it is not easy to find the right one. To find the best model for you, we have collected some buying criteria that you should consider when buying your shirt.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Figure type
  • Collar shapes
  • Materials
  • Cuffs

In the following section, you will find out what the main points of each aspect are.

Figure type

Finding the right width for you depends on your personal preferences. First and foremost, you should choose a model that best suits your figure.

  • Slim Fit: Slim-fit shirts have a very slim cut and they fit close to the body. There are elastic fibres on the top of the shirts because they make the shirt stretchier and so it is more comfortable for the wearer. Slim-fit shirts are suitable for athletic men who are slim and have an athletic upper body.
  • Modern fit: Modern fit shirts have a looser cut than slim fit shirts. They are not cut too tight, but not too airy either. They have an elastic component that ensures a comfortable fit. These shirts are for slim men who have a shapely body and a flat stomach.
  • Regular Fit: Regularfit shirts are slightly fitted and they have a straight cut. This means they have almost the same width in the chest and waist area. Regular fit shirts fit men with a normal build to a slightly chubby figure quite well.
  • ComfortFit: The comfortfit model is cut very wide and offers the wearer a high level of comfort. It also ensures maximum freedom of movement. They are also suitable for hot summer days as they ensure good air circulation. Comfort-fit shirts are for powerfully built men, as these shirts are not cut too tightly.

To find the perfect shirt for you, you need to know your sizes and preferences. Do you like the shirt extremely fitted or do you like it better when it is looser. Knowing your preferences will help you find the perfect shirt for you.

Collar shapes

What is the key to finding the collar style that suits you? The answer to this question is not to follow anyone else's rules. You need to follow your own needs and choices. You need to choose a collar that fits you well.

One of the most popular collars is the Kent collar. You can recognise this collar by their pointed and wide collar legs. This collar is the universal collar, it is easy to wear and can be worn for all occasions and occasions.

You can recognise shark collar shirts by their widely spaced collar tips, which resemble shark fins. You can also wear them to formal, festive occasions, but also in everyday life.

The button-down collar is secured by small buttons. The buttons are located at the tips of the collar, which helps to secure the collar to the shirt. It gives its wearer a stylish and practical look.

There are many different types of collars on the market. But these three are the well-known collar types. You can never go wrong if you buy a shirt with one of these collar types.


One of the biggest additions to a quality shirt is the fabric. What fabric does the manufacturer use? The main raw material is cotton, which is processed in numerous ways. The combination of materials can help you determine which fabric is best for which season.

As already mentioned, cotton is the most used material in the textile industry. The material is very absorbent and can be washed frequently and ironed at a high temperature without causing any damage to the shirt. These shirts are very comfortable to wear both at work and during leisure time.

Linen shirts are the best choice for hot summer days. Because of their loose fit, there is good air circulation. These shirts are very comfortable and stain resistant and also dry very quickly. These shirts need to be washed gently and they can last a very long time.

Silk shirts have an excellent quality and are made for men who want to be very elegant in the office or on different occasions. These shirts can be worn in summer and also in winter, all year round. But these shirts need more attention than the materials before. They must be washed by hand and must not be ironed, as this would ruin the shirt. However, if you give the shirt the care it needs, it will have the same quality for years to come.


Cuffs play a big part in choosing the right shirt for some occasions. In business, it is impossible to avoid the use of cuffs for any social engagement. They are the stylish part at the end of a shirt's sleeves.

There are two main types of cuffs, the sports cuffs and the turn-up cuffs. The sports cuffs are the most popular cuffs. They can be worn with or without cufflinks. The turn-up cuffs are very elegant and are used for casual and business shirts. They must be worn with evening suits, tailcoats and dinner jackets.

When choosing cufflinks, you should always consider the occasion for which you are buying them. If you want to go the traditional route, you can always match the colour and material to your watch. But these days, you can be bolder. Just remember that your cufflinks should not be too flashy and big.

Men's Shirt: The most important questions answered

There is a wide range of different shirts for men, it is difficult to choose one. But we wanted to help you by collecting and answering your most frequently asked questions about men's shirts.

What styles of shirts are available for men?

There are a number of different types of shirts on the market, and we have selected the most important ones to describe. This list can help you narrow down your choice.

  • Business shirts: A business shirt is a shirt that you wear to business occasions such as work, the office or a meeting. For these occasions, you should choose a shirt with a classic Kent collar. Usually, long-sleeved white shirts are the basic business shirts, but you can mix and match colours between grey, light blue or dark blue.
  • Elegant shirts: These shirts are made for festive occasions. If you want to be on the classy side, then you should choose colours like white, champagne or cream. It is also very elegant if you combine them with shiny metallic cufflinks.
  • Free shirts: You can live out your fantasies with these shirts. You can go with bright colours or patterns and you can easily combine these shirts with jeans. These shirts are loosely cut, usually have the buttoned collar and short sleeves.
  • Traditional shirts: If you are wearing your national costume, then wear your checked shirts. These shirts are plain, but come with the special edelweiss or antler appliqués.
  • Other types of shirts: Flannel shirt, chambray, denim shirt, linen shirt

Choosing between the different types of shirts is quite easy because you are choosing for the occasion. But if you get lost between the products, don't worry, just choose the one you like best. But you can't go wrong with a white shirt.

How can I tell if my shirt fits well?

There are a number of different features that will help you determine if your shirt is the right or wrong fit.

First you need to look at the top button, you should be able to close it. Then it should not be baggy when it is closed. The cuffs should rest against the heel of your hand or only slightly above your wrists.

Also, the shoulder seams on the shirt should be level with your shoulder bones. Your shirt should also fit comfortably around the chest and waist, there might be slight wrinkles. Finally, the biggest feature of making sure your shirt fits well is that you should be able to reach everything if you bend your shoulders slightly forward. This should mean that your shirt is not tight at the back or under the armpits.

How do I care for and clean my shirt?

We recommend that you follow the care instructions on the label, but we know that there is always a large majority of people who cut the labels off the shirt as soon as they buy it.

First turn all the buttons down and turn the collar and cuffs inwards, then turn the shirt inside out. If you have some stains on your shirt, use some liquid detergent on your shirt before washing.

You should always choose the delicate wash programme with a low spin speed to wash your shirts. As we have already mentioned, you should always wash your silk and wool shirts by hand with a special wool detergent.

After washing, hang the shirt on a wide hanger and smooth the seams. You should always iron your shirts while they are still slightly damp. When ironing, start with the smaller parts of the shirt and then move on to the larger areas to reduce wrinkling.

How do I determine my shirt size?

It's always difficult to find your size, especially with shirts. But we lay out two steps you need to take to find the right size for you.

The first step is to measure the circumference of your neck, as this is the same width as the shirt collar. You should measure at the height of your Adam's apple and run the tape measure around your neck at this height. Place your finger between the tape and your neck, then read the number and add 1 cm to this number. You need these extra numbers to make sure the shirt collar is not too tight for you.

Secondly, you need to measure your waist circumference. To get the measurement right, you should place the tape measure up to the level of your belly button, but if you are more strongly built, then measure at the strongest part of your belly. Then be careful when measuring, stand up straight and don't pull your stomach in. As a precaution, add 4-6 cm to your measurements to make sure your shirt fits perfectly when you sit down.

If you know these two numbers, then you should compare with the size charts of the respective companies. Then you will be sure that you have the right fit for your body, even if they work with a slightly different size chart than the others.

How can I combine my shirt?

There are many types of shirts, which gives you a huge platform to show your creativity. But if you need some tricks and tips, we can help you with that.

If you want to combine your casual shirts, then it's quite easy. You can wear your casual shirt with a jacket, cardigan or jumper. As long as it looks dressier than just a T-shirt, you can't go wrong with this choice.

If you want to achieve a very elegant look, you should wear your shirt completely closed, with the button at the top still open. This shirt should have a figure-hugging fit to achieve that dapper look. It is ideal to use plain coloured shirts and you can combine it with a jumper.

There are also ways to mix and match your business shirts. You can wear your business shirt with your jacket and you can pair it with a tie or a scarf. If the temperature is cold, you can wear a jumper. The classic business shirt colours are white and blue.

But if you are not going for the usual business look, you can loosen the first buttons and take the shirt out of the trousers and combine your outfit with sneakers.


Shirts are an absolute must for every man. It doesn't matter whether you work as a customer service representative or a manager. Every man needs at least 2 shirts of excellent quality. Thanks to the different models and styles, everyone can find the right shirt.

You can combine anything with a shirt to look good. You just need to be able to combine the models and colours for the occasion. Remember that everyone has a shirt model and colour that will flatter your body.

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