Last updated: August 22, 2021

Finding a suitable men's short-sleeved shirt is not always easy. The choice is enormous and often overwhelming. Yet these versatile all-rounders can be effortlessly combined with both leisure and business outfits. Short-sleeved shirts for men are very comfortable to wear and are available in a wide range of styles.

Whether elegant, casual or wacky - there is a matching short-sleeved shirt for men for every style of dress. Here you can find out how to find your ideal short-sleeved shirt, which different types there are and what you can best combine your shirt with.

The Best Mens Short Sleeve Shirt: Our Picks

Short-sleeved shirt for men: The most important questions answered

Here we have collected some questions that often come up when talking about short-sleeved shirts for men. This will give you a better overview of the variety of short-sleeved shirts and make your purchase decision much easier.

What materials are men's short-sleeved shirts made of?

Most short-sleeved shirts for men are made of cotton, some are also made of additional stretch materials to better regulate the fit. Especially for the summer, there are also men's short-sleeved shirts made of linen. This material is particularly comfortable to wear because it also has a cooling effect.

What are the different cuts of men's short-sleeved shirts?

When buying a men's short sleeve shirt, you should pay attention to the cut of the shirt. There is usually a distinction between slim fit, regular fit and loose fit. The latter looks more casual, while a men's short sleeve shirt with a slim fit goes with a more elegant look. Which cut you prefer here depends entirely on your preferences.

There are also different versions of shirt collars. Basically, there are stand-up collars, normal collars and button-down collars. With the button-down collar, there are small buttons on the sides with which you can fasten the collar. This model is often worn with a tie.

Which patterns are particularly trendy for men's short-sleeved shirts?

All kinds of colourful shirts with unusual patterns are currently in vogue. Prints with jungle, floral or pineapple patterns are often found on short-sleeved shirts. Paisely patterns are also becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people, and are now being touted as vintage style.

For a more classic look, go for men's short-sleeved shirts with dot prints. However, make sure that the dots are very small and symmetrically distributed over the entire shirt. Such a short-sleeved shirt for men is the perfect alternative to a plain-coloured model.

What are men's short-sleeved shirt no-gos?

Time and again you hear about short-sleeved shirt no-go's. These are style breaks that you should avoid at all costs when combining with men's short-sleeved shirts. You should only wear a tie with a shirt with a button-down collar or a plain-coloured shirt with a normal collar. It is best not to wear a tie with stand-up collared shirts or wildly patterned shirts.

If you are wearing a suit, it is better to leave your colourful checked shirt hanging in the box. A plain button-down shirt goes better with it. Not just any men's short-sleeved shirt is welcome for festive occasions either: For weddings or balls, it's better to go for the tried-and-tested long-sleeved shirt!

Styling tips for men's short-sleeved shirts: How to achieve the perfect short-sleeved shirt look

  1. Stylish in the office: with a dark blue suit, choose a white short-sleeved shirt with a button-down collar and combine it with a tie. This is how you make your men's short-sleeved shirt suitable for the office.
  2. The trendy hipster look: Have you ever worn a colourful short-sleeved shirt for men with a pineapple print with casual jeans? This look is particularly popular among young men, and rightly so, because it exudes joie de vivre and puts you in a good mood!
  3. Layering is in: wear a loose men's short-sleeved shirt over a simple T-shirt and simply leave the buttons of the shirt open. Add a pair of jeans and sneakers or ankle boots and the casual look is complete!
  4. Airy in linen: Men's short-sleeved shirts made of linen are especially comfortable to wear in summer. Choose either a light, plain or striped model and combine it with dark shorts. For the perfect summer style, round off your outfit with matching espadrilles.
  5. The casual look: In contrast to the "hipster shirts", short-sleeved shirts for men with subtle, small patterns are ideal for everyday wear. You can wear jeans in any colour and cosy sneakers with them.


Short-sleeved shirts for men are just as versatile as their wearers. There is a suitable model for every clothing style and figure type. Whether for the office or a leisurely stroll through town, a fashionable short-sleeved shirt will keep you on trend.

There are also great men's short-sleeved shirts with fancy and original patterns for special tastes. Especially for warm days, men's short-sleeved shirts are also available in linen, which is particularly airy and comfortable to wear. So complete your wardrobe so that you have the right short-sleeved shirt for every occasion!

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