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Stylish, casual and comfortable - shoulder bags for men have all the attributes a woman could wish for. But bags are more for the ladies, you say? In purely historical terms, the bag belonged to the men of creation first. And let's be honest: we're already past the age of carrying backpacks!

Whether large weekender, classic messenger for men or mini shoulder bag for the mobile phone, classically elegant or colourful with expression: the men's shoulder bag combines practicality and carrying comfort with unmistakable style. Simply slung around or casually thrown over the shoulder, the shoulder bag for men is more than just an accessory!

The Best Mens Shoulder Bag: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying men's shoulder bags

From trendy designer pieces to all-rounders as daily companions: the men's shoulder bag is the perfect and stylish alternative to the backpack for the man of today. There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying.

The following buying criteria will help you find the right men's shoulder bag for you:

  • Features and functionality
  • Style
  • Size
  • Material
  • Colour

You can find out how to choose the right shoulder bag in the following paragraphs.

Features and functionality

Not only the appearance of the men's shoulder bag, but also its functionality play an important role in the selection process. The following features are particularly practical:

  • Wide strap: The wider the strap of the shoulder bag, the less strain there is on the shoulder. Especially with heavier men's shoulder bags, this should be taken into account.
  • Holster: Not only does wearing a shoulder bag with a holster give you the feeling of being a bit like James Bond, but it is also theft-proof and discreet when you are on the move.
  • Laptop bag: The inside pocket for the laptop is perfect for safely transporting a laptop without the need for a sleeve.
  • Flap: This covers the zip to the main compartment of the shoulder bag and protects it from water to a certain extent, but above all from unauthorised access.
  • Waterproof: Shoulder bags made of water-repellent materials protect your belongings in wind and weather and bring them dry to their destination.

If you carry a men's shoulder bag with a lot of weight or over long distances, you should pay attention to the comfort of the shoulder strap. Strength of the shoulder bag, adjustability of the strap length and especially padding for pressure points on the shoulder are particularly important for this.


Retro, vintage, urban, re- or upcycled or simply practical or waterproof? Shoulder bags for men come in a wide variety of designs and styles.

So it's no wonder that shoulder bags are no longer just seen as leisure bags, but also on the way to the office, to sports, on trips and directly at work.

Brands and designers are also giving the otherwise unexciting shoulder bag for men a new image. More gallant leather from an Italian designer or casually upcycled from old tarpaulin in the name of sustainability?

The choice is wide and ranges from simple, practical models with lots of compartments to the visual representation of the wild 80s, through the crazy 90s to the pop 2000s.


From mini shoulder bags to travel bags for men. Shoulder bags can be found on the market in all sizes.

The normal men's trouser bag simply doesn't offer enough space in the long run and if you just want to stow away the essentials in style, even a smaller model is the perfect companion for you. Some offer an additional pocket for your mobile phone. This way you have everything small and compact in one place.

Other models are marked in size with inches for your laptop or litres for your everyday life, outings, university or holidays. Several compartments offer secure space for documents, laptops, folders for university and even your coffee mug or water bottle.

Each of the sizes has advantages for the respective use, but it should be noted that large men's shoulder bags also carry more weight or can be packed heavier.


The material is the quickest way to find out where your shoulder bag will be used and what properties it has. Due to the versatile use of shoulder bags, the materials are very different.

Matching the dress code of the working world in the office with a suit and tie, a straight-lined shoulder bag for men made of leather cuts a fine figure.

If, on the other hand, the job is a little less formal or you simply want a solid bag for everyday use, cotton and hard-wearing polyester or nylon will score points and make the shoulder bag a durable companion.

The men's shoulder bag made of tarpaulin is particularly robust and waterproof, easy to clean and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

All materials thank you for good care. Special creams for leather or waterproofing sprays for all types of fabric will help you improve the durability and dirt sensitivity so that you can enjoy your companion for a long time.


So far, men wear shoulder bags less as an it-piece than the ladies do. Therefore, the plain and dark shades are still very much in demand. Shoulder bags for men in this colour spectrum can be used as all-rounders and do not have to be adapted to specific outfits.

But bright colours are experiencing an upswing, especially in the leisure and outdoor sector. Styles such as retro and urban are becoming fashionable again and even the past decades such as the 90s and 2000s were anything but plain in terms of colour.

Poppy colours made from different materials are not only seen in re- and upcycling and also put the men's shoulder bag in the spotlight as a kind of statement. In addition to colours, patterns, slogans and motifs, but also zips set accents.

Shoulder bag for men: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right men's shoulder bag doesn't have to be difficult. To make it easy for you, we have answered the most important questions for you.

What types of shoulder bags are there for men?

Depending on the intended use, a shoulder bag for men must have certain features and functions. We have compiled the most important types of shoulder bags and their special features below.

  • Messenger bag: The well-known messenger bag provides secure storage for your utensils in medium to large sizes. No matter whether you are travelling by train or by bike. It offers plenty of space in a main compartment and is often supplemented with compartments such as the laptop compartment. The flap can set cool accents and at the same time protects the inside of the bag against foreign access and rain.
  • Laptop bag: In the office, at university or at important appointments, you always have the most important things with you. In this day and age, a laptop and the necessary accessories are simply a must. Stow them away stylishly and compactly in a laptop bag in the right inch size for your laptop.
  • Duffle bag and weekender: The weekender has long been a favourite among men for travelling. The somewhat sportier and lighter version is called the duffle bag and is more likely to be worn in everyday life in the city or slung over the shoulder to the gym. Both have a simple, but particularly large interior that offers plenty of space for clothes or other items.
  • Cross Bag / Sling Bag: Cross bags or also called sling bags are smaller shoulder bags that are very reminiscent of a backpack, but only have one strap. Instead of resting on one side of the shoulder, the strap runs "cross" over the body. They are particularly popular with sports and outdoor fans.
  • Mobile phone bag: The mobile phone bag comes with its handy dimensions in portrait format. In addition to the mobile phone compartment, there are one or two other pockets and card slots. Made of leather, it looks as sporty as it does elegant.
  • Multifunctional: Multifunctional shoulder bags for men are available in optimal hand luggage size for uncomplicated air travel or in 2-in-1 combinations that can be converted into a backpack with hidden shoulder straps.

No matter what type you are, there is the right men's shoulder bag for every occasion.

What are the trends in men's shoulder bags?

As with all areas of fashion, there are always new trends in men's bags. Sometimes it's the colour, the type and then the materials that make it special.

But you don't have to emulate every trend. It is best to remain timeless. The best way to do that is with black. It simply goes with every outfit, looks elegant without drawing too much attention to itself.

The colour brown is also timeless. It looks particularly classic and style-conscious with leather bags. You should only note that brown bags do not go with every outfit without hesitation.

In addition to the timeless colours for men's shoulder bags such as black and brown, you can also take a seasonal approach. Lighter colours and pastel shades go down well in summer and darker and bolder ones in winter.

How do I clean and care for my men's shoulder bag?

Knowing the material of your men's shoulder bag is important for proper care. Every material has different cleaning requirements.

Here is a brief overview:

  • Leather: This material needs care from time to time. There is extra leather moisturiser for this, which must be gently massaged in with a dry cloth. In the case of stains, the area should be slightly moistened with a clean damp cloth. If the stain cannot be wiped out in this way, leather cleaner can be used sparingly.
  • Cotton / canvas: Dirt and lint are attracted quickly, but this material can be cleaned quickly and easily with a lint roller or sponge and mild soap. If that is not enough, a gentle wash cycle at 30° degrees in the washing machine will help.
  • Nylon: Dirt hardly stands a chance because this material is very resistant. If you do find a stain, it can be easily removed by hand washing with lukewarm water.
  • Polyester: Similar to nylon, this material is insensitive to dirt and is also water-repellent. Stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth and shampoo.

Thanks to their hard-wearing materials, shoulder bags for men are quite easy to clean and can give you pleasure for a long time.


Put an end to baggy men's trouser pockets and full jacket pockets! The men's shoulder bag suits every occasion and every outfit. Try it out and experience an everyday life with lighter trousers and more order.

In addition to their practical benefits for leisure, work and sport, they also offer a wide range of visual variations in style, shape and colour. Shoulder bags for men are real companions and a timeless must-have for men.

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