Last updated: August 19, 2021

Shoes are a very important part of the whole outfit, because they have a decisive impact on the overall look. If the shoes don't match, it will affect the whole outfit. An example of this is when you put on a basic outfit, i.e. blue jeans and a white or black shirt, and imagine white sneakers and elegant black boots. Here you can clearly see the difference.

With the right shoes, you can add the finishing touch to any outfit. You can give your outfit a sporty, elegant or cool touch. And it's usually very easy to do.

The Best Men's Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men's shoes

Below you will find different aspects that can be important when buying men's shoes. The following criteria can be used to evaluate and compare shoes for men:

  • Sole
  • Inner material
  • Upper material
  • Size and fit
  • Closure

In the following paragraphs we explain to you what is important in the individual buying criteria.


The soles are of particular importance. They are often made from recycled rubber. Runners benefit from a grippy tread for road and off-road use, good rolling characteristics and a durable tread.

Furthermore, it should be noted that there are also shock absorbers in the sole. Here, outdoor shoes convince with good cushioning through a midsole and a footbed.

Regardless of waterproofness and weight, outdoor shoes have soles made of special rubber compounds that are designed for different types of ground. Just like car tyres, outdoor shoes grip differently on different surfaces. In winter, you should make sure that the sole is a little rougher, so that you slip less on ice and snow.

Inner material

The inner material is also very important. Especially in winter, shoes lined with fur are a good choice. Often the inner lining is made with welded seams, which provide maximum protection against moisture from the outside. The inner material can make a shoe thermally insulating, easy to clean and breathable. A basic distinction is made between lined and unlined.

For the inner material, there are materials such as textile fabrics, synthetics, lambskin, pure new wool or fleece.

Upper material

If you like to take your shoes off the beaten track and walk through woods and meadows, you should get shoes with a waterproof upper. Mesh material is used to prevent small stones from getting in, and most shoes have a mud guard on the upper that seals the transition to the sole. The upper material can make a shoe water-repellent, breathable, windproof or dirt-repellent.

Upper materials include leather, imitation leather, smooth leather and synthetics.

Size and fit

Size and fit are also important buying criteria. As a general rule, most shoes should leave at least a finger's width of space to the toe cap. Note, however, that shoe sizes may vary for foreign brands. American or southern European models are usually one or two sizes smaller.


There are many different types of closures on shoes. From laces to zips to Velcro fastenings. They vary depending on the type of shoe and how it is used.

Sneakers and sports shoes often have laces or a stretch insert. Low shoes are usually slip-on and boots almost always have a zip, Velcro fastener or no fastener.

Shoes for men: The most important questions answered

What types of men's shoes are there?

  • Boots: Boots usually have an ankle-high shaft and a flat heel. They usually have a zip or a stretch insert at the side. They are usually black or brown in colour.
  • Sneakers: There are three subdivisions here. Low-top sneakers, high-top sneakers and slip-on sneakers. Low-top sneakers are sporty lace-up shoes for leisure time with a lacing on the front foot. High-top sneakers are sporty lace-up shoes with a lacing on the front foot that have an ankle-high shaft. Slip-on sneakers are sporty low shoes to slip into. These are completely without laces or have decorative laces
  • Sportsshoes: Sports shoes again have subcategories, such as football shoes, sports shoes for running or hiking shoes. Most of these shoes resemble sneakers, but the heel cap and the cushioning system are slightly different. This is because to avoid blisters, the foot should sit perfectly in the heel box. To protect the ball and heel area from the impact, manufacturers work with gel cushions, gas cushions or air cushions for the cushioning system.
  • Low shoes: Low shoes are moccasins, espadrilles, sandals or loafers. Low shoes are usually made of textile materials. They have no fastener and are open at the shaft to the middle of the foot.
  • Work shoes: Work shoes are robust shoes that men need for work. These shoes are equipped with a protective cap made of metal or plastic in the front part of the shoe to protect the toes.

How do I care for and clean my shoes?

Smooth leather shoes in particular require cleaning and care with shoe polish. Use neutral colours or a shade that most closely matches the shoe. Clean the shoe with a damp cloth to remove dust.

For sneakers made of fabric or leather, a tried and tested home remedy for cleaning is toothpaste; this is excellent for removing a wide variety of stains. You have to soak the brush briefly in water and put a dab of washing-up liquid on it. Then rub it over the white sneakers in circular motions until a foam forms. The foam should then be dabbed off with the towel. Repeat the same with a dab of white toothpaste and then leave the sneakers to dry for a few hours.

For the inside, you can fall back on a tried and tested remedy, namely saddle soap. Soak the inside of your shoes well with it until it foams. Then remove it with a damp cloth and let the shoes dry out.

Which shoes go best with a suit?

With a suit, a plain black or brown boot is always the best choice. Whether the suit is black, brown or grey, you can never go wrong with black suit boots.

What shoes make men a little taller?

Shoes that make men taller are, for example, suit shoes or ankle boots. They usually have a small heel, which makes you look a little taller.

Shoes with a small heel quickly add a few centimetres to your height.

Which men's shoes are currently in?

The first trend started with women's shoes and has now spread to men's shoes. We are talking about classic trainers. These are meant to evoke memories of the 90s, an example of which are the so-called "chunky sneakers" from Nike.

However, the vintage classics are still in fashion. It doesn't matter whether it's the Stan Smith from adidas or the good old Converse. These shoes are trainers with a timeless look and will always be in fashion.

The hiking look is also still on the rise in sporty boots for the winter. You can get them from brands like Dachstein or The North Face. They look good and are well-equipped for any weather.

Styling tips for classic men's shoes: How to achieve the perfect look with every shoe

Now you know buying criteria to look for when buying shoes and all the different types of men's shoes there are. Now the only question is how best to combine them. In the following text you will find tips and tricks on which shoes go with which clothes.

  1. With a business suit: You definitely won't go wrong with a plain boot. Here, black shoes go well with all the usual suit colours such as grey, black or blue. Brown shoes also look very good and loosen up the overall look. For example, black shoes go excellently with a black or grey suit, just as light brown shoes harmonise well with a dark blue suit.
  2. With a polo shirt and chinos: This is quite clear. Moccasins are the perfect choice here. These shoes give your outfit a neat and summery touch. If you want to be discreet, colours like light or dark brown are a good choice.
  3. With basic jeans and a T-shirt: Black or white sneakers always look best with a basic shirt and plain jeans. Of course, you can't go wrong with boots either, but a white sneaker adds that certain something to the outfit.
  4. With jeans, a jacket and a turtleneck jumper: Men's shoes can be a little more robust with such a casual look. Black or brown boots in particular go very well with a jacket.
  5. With a biker jacket and grey trousers: Uncomplicated and neat at the same time - which shoe goes with such an outfit? Boots, of course! They are perfect with this outfit and create a visual balance with the leather jacket.


We have them all. Men's shoes for sporty style or the classic business outfit. So let yourself be inspired by the wide variety of men's shoes, such as elegant ankle boots or functional, sporty sneakers. You can find out which shoe to combine with which outfit under "Styling tips".

Basically, however, you can combine black boots or white sneakers with really any outfit, depending on whether you want it to be more elegant or sporty. As you can see, most men's shoes offer you a wide range of styling options. Just use our suggestions as inspiration and vary them as you like.

Image source: Unsplash / NordWood Themes